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Internship at Riya Dhall


This report is an account of the study and work done during the internship at Riya Dhall (INDORE,MADHYA PRADESH) as a part of fulfilment of my course curriculum. The internship was carried under the guidance of MR. RIKHIL NAGPAL, Course coordinator SDPSWOMEN’S COLLEGE, INDORE and Miss Riya Dhall. The internship deals with the working of the store and its day to day methods of problem solving. To carry out the research, data collection was done by working at the store.


I would like to thank MS. RIYA DHALL for giving me the opportunity to work with them and making it possible to complete this internship successfully. My sincere thanks to them for their valuable support, help and guidance.

I would also like to thank internship guide Mr. Rikhil Nagpal (course coordinator) for his guidance and help whenever required throughout this internship.

A token of thanks to all the faculties, director of SDPS WOMEN’S COLLEGE, for providing the appropriate atmosphere to work and complete this report successfully.

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A note of thanks to my family and friends for bearing with me and providing their full support in the making of this report.


This is to certify that the internship work is satisfactorily carried out and hence, recorded in the file is the bonafied work of student PRATIKSHA JAIN of semester VIII, 4thyear, B.Design during the academic year 2018-19.


Riya Dhall is a blooming Designer Studio that fulfils the dreams of women to wear awe-inspiring dresses at affordable prices, yet not compromising with the quality of design, fabric or stitching.

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The dresses have remarkable characteristics of wear ability, affordability and artistry of returns. The uniqueness of our design and quality stitching with fine fittings is guaranteed. Each piece from a small tassel to gowns and bridal wear have eye-catching quality worthy of it and some more.

Owner of the Store


PURPOSE OF PROJECT The purpose of the project was to know about the working of the store and their various departments namely quality and assurance, production, and the circumstances they face in their day to day life.




  • Wedding collection
  • Indian ethinic wear
  • Western wear
  • Daily wear
  • Occassion wear
  • Office wear


  • Indian Ethnic Wear
  • Mix Match Saris
  • Western outfits
  • