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Decolonization and Revolution

Those who create ripples of change in their societies all have varying methods and roles. Some strive for revolution, others independance or policy reboots. It is important to keep in mind that each situation creates unique circumstances; some changes require new methods. To further understand which methods are suitable for particular situations, letters from different leaders who have created cha...


Have we really forgotten our responsibility towards our nation or that we are knowingly skipping the tasks to achieve development? It is observed that, the youth who always fight for enjoying their rights, never wish to take up the pains of responsibility. According to me, Indian youth is socially responsible and moreover is working complicatedly to see India attain the developed status. Many educ...

“Nowhere Man” by Pico Iyer

Personally, I would have a love/hate relationship if I were a transit lounger, not knowing where home is. I would love it because I get to travel the world, discover new cities and meet new people but I would hate it because I would most likely constantly get asked where I live and I would hate to say “I don’t actually have a home but I’m going to Madrid next!”. If I didn't have a home, I ...

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Afrikaner Nationalism

The application of segregation will furthermore lead to the creation of separate healthy cities for the non-whites where they will be in a position to develop along their own lines, establish their own institutions and later on govern themselves under the guardianship of the whites. Domination in South Africa was the purpose of the Afrikaner Nationalists to secure the safety of the white man. The ...

Individuality vs Nationality

While individuality impacts innovation, the importance of individuality can also be seen in the well-being of society. One may argue that nationalism promotes security and stability; however, this is not the case. Over history, rises of nationalism have often caused the uprooting of morals and the corruption of power. It manifests the feeling of unethical supremacy, which has been the driving forc...

IKEA Customer Loyalty

IKEA's kiosk-based loyalty program IKEA FAMILY has attracted more than 1.6 million members since its launch a few months ago. IKEA FAMILY offers special offers and benefits to customers, as well as program-branded merchandise and promotional events. The Kiosks, which are built, serviced and monitored by Kiosk Information Systems, allow new members to enroll and receive a membership card on the spo...

The Holodomor: An Attack on Ukrainian Nationalism

Through targeting Ukrainian intellectuals simultaneous to the famine, we see direct proof of Stalin’s intentions to crush the national backbone of Ukrainian society. Collectivization of agriculture and the resulting famine proved to be unproductive in terms of grain output, supporting the claim that Stalin’s general plan was not to maximize economic output, but rather, to destroy all Ukrainian...



Indian Nationalism

As strong as feelings of nationalism were and as brave as leaders like Gandhi were they couldn’t have driven the British out by making India ungovernable because the British knew they couldn’t be driven out by force or otherwise. It is clear that they left of their own accord due to financial political reasons or otherwise. Although it is also worth mentioning that Nationalism did play a huge ...

World War 2 Issues in The Divine Wind

Originally, the Chinese cultivated pearls by opening the shell of a mussel, inserting small pellets of mud or tiny bosses of wood, bone or metal and returning it to its bed for about three years to await the maturation of a pearl formation. These pearls were almost always blister pearls and not the rounded pearls of the oyster shells. It was a Japanese man, Mikimoto Kokichi who, in the 1890s, perf...

Filipino Nationalism

A nationalist education would also emphasize a critical study of the Philippine economy so that as a people we will learn to be wary of economic programs proposed by foreign governments and institutions. Moreover, we should know how the world capitalist system operates so we will understand in what way economic development will affect our people. In history as in economics, we must use only one ya...

Role of engineers in Nation Building

Some should move into engineering management and sales. In sales and management, an engineering background enables one to discuss the technical aspects of projects/products and assist in the planning, installation and product use. With such a vast and varied nature of their job, they are really the backbone of a nation’s building and development, and their role should not be neglected in a natio...

American Revolution Notes: Radical or Moderate

The books thrust is to complicate the well-established core narrative putting for the reader bold figures, ideas, and movements, highlighting the true radicalism of the American Revolution that was indispensable to the origins of conduct, character, and outcome of the world-shaking event. This radicalism, therefore, was usually connected to a multifaceted campaign to democratize society, to recast...

Lack of Nationalism and Patriotism of the Filipino Youth Today

In this case, parents and teachers or authorities must not tolerate those actions. They should be the first to encourage youth about nationalism and patriotism. The nation built by today's youth will be the nation they pass along to their own children. If young people today wish their children to have an America of freedom, the young people of today must protect and defend that freedom by supporti...

