Pharmaceutical Internship Essay

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Pharmaceutical Internship

It is our continued struggle for improvement and development that paved the way for the attainment of objectives and purpose. These things enabled us to have the necessary facets that will equip us to be dynamic in this constantly changing environment. Despite the challenges and hurdles that may come along, it does not serve as a barrier to help me achieve what I wanted to be. With this mindset, I wish to present my qualifications that will enable me to intern at a pharmaceutical company or go into the medical writing field. The dedication to be of service to other people has motivated and inspired me to create opportunities for my career.

The education that I am specializing into caters to the betterment and improvement of people’s welfare. To supplement this initiative, I am immersing myself to the concepts and theories surrounding Biomedical Writing. Moreover, the curriculum at University at Southern California was my integral foundation for what I have right now. I believe that the process of medicine can greatly affect the lives of individuals surrounding me. By completing this internship, I can have the necessary training and experience to fully create opportunities for people to have better lives.

Also, by becoming expert in this field, I want to explain things clearly so people are able to clearly understand their health and the benefits or risks of drugs. In here not only shall I be of service but at the same time accomplish my purpose in life. Looking at it, not only shall this internship be catalyst towards my graduation but at the same time be an instrument towards the realization and practice of what is taught in the theoretical and classroom setup towards the actual exercise of what the pharmaceutical field has to offer.

Likewise, it can also serve as a mode for me to enhancing my interpretation and writing skills. With my interests in detailed/complex, drug developmental clinical data and writing clinical reports, I feel that this internship can help me create better outcomes for my career. To supplement this task, one must have the necessary competency and proper education to cater the needs of internship. For this type of position, you should be able to: research topics thoroughly, think critically and logically, and write clearly.

Moreover, I had continuously sought improvement by reading online journals and studies to see the developments that are happening in the field. Due to this, I can strike the balance between what is expected for me to do and be dynamic in the changes available. In the end, I am interested in the pharmaceutical internship because I feel it can give me the familiarity of how things operate under the profession. This position can extract in me new skills that can enhance my level of skills and experience in both writing and research.

By having this formalized orientation, I can achieve my long term endeavors and plans in life – creating innovations and studies aimed towards change. Also, I feel that this position can entail a first hand training and experience on important processes revolving around the pharmaceutical practice. It shall give me the chance to expand my horizons and capabilities of research. All these can serve as a mover of an environment sustainable to growth and advancement. It is a practice aimed towards achieving drug development and in the end; attaining a successful career.

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