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Introduction A movie is a story that is connected with

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A movie is a story that is connected with animating images and it is formed by recording images with cameras, or by forming images using animation techniques or video effects. Cinemas were developed so well it progressed from creative innovation to one of the most important methods of communication and entertainment it was a mass media in the 20th century to 21st century. Movies became extremely well-matched with arts, technology, and political affairs.

The process of cinematography has completely been technologically advanced into a form of art and industry.

The history of cinemas comes within the historic development of the medium to film a movie. The history of movies spans over a hundred years, from the late 19th century to the present day. Human beings have become an animal for communicating through filims. We are individuals who can enjoy and love acting.

Films are one of the most supreme and dominant source of communicative tools we have ever developed so far.

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And now it is not just an entertainment but it is also a center of culture of the society we live in today.

Movies can offer various kinds of ideas and diverse experiences to human beings in our society a little good and bad thoughts are implemented in the mind of a person. Film industry is a major form of mass media, there is bound to be heavy impact on its viewers.

Movies can have a huge impact on our way of life and the way we look at life.

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We see different languages, way of life, attires people wear to look good, gadgets and houses. We hear other songs and music, we learn other beliefs, views, attitudes, and the way we feel other emotions that is perceived by us from the movie, this is compared to what we use to do in our own daily life.

The influence of films in our society is bidirectional. Society imitates what is done in movies and in turn movies indirectly creates an impact on our society. There is a very common reflection in both aspects. The Indian society, across every state is a very old-fashioned. 80 years ago if any person had the idea to time travel and show our previous generation the present-day living conditions of our society not one person would either accept it or believe it. They would’ve even look down upon people who live in the present day.

The Negatives or the Downside of film industry are many, out of which the main part is called {A} rated films which is also known (Adult) movies in other terms. These Movies contain item songs, in these songs actors use vulgarity and bad intentions to film the songs and they also use abusive wordings as well this makes certain audience uncomfortable. The idea to make good and meaningful movies which have and contain positive content in it is not really difficult. The positive movies have definitely influenced even the people who are poor in our society, who have no access to good books or have the chance of interacting with people who have better thinking capacity. Of late Good movies have made the society think positively and have a better notion of Films.



There are a number of films that reach out and focus on various different aspects of the society we live in. Some of the films are based on the following:

1. Films Based on Empowerment of Women

Films have always stood for empowering and supporting women of our society. It has helped to break concepts of dowry and most of the social evils. It has made people understand and helped people to accept women re-marriage in our society, it has assisted to break mindless superstitious beliefs, it has helped people in understanding of the urban and rural problems, It has helped people to comprehend about relationships.

Movies have helped the society to find a way out from the caste based problems that is present in the current society, Movies have made a concept “love” acceptable for the current generation that is present in the society. On the other hand we see how movies have justified violence, sexual abuse, murder, sexism and so on, it has been commercialized by the people. Every Historic element in the movies for example karnatic music, Hindustani music and Bharatanatyam etc, has helped to carry about our past and traditions to the coming generation.

Movies can be very influential in any form. It can connect in a way society wants it to be, as long as it goes into the hands of any good directors with very good, positive and vivid thinking. I also think that the impact of cinema on our Indian society is overstated. Movies rest on on an age old belief that every person is good at heart or has an extremely good character. If society has indeed changed to escalate evil practices, we would have many movies which have the negative side winning most of the time.

2. Films that Reach Out to Students

Most of the students prefer films more than reading books which contain stories. Films have an immense and a very powerful effect on our Indian society.

Films acts as a universal teacher to the viewer in this case student. It provides a lot of information the people in different branches of learning. The film producers present in our country have made a lot films to collect public opinion against some of the social evils such as dowry system and the labour exploitation. Documentary films are smaller versions of films which are about 15-20 minutes these short films lead us to how films portray the lives of other heroes acting in it.

These films increase our scope of knowledge, enlarge our outlook. Movies regarding society throw light on social evils such as untouchability, Casteism, unemployment and the widely known curse of widowhood, etc. These films enrich our eyes and create an urge for improvement and help to produce better films.

