Media influences/Reflects society

Media plays a significant role in our society as a routine in our daily lives that also leads the society with beneficial roles. Media is a massive tool that enhance the society with networking information and develop communication skills with the combination of television,magazines,books,newspapers and more. However, media does not only reflects society but influences them too from few perspectives such as food and electronic devices and fashion Media influences the society by electronic devices children or younger generations are the group of society that being influenced easily especially by electronic devices such as internet,smart phones,video games and so on that this is also stated by grath s.

jowett,lan c.jarve and Kathryn h.fuller in children and the movies( media influence and the payne fund controversy) from press syndicate of university of Cambridge,1996 _instead of reading books and involving in sports or outdoor activities they are more attracted towards engaging into social activities _spend more time watching television,tv shows, dramas, movies but most of the children now a days uses internet and gadgets such as smart phones to interact with others _ Based on Violent Video Games, Delinquency, and Youth Violence: New Evidence Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice April 2013 11: 132-142, first published on October 17, 2012 also shows the negative effects due to addiction towards video games that causes lack of focus in academics, changes in attitude like ethics/moral values _besides that, action packed or animated movies from (HBO, TIME WARNER,WALT DISNEY ) like transformer and spiderman actually influences the kids pyshologically and mentally.

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They tend to imitate and live in a imaginary world where superheros exist _ live tv show such as WWD(wrestling shows) and also video games allows children or youth to behave aggressively and verbally too as stated in Media violence and the American public: Scientific facts versus media misinformation. Bushman, Brad J.; Anderson, Craig A.American Psychologist, Vol 56(6-7), Jun-Jul 2001, 477-489. influences the society by food _food is use as a marketing tool to attract people by many strategies such as advertising ads, tv progammes,blogs, newspaper and so on that actually has a negative impact _Malaysia has the highest rate of obese among society ,one of the reason is media that distracts people by all type of advertisement that is unnesscesary at times based on a newspaper article Obesity rise alarming, says MuhyiddinBy ADIB POVERA | Saturday, October 11, 2014, 3:27 AM

New Straits Times _Based on MALAYSIA: Malaysia Debates On Fast Food Ads By Author: Patrick Mirandah, Patrick Mirandah & Co that the ads for the fast food is the main growing factor of this issue _this Is because now a days youngsters are influenced by western food such as fast food and majority of them are addicted to fast food such as (MC DONALDS,KFC) that can be compared by our ancestors when media was not even a there to influenced them _media created this new perception that is influenced by the upcoming generation that will have an effect towards of society in nation building _instead of promoting on food affairs,there should be more on awareness among the society especially teenagers that motivates them to stay healty and active

Media influences the society in fashion

_fashion industry is slowly changing to ideal beauty of the world where models with real curves have started to filter into mainstream commercials and advertisements, giving the consumer a look of what they want to be _According to Rob Frankel, this generation is “way more tuned into media” simply because so much media is available to them. Therefore, young people are most likely to be observing celebrity behavior, and at a time in their life when they are still forming their values (Frankel 2010). _for an example, Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model whose anorexic image appeared in an Italian ad campaign at the Italian fashion week whom died at age of 28 based on new york times by William grimes dec 30 2010 _besides that,

One victim of this trend was Jeremy Gillitzer, who was once a male model with stunning good looks and a six-pack. He later got down to 66 lbs. after being ravaged by anorexia. He ended up dying at age 38. _Often these people/celebrities are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, engage in risky behavior, and are often dangerously thin from the aforementioned problems. This creates more pressure on society and a massive reason to be influenced

_ Celebrities are generally the center point of many adolescent lives because of a particular talent, fashion and their behavior (Wilson, 2009). “There’s simply no escaping the mass marketing of today’s celebrities”, says Common Sense Media’s Jim Steyer in Kids & Celebrity. _ celebrities impact the dress of adolescents in America. Teenager see icons like Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more dressed in Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton’s Winter Collection and Versace, and makes them want to go out and buy these different clothing. Therefore, celebrity role models have proven to be influential teachers Media reflects society like a mirror

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Media influences/Reflects society

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