Journalism Essay Topics

Print versus Online Journalism

In almost any part of the world, the journalists are the people who deliver to us the daily news, significant events, updates, celebrity scoops, and other bits of information. Traditionally, journalists obtain their news through extensive research, interviews, and leg work among others. After hours, days, or even weeks of research, journalists then write and… View Article

History and development of Bengali journalism

Bengal, especially Calcutta (presently Kolkata) was the cradle of journalism in India. The first newspaper of India Hickey’s Bengal Gazette was published in Kolkata in 1780. So were the first four non-English newspapers- in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and Persian. Several language newspapers owe their birth to Kolkata in some form or the other; for example… View Article

Media Freedom

Ripples and dominoes, that is the order of the world today… Everything is interconnected and interdependent, an incident anywhere in the world can have adverse consequences anywhere else, our economies, our social structure, the very ideas and beliefs we use to identify ourselves are part of a functional global village. And THAT, is the reason… View Article

Analysis Paper: Zinsser’s Book on Writing

How can I, as a writer, balance writing for myself and for my readers without sacrificing the other? That is the question I was struck with while reading Zinsser’s book On Writing Well, and one he presents.In his book, writers are encouraged to adopt a style that is fitting of themselves, yet capture and maintain… View Article

Pack Journalism

Today’s mass-media offers satellite-driven-world-wide-news-at-the-instant in twenty four hour news-cycles with thousands of professional newscasters, news-readers, bloggers and online journalists broadcasting with up-to-the-minute Internet technology. However, twenty-four hour news-cycles have not brought about a depth of reporting, but have enabled superficial reporting, with a preponderance of journalists opting to shock and entertain rather than inform. On… View Article

Social Problems Among Youth

Introduction The public always relate social ills or social problems with teenagers from the age of 13 to 20 years old. Unfortunately, social problems have occurred in every corner around the world including Malaysia. It is one of the most serious problems that are growing worldwide. Most of the teenagers around the world are facing… View Article

Hk’s Market-Driven Journalism and Its Impacts

This paper is going to analyze both positive and adverse impacts of “Market-driven Journalism” in HK. According to the sayings of John McManus, “ The heart of market journalism is the logic of the market place. A market place is where people come to buy and sell goods and services. ” . It implies that… View Article

Broadcast journalism

Broadcast journalism is something that I am passionate about. I want to pursue an education in broadcast journalism so that I can pursue a career as an investigative broadcast journalist. This is something I have wanted to pursue since I was a freshman in high school, I decided early on what kind of career I… View Article

Fareed Zakaria

Dr. Fareed Zakaria caught his big break after the September 11th tragedy. His essay, “Why They Hate Us”, was a poignant, renowned piece that showed the world that the problem wasn’t just Islam. It was the political, social, and economic stagnation in the Arab World. His comprehensive knowledge of the Middle East comes from his… View Article

Logical Fallacy in Journalism

The effectiveness of journalism hinges largely on its effective representation of the facts. This is not to argue that a news story cannot be inherently biased by such factors as culture, perception and even the intended audience of a specific journalistic outlet. However, it is to suggest that any claim made and unsubstantiated will serve… View Article

Political statements

The media is changing the way politics are being demonstrated. In the article Off Target by Paul Farhi he addresses that the media is often wrong with their political statements. Defeat the Press a Time Magazine article by James Poniewozik argues that politics can use the press in order to get their messages across. So… View Article

The Giver Journal Entries

1st Journal Entry: 1) Describe your idea of a perfect world. include all important information. My idea of a perfect place would be perfect in my mind. You would have endless money and do mostly whatever you want. The government would not be generally strict but it would be very law-enforcing. Although the laws would… View Article

How to Write Radio News Scripts

Introduction Learning how to write news for radio broadcasting can be a challenge because it is a format that has its own rules. First and foremost, radio news scripts are written for listeners, not readers or viewers. Follow these basic guidelines for writing a radio news script: Instructions Difficulty: Moderate Steps Step One Know that… View Article


A publication for a web should be made with a considerable thought of the skills the human resource that should be involved with the people who are designing it. To start with, the web designers should have the relevant technical skills of word processing, organization and management of information in the publication, creative skills, as… View Article

Westely & Maclean Model of Communication

Introduction: In 1957 Westley and MacLean’s model of communication is proposed by Bruce Westley (1915-1990) and Malcolm S. MacLean Jr (1913-2001). Being one of the creators of journalism studies, Westley served as a teacher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, between 1946 and 1968. Malcolm was director of University of Journalism School (1967-74) and co… View Article

