The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime


The setting of this book takes place in 1997 in a small town in England called Swindon. In this book Christopher John Francis Boone, the narrator, is fifteen living with a case of autism. He lives with his father because he’s told his mother had a heart attack and passed away. He takes us through his investigation of trying to figure out who killed his neighbor, Mrs.Shears’ poodle, Wellington.

Along the way he finds out he finds out his father killed Wellington and had been lying to Christopher about his mother’s death since she left to go with Mr. Shears. Christopher travels to find his mother and ends up living with her. Christopher’s mother and him move back to Swindon into a new apartment. His father ends up visiting him often. During school Christopher attends an A-level math class which leads him to pass the math exam. The book ends off with him wanting to pursue more math classes to get into a university out of state.

Autism Theme

One of the biggest themes in this book is Christopher’s autism. He has a hard time with human interactions, but when he goes to find his mother he has to face this challenge. He learns to cope with his challenges as time goes on and learns to become more independent as the book goes on.

Christopher John Francis Boone is the main character of this novel. He is a very mentally strong character because he learns ways to cope or make his autism a little bit easier to handle. He goes the journey of finding his mother which him face challenges he wouldn’t have to have done if he didn’t run away. Something Christopher said was “And when I was asleep I had one of my favorite dreams.. everyone on the earth was dead” when he said this it made me think he wouldn’t have to face his challenge of social interaction, or listen to his elders such as his dad, and he’d continue to get more independent and mature.

Due to Christopher’s condition and the way Ed Boone’s, Christopher’s fathers, marriage ended he tends to have no one to go to when he needs help or is stressed. This leads him to lash out in anger leaving very little verbal communication between him others. Has a hard way of coping with his emotions. A quote to support this would be “I used to think that mother and father might get divorced. That was because they had lots of arguments and sometimes they hated each other. This was because of the stress of looking after someone with behavior problems”.

Beautiful Quotes

One quote I think is beautifully written is “No more things should be presumed to exist than are absolutely necessary” basically meaning don’t bypass the obvious just because you want to believe something else. This relates to when people give you a reason not to trust them but you want to anyways because you want to think they are a good person no matter what they end up proving to you.

One more quote I think is beautifully written is “also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk” I love this because this is very true. Dogs are more likely to be faithful than the society around you because you know when they do or do not like you because they will show that, and like it sad they cannot tell lies.

Book Ending

I loved the ending of this book because it leaves off with him wanting to attend a university. This gives you hope that Christopher is going to grow as a person and do amazing things with his life.

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