What is NSTP all about?

There various benefits of the National Service Training Program. It builds a sense of patriotism to the individuals. You also learn teamwork and loyalty. And NSTP addresses the need for national program of youth development and mobilization for the task of nation building. In view of the said scheme and aims, the Program exists and operates in the context of education and national security systems...

Army A Way Of Life I Choose

In closing, I learned a lot after reading and researching several articles and capturing how I became what I am now. It had took me back to when my mom instilled the importance of being responsible for my actions, be a leader not a follower, and take the initiative and learn how to work independently and with others. With those values as you read earlier in this memo, carried me through out my car...

Does Nationalism Inevitably Breed Rivalry and Conflict?

Liberal Nationalists would not predict conflict, yet alone it being considered ‘inevitable’, as they support peace and international cooperation between nations. However, Conservative and Expansionist Nationalists would argue otherwise. They enjoy conflict and basking in their previous military successes. They support order amongst society and see inequality between nations as normal, therefor...

The Whistle Violate Company Loyalty?

It has come to my attention that whistle blowers may never have it easy. The possibility of causing career suicide should be maintained at the lowest level possible. A good indication of the how genuinely ethical our society is how organizations treats its whistle blowers. I can only hope that we will improve in the next coming century than continue on the course we have set for ourselves in the p...

Patriotism in the Military

In conclusion, both soldiers came home with a different sense of patriotism because of their levels of experience, and the American public has a different sense of patriotism due to their relative factors. Patriotism, is it worth having? This is a question that must be answered by each individual American. Judge your patriotism with the soldier's perspective, and what they see in combat everyday. ...

Does Blowing the Whistle Violate Company Loyalty?

Wigand knew what he was getting him self into or else he would not have taking the job in the first place, I mean come on working for a cigarette company, a person knows cigarettes are bad for you. It is plan and simple he took the job knowing he was going to have to do something relating too cigarettes and he signed papers saying he would protect the company name. There for if he did not like wha...

Imperialism during the Progressive Era

Finally, Wilson believed that Americans should spread the beliefs of human rights, democracy, and word peace. This idea was called the "Humanity" diplomacy. Another important factor was the Panama Canal. This canal was a very key factor in both trade, and military strategy. For many years, travelers looked for an easier way to trade from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and this was it. One of the wea...

Nationalism in Italy during the 1900's

Even though this was wonderful for Italy to be united as a whole, they were inexperienced with government and were still very much divided by traditions and independence. The Mafia and heavy taxes caused a lot of tension on the country. Although, these were not the results of an earlier disunity, because before uniting, they could have easily had internal conflicts, but when united as a country, i...

Nationalism in World War 1

The Balkan League was probably the largest and most powerful nationalist alliance of its time. There greed through nationalism caused them to nearly drive turkey right out of Europe and to gain a considerable amount of Turkish states causing a great upset between the two groups. Later on this strong alliance came to a halt when the second Balkan war began when Bulgaria started quarreling with Gree...

I Am, You are, We are Australian

Australia’s multicultural identity was invented in the 1970s and probably reached its high point in the 1988 Bicentenary. The song written for the Bicentenary. ’I am Australian’ is written for both international and domestic audiences because it promotes an Australian uniqueness, national unity and hard work to the rest of the world but also contains many national aspects of Austra...

American Nativism 1900-1930

Nativism was amplified between 1900 and 1930 because Americans feared that their country was beginning to change. The American hate of Germans was caused by the current issues of War, Germans were portrayed as, and many Americans thought that, the Nazi party embodied the rest of German society. Americans were beginning to become confident, comfortable and so set in their values that when different...

Friendship in Gregory By Panos Ioannides

Another example of situational irony is when a scorpion is crawling up the narrator's leg and Gregory kills it with his bare hands. If he hadn't killed that scorpion he might have lived because the executioner would be dead. The story "Gregory" is a test of one man's loyalty and friendship in an ironical situation. Before he shoots Gregory the narrator makes a statement that summarises the irony i...

