Is technology a blessing or a curse in australia

Great Evening fellow speakers, judges and audience. Tonight I will be speaking about the subject is Technology a blessing or a curse? What is technology, the meaning of innovation in the Macquarie budget plan dictionary is the branch understanding that deals with science and engineering. To me it implies anything that assists us to live our lives simpler.

Over the past decade, Australia has actually been advancing with all of its innovation. It is stated that this decade had the most technological advancements ever.

Some examples are phones, television, and computers. The majority of the things we have now like tablets and touch phones were a dream for individuals in the last century. If any of you have viewed star trek business, you would see that they used items that looked like a tablet however wasn’t one. Also innovation is a blessing in the educational location. It is due to the fact that we now have the wise board, which helps the instructors with revealing various resources, and it likewise helps the trainees because they can discover more about the topic.

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Technology is a true blessing. The reason I select this topic to associate with Australia is since Australia is quickly establishing in all locations. However the most remains in the technological area. This century is stated to be the technological era. Innovation is a true blessing due to the fact that without it we would not be able to many things like contacting loved ones who are overseas, viewing TELEVISION, calling individuals immediately with telephones and driving to various locations in a vehicle and so on.

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Whatever we do daily includes utilizing innovation. Think of the world without technology, no phones, no electrical power, no sewage, no clean water and no cars and trucks. All these things have or use or need technology.

Another reason it is a true blessing is due to the fact that in schools and workplaces, it is simpler for individuals to access the details required for that time. For instance for many of the trainees here would have used innovation for there speech. If it were not for innovation, we would have to do easy things to us now and have it more difficult to do. For instance sending out an e-mail to a relative overseas who would get it within 10secends would end up being composing a letter and sending out through a postal office, which takes an extended period of time.

Technology is also a curse. The new advancements of technology have caused major side affects on us humans and the environment. The first floor is that there is an increase of teenagers needed glasses to read and see. Another reason is that in our environment it is impacted a lot by the extra greenhouse gases, which are killing animals, destroying habitats and warming our world causing the polar ice caps to melt which increases the sea level. To use technology, now you need electricity and power. To make these things you need to burn coal, which releases carbon emissions.

Another reason it is a curse is because us humans are becoming very reliant on Technology. Teenagers always want the new iPhone or parents asking their kids how different items work. We are becoming dependent on technology too much that if we were to just remove technology, we could not live a good life and we have to start learning different things like sending a letter.

In conclusion I believe that technology is a blessing rather than a curse because it has helped us have an easier life to live. Without technology we would have to walk to school, which might be over 15km away but now we just have to go by public transport or drive by car to different places.

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