Christopher Columbus

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FAQ about Christopher Columbus

What Christopher Columbus really did to his ancestors?
...His peaceful actions led to people being able to think about what happened hundreds of years ago to his ancestors. Mr. Nordwall was a very important leader in leading to people being able to think about what happened in the Americas in the 15 th cent...
To What Extent Christopher Columbus Was a Pioneer?
...On the other hand, Christopher also showed some evilness during conquering the land. He killed many Native Indians. He captured them and sent them to Europe to have them as servants and slaves. And that was the beginning of the slavery. Also, the new...
Why We Should Celebrate Columbus Day?
...• The United States has long admired Columbus. America has more monuments to Columbus than any nation in the world, according to the Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia. These include a Columbus statue in Providence, R.I., cast by Frederic Auguste Be...