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Television Boon

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (354 words)
Categories: Entertainment, Health, Technology A Boon Or Curse, Television, Television Advantages, Television An Idiot Box, Tv Boon Or Bane
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Here is your paragraph on Is Television Boon(blessing) or Curse ! If all of us have to decide whether television is a boon or curse, the opinion is definitely going to be diverse depending on how the technology is being used by us. If we know that television can be used as a source of entertainment, international news and events, this technology will become very productive with no unusual disadvantages attached to it. However, the television technology also has some not so favorable aspects that we may like to avoid in our day to day life.

So, will it be right to say that television is a curse? Let’s not be too idealistic here. Television is a great source of entertainment and information. Yes, we know that sometimes it feels like the use of this technology is superfluous. In our busy life, we hardly get any time to sit in front of the television for hours to enjoy the series of a soap.

However, the charm of this entertainment source lies in the fact that television can be used as a stress buster at times. We can watch our favorite comedy show, a nice movie or a game of our choice when we’re depressed. It makes us feel relaxed and lighthearted. From this point of view, I would say television has great advantages. It can make us happy when you need to be. Although the internet technology can surpass many of the features and benefits television brings to us, can it help a family sit and enjoy a nice family show together? Television is beneficial if we think from this angle. Television can encourage family unity. On the contrary, television can become a source of multiple complications if you get addicted to it. For example, television addiction can become the reason for obesity. If you are so addicted to your favorite soaps that you forget to give time to your family, it can become the reason for disappointments. So, I believe there has to be a balance in everything. You must know how to use this electronic media to make it an advantageous factor.

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