Media Regulation vs Freedom of Expression

India is considered the largest democracy in the World. A free country which is also recognized from its media. Through ages many countries have tried to give “Freedom of Expression” to their media whether it be print media, broadcast media or the latest online media. But have we ever thought that what is actually considered… View Article

How the Watergate Scandal Changed Journalism

Journalism has been an essential factor in making communication and information-sharing easy among people. It has been serving the purpose of delivering facts about anything of interest to the public. It is also the effective means used by the government in delivering essential news, policies, programs, and concerns, among others to the general public. Consequently,… View Article

Journalism and the Gilded Age

As “gilded” means covered with gold and “age” depicts a certain time, the gilded age was a certain period in history when the America’s upper-class members, having gone through a nasty civil war, welcomed a period of peace through an overwhelming display of affluence. Coined by the writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens also known as Mark… View Article

Stasiland sample essay

Anna Funder’s 2002 work of literary journalism, _Stasiland_, relates her journey through a “land gone wrong”, the German Democratic Republic. Separated by the Berlin Wall and political ideology, East Germans lived under the ubiquitous and omniscient control of the Stasi, the secret police, whose “job it was to know everything about everyone”. Throughout her quest,… View Article

Newspapers and Books outdated?

Newspaper and books have long been a medium for information transfer and dissemination. The printing press and the printing industry have been around for centuries, and have become the major tool for communication and information. They have been the most popular medium for shaping public opinion. Their credibility, knowledge, values and information-gathering skills remain a… View Article

My Career Goal

I always ask myself a question of what I want to be and what goals I am going to achieve four years later. Four years later, it is hoped that I can get the most out of my education, becoming more independent and mature. Four years later, it is hoped that I can be a… View Article

Ethical Responsibility in News Reporting

Ethically responsible is a theory that goes with the premise that equality should prevail in society and that society should respect each other’s human rights and in return will preserve the dignity and respect of each other and other members of society. Objectivity in reporting also adds to the theory of ethics because objective reporting… View Article

Mass media not only gives the latest news and trends

Over decades, mass media has been used to propagate information to the target audience. It has been a powerful tool that has been used by different people to express their interests on their audience. However, it comes with both positive and negative effects to the society depending on the channel used. Sometimes, channels are not… View Article

A Female for the First

Although a very respected female journalist, Susan Jacoby was labeled as a “First Amendment junkie” by many other women for her personal views concerning the censorship of pornography in society. Ultimately, she believed that censorship of any kind against pornography was wrong. Feminists were infuriated that another female acknowledged pornography’s right to exist. Susan Jacoby… View Article

Enlish Methods Of Writing For Junior Cert

Junior Cert English “Functional Writing” Introduction and Overview The Functional Writing section of Paper I asks the student, in as close as possible, to write in the style of somebody who either uses language for a living, or is conducting business or important matters through writing or speech. This part of Paper I strays away… View Article

Democracy and the news

This paper will look at the different ways the media reflects and affects society by examining the various relationships that exists between the media, the state and the citizens. It will firstly define key terms, allowing for controversial words to have a specific and continuing definition throughout the paper. Three key ideas, centering around the… View Article

News: Reflection or Construction of Reality?

It is difficult for news, in any form, to be a true reflection of reality, due to the many factors involved in the production of news. Human error, human interest and the fallacies of management all conspire to blur the line between truth and fiction. Potter (1998) stated that news is not something that happens;… View Article

A Cataclysm in Repose

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is a short story that fuses together magical and realistic elements. In an interview, Marquez explains the influences and origins of this unique style of writing. The story (not surprisingly) is about an old man with enormous wings who somehow ends up in a small… View Article

The mass media as an institution

The mass media as an institution has become an essential element in our society, for the mass media helped shape the culture of American society, especially those concerning the values, traditions, and norms of the society. American Journalism began in the late 1700’s and slowly fourished throughout it’s time. During the Federalist and Republican era… View Article

USA Today – Pursuing the Network Strategy

By January 2000, USA Today (USAT) was the highest circulated newspaper in the United States (J. Roberts, Tushman, 2005). Even though the company has had positive operating profits for the last years and indications on an increase in 2000, Tom Curley, USAT’s CEO, was concerned about a couple of trends affecting USAT. In January 2000… View Article