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Internship Journal
Words • 1437
Pages • 6
Bill Gates once said "if I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations". Such a statement, particularly from an entrepreneur so renowned in the business arena, is no doubt a sparkling endorsement for the industry. Regardless, it is only after two internships with Verve Communications in 2009 and the Sydney Kings in 2010 that I feel I have gathered the understanding and experience to realise how poignant such a declaration is - arguably even more…...
Internship ExperienceJournalNewsPublic RelationsSemiotics
Internship Stint
Words • 1440
Pages • 6
During the aforementioned internship stint, my preference to solve conflicts and establish harmony came to the fore as I often mediated conflicts between my peers. To prevent a zero-sum game situation from being played out, I would usually search for common ground between the two parties so that a compromise would be reached and arrive at a win-win situation. However, on occasions when I was mediating conflicts and seeking common ground, there were times when I sacrificed my own opinion…...
EmotionInternship ExperiencePhilosophy
My internship experience
Words • 615
Pages • 3
PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN BY ME My internship gave me the opportunity to work on various projects which permitted me to apply my knowledge as well as get an experience of how the industry works. The various projects undertaken during these 45 days of internship :- Ensemble and other stores Design development sheets Procurement of fabric Production CREO lifestyle Procurement of fabric Production Jabong products assembling Taking pictures with style codes Store production Fabric procurement Production Dealing with the celebrity stylists Born…...
DesignInternship ExperienceOnline shopping
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Internship Report (Anjum & Asif Co)
Words • 2624
Pages • 11
INTRODUCTION Imported good and premium,luxury products happen to be a niche market in Pakistan,where brands approach a particular target audience that will be invested in their goods.These brands must of a sufficient quality to impress its target audience and address their ever-changing demands. At times,some brands fall short. This is where Anjum & Asif Co. comes in. Anjum & Asif Co. has been a known name since over three decades with millions of loyal consumers nationwide.It is a family-owned business…...
BusinessInternship Experience
Internship Report on DateTheRamp
Words • 446
Pages • 2
ABOUT DateTheRamp is India's leading luxury fashion rental service, specializing in designer wear for women. Worldwide, fashion rental is regarded as the next wave in fashion industry, and is also recognized as a route to sustainable fashion. New-age consumers value experience over ownership. Uber, AirBnB etc are examples of this "Experience Economy".DateTheRamp is creating this fashion revolution in India; it started small and is already going big!Headquartered in Bangalore, service is already available in 5 cities in a blended online-offline…...
BusinessInternship Experience
My experience during internship
Words • 2091
Pages • 9
WORK DONE DURING MY INTERNSHIP: My duties at the bank during my internship were of the diversified nature. I was rotated in the different departments of the bank. I was also assigned with some responsibilities of the minor level. They gave me so me assignments as well to give me the true exposure of practical work environment. I have worked in following different departments of the Allied Bank Limited these are: Cash Department Clearing Department Remittance Department Accounts Department etc.…...
BankBankingBusinessInternship ExperienceSwot Analysis
Internship in Oil Rocks
Words • 2389
Pages • 10
The main purpose of this report is to reveal information about the period of internship that occurred in Oil Rocks from 10th June until 21st June. In this document I will share and explain all processes and actions that we have done and learned in 10 days and write detailed information for each day. Furthermore, in this special document, it will be also possible to know and understand brief information about the history of this place, different parts of it,…...
EngineerGeologyInternship ExperienceOilWater
Internship at Riya Dhall
Words • 998
Pages • 4
ABSTRACT This report is an account of the study and work done during the internship at Riya Dhall (INDORE,MADHYA PRADESH) as a part of fulfilment of my course curriculum. The internship was carried under the guidance of MR. RIKHIL NAGPAL, Course coordinator SDPSWOMEN'S COLLEGE, INDORE and Miss Riya Dhall. The internship deals with the working of the store and its day to day methods of problem solving. To carry out the research, data collection was done by working at the…...
ClothingEducationInternship Experience
The Importance of Internships
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
Growing up in school, students are constantly reminded that a college education is necessary to make a decent salary. Over the years, it has become evident to many young adults that this statement is indeed true. However, as the need for jobs increases, so does the necessity of being more competitive in a work field. Since our generation has grown up knowing that graduating from college is a necessity, a college education is no longer enough to be competitive in…...
Internship Experience
Pharmaceutical Internship
Words • 565
Pages • 3
It is our continued struggle for improvement and development that paved the way for the attainment of objectives and purpose. These things enabled us to have the necessary facets that will equip us to be dynamic in this constantly changing environment. Despite the challenges and hurdles that may come along, it does not serve as a barrier to help me achieve what I wanted to be. With this mindset, I wish to present my qualifications that will enable me to…...
CommunicationEducationHuman NatureInternship ExperienceResearchTheory
Internship Application
Words • 328
Pages • 2
I write to apply for a position in this internship program. My strong commitment to my works has been demonstrated to my numerous volunteer experiences in the community and at university. Throughout my degree, I volunteered weekly at local primary schools where I taught grade 4 and 5 mathematics. Seeing the students light up with excitement while participating in a science experiment or the student who has struggled with a mathematical concept finally understand what to do has been immeasurably…...
