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Natural resources are useful materials or substances that exist in the environment like land, water, sun, trees, oil, minerals, etc. Natural resources are generally classified as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Resource depletion means exhaustion of natural resources in a certain region. When the rate of consumption of these resources exceeds the rate at which they are restored, depletion of resources occurs. The utilization of natural resources has increased considerably due to the rapid growth in population. Improvements and advancements in science and technology have resulted in overutilization of natural resources.

Some of the major causes of depletion of natural resources are as follows: Overutilization or exploitation of resources. Partial allocation of resources. Population growth. Advancements in technology. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Mining. Depletion of non-renewable resources (water, minerals, oil, and gas) has a serious impact on world economy and can create an imbalance between different nations. Overutilization of resources can cause disruption and destruction of the ecosystem. Overexploitation of water has caused drying of water bodies like lakes and streams.

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Therefore, we must utilize these resources carefully to maintain a balance between nature and mankind and also for the sustenance of life on earth. –

Overutilization of natural resources has caused serious imbalance in nature. Various environmental issues like Greenhouse gases, global warming, and pollution have cropped up due to overuse of natural resources. According to the environmentalists, some of the non-renewable resources like oil, petroleum and gas will be completely extinct in the near future if we do not carefully use and conserve them.

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Conservation of the natural resources is not an easy task especially due to the fact that we are heavily dependent on these resources for our daily needs. However, we can adopt the following simple ways and strategies to save our environment: We should use paper products that are recycled and also practice recycling of paper. Unnecessary use of paper should also be prevented.

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We should plant a tree and take part in plantation programs organized by the Government. Reforestation should be encouraged and practiced. We can save water by fixing any nozzle or tap that is broken or cracked. When bathing it is better to use a bucket or tub than the shower. We should employ proper waste disposal techniques like composting. Dumping of wastes in lakes, rivers and the seas should be stopped. We can harvest rain water by installing rain water harvesting systems in homes and offices. The rain water is useful for gardening and cleaning purposes. We should try to restrict the use of vehicles as much as possible. If possible we can choose to walk or use a cycle. In this way we can save oil and gas. A hybrid car is always a better option because it runs on both electricity, and small quantity of gas. We can save energy by switching off all the electrical appliances that are not in use and also by using those products that consume lesser electricity. We can save electricity and natural gas by using solar energy. Many appliances like solar cookers, solar heaters use solar energy instead of electricity. Photovoltaic can be used to generate electricity from solar energy.

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Natural Resources
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