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The Gift of the Magi
Original title The Gift of the Magi
Author O. Henry
Genre Short Story
Language English
Characters Della Dillingham Young, her husband Jim, Madame Sofronie
Published 1905
ISBN 978-0-06-242457-7
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The Gift of the Magi is a short story written by O. Henry about a young married couple and their selfless love for each other. Jim and Della Young are a poor couple who can barely afford their rent, let alone buy each other Christmas presents. However, they are content with what they have and are deeply in love.On Christmas Eve, Della sells her beautiful long hair to a wig maker in order to buy Jim a chain for his prized pocket watch. Jim then sells his watch to a pawnbroker in order to buy Della a set of combs for her hair. When they exchange gifts, they realize that the value of their gifts lies not in the monetary value, but in the love and thoughtfulness that went into them.This story is a classic example of O. Henry’s use of irony and is a touching tale of love and sacrifice.

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