Celebrity Life as A Blessing and a Curse

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Many definitions have been given about the fame but what is it exactly: is it a blessing or a curse? There can be no doubt that being famous has beneficial effects on an individual’s life, but there are also certain drawbacks of being famous. First of all, there are many advantages of being famous. The famous people have lot of money and as a result they can have a comfortable life; they can live in luxurious houses and drive expensive cars.

They adore celebrities, are present in many important events and are welcome wherever they go. Being famous and having great fortunes give them the opportunity to found charity organizations to help people in need, the sick children and the people affected from the war in particular countries. For example, many international stars have found charity organizations and have cooperated with different government’s politics to help people in many countries all over the world.

They have contributed in many charity activities in Africa, Middle East and Haiti.

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A significant number of international stars are considered to be ambassadors of peace or as symbols of human rights. So, they have used their name to influence in the solution of many problems all over the world including diplomatic conflicts. However, being famous has it negative effects. In spite the fact that they are famous, they have a complete lack of privacy. They are always followed by photographers and journalists.

These photographers have been the reasons of many accidents in extreme situations.

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In particular, the famous people tend to escape the photographs, but there are many accidents that have happened when the photographers had been going after them. The lack of privacy have influenced in famous people’s life in different ways. The major part or journalists tend to create fake stories about the personal life of the famous people. By doing that, they have the intention to rise the selling of their magazines.

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Celebrity Life as A Blessing and a Curse

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