Honda Fort Pvt Limited Internship Report

The internship opportunity I had with Honda Fort Pvt Ltd. was an awesome chance for learning and expert advancement. Hence, I view myself as an extremely fortunate individual as I was given a chance to be a part of it. I am likewise appreciative for having an opportunity to meet such a large number of brilliant individuals and experts who drove me however this temporary position period. Remembering past I am utilizing this chance to express my most profound appreciation and exceptional because of the MD of Honda Fort who regardless of being phenomenally occupied with his obligations, required some serious energy out to listen, guide and keep me on the right way and permitting me to complete my undertaking at their regarded association and stretching out amid the preparation.

It is my brilliant assumption to put on record my best respects, most profound feeling of appreciation to Khurram Nazir, Manager Marketing & Sales for their watchful and valuable direction which were to a great degree significant for my study both hypothetically and essentially.

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I see as this open door as a major point of reference in my vocation improvement. I will endeavor to utilize picked up abilities and information in the most ideal way, and I will keep on working on their change, with a specific end goal to accomplish wanted profession destinations.

This report is about my temporary job program with Honda Fort Pvt Ltd. In this far reaching report, I have talked about each significant part of the company, which I watched and saw amid my entry level position program.

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In this report you will discover the insight about auto mobile industry. Alongside it, the procedures, arrangements and techniques of the same industry.

Amid my temporary position program, I for the most part worked in Marketing and Sales Department. As the fundamental motivation behind entry level position is to learn by working in down to earth environment and to apply the information obtained from the studies in a true situation with a specific end goal to handle the issues utilizing the information and expertise learned from scholarly procedure.

At last the learning and encounters segment comprises of the considerable number of approaches, procedures, practices and methodology which I have experienced through and learned from my temporary job program.

The study is about the marketing and sales department of Honda Fort, and spotlights on its capacity and operations. Each graduate of MBA (H) needs to experience an internship of six-eight weeks in any organization to get introduction to the constant business environment and to achieve overall information about operation of that organization. The genuine reason for this internship is to give a chance to see the overall use of experience got from studies. The report is an impression of my experience when I was internee in Honda Fort. Honda Fort, is an registered organization, found in January 27, 1992 and began operations as an authorized distribution of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. In January, 2003 it was declared as a best dealership of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd.

It is fundamental for every MBA graduate that he/she ought to be familiar of business studies and ought to pick up business experience. In this association every student is required to experience an internship of six weeks in any organization. It not just allows us to interface with the general population effectively working there, this empower us to become acquainted with the budgetary organizations concern's environment and business stature.

General Purpose

  • This study offers learning and experience of courses concentrated on.
  • To enhance the composition and logical abilities.

Introduction To Honda Fort Pvt Limited

Honda Fort Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized 3 “S” dealership (Sales, Services, Spare Parts) of Honda cars operating in Lahore, Pakistan. The company was incorporated in 1994 as one of the initial six dealerships of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. Honda Fort has always adhered to the highest standards of quality and was the first dealership in Pakistan to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification. Honda Fort have won many accolades, including the prestigious Best Honda Dealership in Pakistan award in 2005, presented by Honda Motor Company Ltd. It has a team of over 150 employees providing sales, genuine authorized Honda spare parts and after-sales services such as repair, maintenance and paint for not only Honda but other vehicles as well. It was recently recognized by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. as the Number.1 dealership in terms of Customer Satisfaction, Service, Spare Parts and Body Shop. Honda Fort offers the largest range of cars of Honda Atlas Cars.

  • CRV
  • HRV
  • Accord
  • Civic Oriel
  • Civic CVT
  • BRV S
  • BRV
  • BRV MT
  • City 1.3 PT/MT
  • City 1.5 PT/MT
  • City 1.5 Aspire PT/MT

Honda Fort’s body shop is considered to be one of the best in Lahore. It is equipped with the latest technology for body pulling, setting and measuring and with state of the art paint booths ensuring that all your service needs are fulfilled.

Honda’s after sales service is acknowledged to be among the very best. With state of the art technology and a highly skilled workforce, Honda Fort ensures that your Honda receives the special personalized care that it deserves.

Honda Genuine Spare Parts are available for all Honda Vehicles. We want you to know that our aim is to provide Total Honda Support at all times with Parts availability at our Dealership. Honda Fort is one place you can be sure it’s absolutely genuine and available.

The major competitors of Honda Fort are Honda City Sales, Honda Point, Honda Gateway, Toyota Sahara, Toyota Garden and Toyota Ravi.


Honda Fort Limited has been divided into following divisions:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Service
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Administration
  • Warranty
  • Parts
  • Mechanical
  • Body Paint
  • Information Technology

Internship experience

I did my three-month temporary internship in Honda Fort Limited. From my internship program, I picked up lot of experience about professional workplace.

The report has been set up on the premise of experience assembled from the time of temporary job. I basically worked in marketing and sales department and had a clear view of whole process of booking. I also had an opportunity to handle the corporate clients regarding their queries and to maintain the key accounts of Honda Fort.

During my internship I had a clear view of the whole booking process. I learned that what are the essential documents that are required for booking and how to identify the filer and non-filer customers.

Once the booking has done then we have to maintain a follow up from Honda Atlas on behalf of our customers and it’s our responsibility to make sure the delivery of the vehicle without any delay. We are also responsible for the after sales services on behalf of Honda Atlas. I also learned to maintain the key accounts of corporate customers of Honda Fort. Under the supervision of assistant manager, I was also responsible to resolve the queries of corporate customers.

Critical observation & findings of problem

Critical observation and findings of the internship are as follow:

  • Lack of customer service
  • Lack of Proper Division of Labor and man power
  • Lack of Proper compilations &Maintenance of Files
  • Employee Dissatisfaction
  • Absence of proper Decoration and congested office area
  • Unsatisfactory software performance

During the three months of temporary position program all the work area have been watched pretty much. Through all divisions and areas are attempted to cover in which I found the opportunity to accumulate functional experience for the temporary job program; it is unrealistic to go to the profundity of every exercises of dealership as a result of time constraint. Notwithstanding, most elevated exertion has been given to accomplish the destinations the temporary job program.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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