Cinema has a great commercial value also. It by itself a great industry wherein Lacs of men and women are directly or indirectly employed in this commercial industry. It’s a good and an easy means of putting advertisement and also Things and articles can be shown in practical use through various films.

Most of the modern day Indian cinemas overlook higher ethics. It is wrong to say that the public wants to view vulgarity or A rated movies. A rated films create a negative and a very vitiating effect on the minds of youths. They give rise to the various different kinds of crimes. The vulgar obscene pictures create a bad or a negative impact in the minds of people. They cause unnecessary problems in the society. The films which influence the audience or the viewer to create impacts as gamblers, dacoits, etc. should be banned completely. The people who produce the film and who are a part of film industry should not be allowed to gain profit by showing A rated scenes and physical demo of making love. These films effect the moral character of young boys and girls critically.

Films on the whole is a very powerful means of providing recreation to a person as well as of education to him/her. The film producers should always select good stories which should contain or have classical tradition, historical subjects and Indian literary master-pieces. Documentary films on Sic-fic, historical and literary subjects should be shown to students. Nowadays producers have misusing cinema for making huge profits for themselves.

It should always be the duty of producers to produce decent and inspiring films for people to watch. The Government of our country should take care of this so that majority of the time we get to watch good movies. If film industry produces good and motivating films, the cinema would be a real help to change the society and to keep the Indian film industry high.?


Reasons for One to Watch a Movie

Films influence a significant number of us capably on the grounds that the consolidated effect of pictures, music, discourse, lighting, sound and enhancements can inspire profound emotions and help us think about our lives. They can assist us with bettering comprehend our own lives, the lives of everyone around us and even how our general public and culture work. They can reveal insight into political and profound issues as well and can give purgation and viewpoint and may open our Influence and Importance of Cinema on the Lifestyle of Educated Youth.

The eyes to better approaches for intuition, feeling and seeking after our lives. There are numerous approaches to saddle the intensity of Movies to mend, develop and change. There is heaps of assortment in the economy, social and social sense like different nations. The confidence that numerous social researchers have in film as furnishing them with a “target recording instrument” is contacting and practically wistful. Like most types of craftsmanship and media, film mirrors the everlasting human quest for truth, a procedure where we can examine it as both circumstances and logical results.

Understudies are familiar about the current public activity however there is a correspondence hole between the understudies and the mass individuals. We can talk about this with regards to globalization and private enterprise. In private enterprise business people procure cash whatever the way, morals takes little part here. The picturisation of this kind of way of life makes college understudies mindful about their profession however not to think about others, “independence” is the real idea here. The greater part of the understudies watch film in PC.

They don’t accept the open door to feel the “overwhelming knowledge”. They intentionally loathe nature of the film corridors which, in their terms is, uncultured individuals’ place! Individuals who needs to know the systems and advances behind a Movies making process which is making them intrigued to know the ultramodern and state-of-the-art innovations. In addition, Movies affect our standpoint about regular day to day existence and it importantly affects perception capacity. A decent group of spectators could see numerous things which is covered up to the next standard individuals. Youth is when individuals needs to through away the dirtied condition of the general public and youth is the best time to work for it. A great deal of endeavors of making Movies was enlivened by many individuals and particularly to film understudies. Here financial stratification is enormous and for economy each area of society is stratified. We know, Economy is the essential structure and everything else including training, religion, society is super structure. Movies taste is additionally impacted by this factor. The individuals who live in nature of well-prepared everything, get whatever they need, their association with the external world is much more than the understudies need more cash to purchase recently arrived DVDs.

Along these lines, I have put a lot of inquiries and pose to a portion of the individuals around me to perceive how movies have truly grown up and I have brought it up in a passage all together.

Movies are from multiple points of view an a lot simpler to get drenched in narrating and its subtleties when contrasted with perusing books and for somebody who might pick the previous over the later every opportunity with regards to fixing a Movies for the accurate story, films were a passage to universes less commonplace than our own. As essayist a film has numerous ways which can be pondered the character and their reactions to whatever circumstance they were in and how we wish to structure those reactions as per the author.

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