EducationExperienceInternship ExperienceLearning
Case with my internship
Words • 565
Pages • 3
While university education is extremely useful, there are significant differences between working in real-life business environment and studying in the world of academia. Therefore, all students are strongly advised to do an internship in the final years of their study. Although interns are rarely assigned to important tasks, they can observe more experienced colleagues at work and learn a lot from them. This was the case with my internship as well. At the university, most courses I followed were theoretical.…...
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My Internship Report
Words • 2111
Pages • 9
I spent my internship program at Original Media, LLC. It is an independent production firm that specializes in creating unique TV series and films. Over the years, it has successfully built a strong reputation with regards to the quality production of reality TV series and original feature films with cutting-edge content. For TV broadcasts, Original Media, LLC came up with Miami Ink, LA Ink, Skate Maps, Crusty’s Dirt Demons, Storm Chasers, and the Rachel Zoe Project. Original Media also prides…...
Internship Experience
Pastry Internship Job
Words • 446
Pages • 2
For many years I have wanted to work in the culinary field as a pastry chef. A pastry chef is a station chef in a professional kitchen, skilled in the making of pastries, desserts, breads, and other baked goods. they are employed in large hotels, bistros, restaurants, bakeries, and some cafes. when I originally started at the Art Institute of Philadelphia I did not realize everything that went into being a pastry chef, for me it meant being able to…...
Internship Experience
Internship Experience at Malaysia Airlines
Words • 1271
Pages • 6
As a part of requirement of Bachelor in Accountancy Program, an internship training program for six months is necessary for every trainee in 7th semester. Therefore, it is necessary for me to finish my internship session in any company which uses relevant job scope and experience to my location and specialization. Previously, I had actually experienced working in an audit firm and now, I chose to be operating in industrial and industrial sector in order for me to experience a…...
Internship ExperienceTraining
Internship Report on Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiangmai
Words • 1521
Pages • 7
As this is my first internship, I decided to give myself the best opportunity in a 5 star resort & spa hotel to enhance my experience, to develop my professional attitude and to be in a reality world in the workplace. This report is an explanation of my impression during a 6 month internship course in one of the best hotel chain that located in Thailand. To become a professional in hotel industry is not as easy as every students…...
HospitalityInternship Experience
Narrative Report About Internship Experience
Words • 460
Pages • 2
Trainees in Conguild recommend students to take an opportunity to be an intern in the said company. Not only knowledge about technology the students will gain in Comguild. The company has different departments where trainees exercise their expertise in different field. Herein includes the Comguild Production, Webmaker, Verdict Detective and Security Forces. Trainees can also enhance their ability performing in accounting, marketing, and in communication. In terms of the policy of the company, trainees should know how to follow rules…...
EducationInternship Experience
Internship Report on HR Practices in Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Words • 8096
Pages • 33
The term industrial tour refers to the process of preparing report on an industry by visiting it physically, observing its production process and gathering relevant data from the management personnel, analyzing and evaluating data, and findings and drawing comment on the performance of the industry. As the part of 4th year, we have visited Industrial Hand Protection Ltd (IHPL). It was established in Bangladesh as a foreign Direct Investment(FDI).It is located in the area of Chittagong Export Processing Zone(CEPZ). It…...
Internship Experience
Importance of Internship Experience in Fashion Industry
Words • 2469
Pages • 10
Introduction Getting an internship can help students to find out what they want to do with their future careers. ("Internship.") As a fashion student, I was always interested in the publication or magazine industry and I now want to have a career in the department of a fashion magazine. Seeking a writing-related internship in the fashion industry will fulfill my interests. It was very fortunate for me to come across Retail Assembly as they were searching for intern. They were…...
Fashion IndustryIndustryInternship Experience
Summer Internship Project Report Format
Words • 713
Pages • 3
Project Work is the best way to practice what you have learnt. The purpose of including project report in the 2nd semester is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a problem applying management concept in a scientific manner. It enables you to apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its finding in coherent report. As student-managers, you are constantly seeking information to base…...
CommunicationEducationInternship ExperienceMentorshipProjectProject Management And Administrative Stage
Internship Report Format
Words • 639
Pages • 3
Internship (Industrial Training) Report: An internship report is an organization study, a case study or a survey of an organization. The students are expected to make factual observation about functioning of an organization. The study is organization specific done by a student. The students are expected to study the whole organization or a wing of the organization (if the organization is of giant size). It is compulsory for the students to take up assignments or tasks (Project) given by the…...
Internship ExperienceOrganizationResearch
General Guidelines For Internship Report
Words • 773
Pages • 4
All the students are needed to follow the following guidelines: Each trainee will have to submit the report in the advised format. Internship report is a specific task. One can not send the very same report as the other trainee, each report has to be different, even if the business is same. The internship report should be effectively typed. Sent both in paper copy along with soft copy. The internship report must be original, no copies are accepted. The length…...
Internship Experience
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