Importance of Conservation of Natural Resources

The conservation of the environment is important for many reasons, including the protection of the ozone layer, the maintenance of human and animal food chains, the preservation of drinking water and the efficient use of non-renewable resources. Per Nature Conservancy, significant destruction to the environment requires many detrimental years for symptoms to appear. Environmental conservation seeks to prevent latent damage through measures such as proactive management and the production of ecologically sustainable energy. (Barr, 2008).

All the conservation of the environment benefits humanity.

For example, the preservation of the ozone layer reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the surface. As many scientists and doctors have warned us that exposure to UV radiation causes aging/skin cancer. It also causes rapid sunburns. The preservation of the food chain is another important area of conservation. Impairment to superficially inconsequential biota more often than not have damaging consequences. For example, if industrial pollution alters the growth of algae, it also affects creatures that depend on algae for food.

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This, in turn, affects natural predators that feed on algae. In a short time, the whole food chain incurs difficulties. (Barr, 2008).

Fossil fuels are another subject of great interest to environmentalists. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, oil and natural gas are the sources of energy that predominate throughout the world. They are not renewable and generate high levels of pollution. Harvesting fossil fuels is often dangerous for the surrounding ecosystems as well. For example, oil pipelines often destroy important animal habitats. (Clark,1989).

Some of the changes that are developed and still being improved/progressing in the US is in smart or hybrid car manufacturing. Most successful of those manufacturers is Tesla Company. Today, laws are in place regulating automotive manufacturers with gas emissions released by their automobiles due to combustion. Another aspect that’s been in progress is the betterment or health of the environment the last 10-20 years that is happening worldwide. For instance, in Puerto Rico, many recycling campaigns are being carried out, cleaning beaches, residential ones, recycling in homes, among others. Moreover, law implementation for pollution are improving in the US, factories got shut down for none compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). In regards with pollution, a water filtration processes also have been in place. So waters that reaches the rivers and other body of waters arrives there filtrated and not polluted or full of wastes. (Barr, 2008).

As we already know, not just in the US, but all worldwide dilemma of limited natural resources. We reached a point where we have to adjust in what we have and make good use of them. In the US itself between forest fires, tornado and hurricanes that occurred more frequently and with intense severity compared to 10 years ago, natural resources are in bad shape. In Puerto Rico is also going through drought and lack of water. There hasn’t been a drought of the reservoirs in this way for more than 20 years. Some residents relying on water from the reservoirs of Carraizo and La Plata are concerned that soon there will not be enough water to sustain them. Water nowadays, specially after Hurricane Maria, have become more valuable than gold. When humanity is to this point of no return, we must take serious measures controlling our natural resources usage. Measures or practices such as: refuse water after it goes through a filtering process, energy sources from solar panels/windmills and switching into LED lighting (light-emitting diode) for our homes. Also, power plants utilizing fuel to produce energy are encouraged to use less and go green. (Clark,1989).

The conservation of natural resources is not only important for human beings, but also for animals and for all living beings. Conservation is vital for floods, fires and drought prevention. It is important to protect habitats and natural areas such as tropical forests. If we allow the destruction of tropical forests, the production of greenhouse gases that make the world hot will increase. This results in the melting of the poles, the rise in sea level and the flooding of lowlands, also creates/forms new deserts. This happens when the warming of the land results in less water and less vegetation such as trees and things stop growing and the land becomes sterile. (Zimmerer, 2010).

Conservation must be done by humans to prevent damage to the world by humans. But what humans do not think is that without conservation our lives will change. Resources, such as water, oil, natural gas, wood and food, become less available because we do not protect our planet.

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