Influences of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Restaurant Industry in Malaysia

This can help the restaurant managers and staffs to focus their efforts on improving customer perceptions of service quality and enhancing the dining experience of their customers. Due to the intensive competition in the restaurant industry, therefore, there is an urgent need to identify the key service quality dimensions influence the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to their preferred ...

Hero by Siegfried Sassoon analysis

The last two lines, "And no one seemed to care/Except that lonely woman with white hair," are extremely powerful, especially the use of the rhyming couplet to end it. The women who are left behind alone, since all the men are off to war, are ageing with sorrow. Sassoon is considered one of the great War Poets because of the reality of the War he reveals in his poetry. Similarly to Wilfred Owen, he...

Nationalism DBQ

Nationalism's influence on the development of the great European powers will not soon be forgotten. Under the watchful eye of great leaders such as Cavour, Garibaldi, von Bismark, and Mazzini, Nationalism tore apart great empires, united nation- states that had previously suffered from long standing conflict, and fueled many progressive wars. Allegiance and zeal for ones nation is what sparks nati...

Philosophy Of Education Paper

When we are faced with this type of situation teacher must reflect on the true meaning of teaching. This will enable the teacher to embrace the difference in the learning styles of students and allow the teacher to develop innovative strategies for reaching such a diverse population. Teachers should give all students the chance to let their creative juices flow. With a little nudge and some encour...

Nationalism And Sectionalism

The North prospered from the creation of the tariff as it helped develop the manufacturing economy. The West, on the other hand, benefitted from the creation of road and canal system, a plan supported by John C. Calhoun, in order to prevent disunion within the rapidly growing country, (Document 2). These developments in transportation allowed for easier distribution of goods, thus benefitting them...

Imagined Communities – A Critique

Conclusion In concluding, I would like to posit that imagined communities, sovereignty and boundaries are not all that make up a state, neither are they, save for boundaries, innate qualities in a nation. Instead, a nation is defined by a people in an organized bureaucracy and defined authority, whether or not such bureaucracy and authority sustains itself through the spirit of the shared ideals o...

Paddy Ashdown

I think that it is interesting that if we want to speak to someone about the defense of our country we need to speak to the Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture etc... A point Paddy Ashdown brought up that I thought was important was how we are intimediately locked together. If there is a Swine Flu in Mexico then its a problem for Aberdeen the next. This is sort of like a domino affect that...

Global Politics

Works cited 1) Khan Adeel. “Politics of identity: ethnic nationalism and the state in Pakistan. ” SAGE, 2005. Pg 25 2) Goldmann Kjell, Hannerz Ulf, Westin Charles. “Nationalism and Internationalism in the Post-Cold War Era” New York: Routledge, 2000. Pg 34-35 3) Hider James, UN accuses Israeli troops of Gaza human right abuses; Times Online. 3/24/2009, retrieved on 4/17/2009 from http://ww...

A Condensed Version of Renato Constantino's Works on Nationalism

Eventually everyone will be aware of Juan dela Cruz than Uncle Sam especially that Uncle Sam is crestfallen at this time with all the upheavals he is now facing I will not be surprised that his all knowing smile will turn into a nasty grin. For my fellow Filipinos, we will stand with pride that we can now identify ourselves as Filipinos and no longer Filipinos with US as our neocolonizer but Filip...

Several Characters Can Have Loyalty

In the novel, Cue for Treason, all characters demonstrate loyalty to each other, knowing it can have a positive or negative outcome. Kit and Peter were loyal to each other throughout the entire the book, strengthening their relationship the whole time. The Secret Agents die for the Queen, and put themselves into risky situations. And finally, Tom, Peter and Kit are willing to die for each other; b...

The Role of Women in Nation Building

Furthermore, for the nation to enjoy lasting and stable peace, women must have equal opportunity in decision making process of the country. If the nation is to succeed in its fight against poverty, human trafficking, violent conflicts, corruption and other social vices that confront it, the women folks must be enlisted. They must be discouraged from staying only within the confinement of their rel...

Analysis of Personality from I Am Not Esther

Her daughter has been told to stay with relatives that he has never heard of but they are no ordinary family, as they are members from a strict, very religious cult. They have changed her name from Kirby to Esther and forced to follow the severe set of social standards by the elders have created. They cannot interact with the normal outside world as there is no television, no radio, no newspaper a...

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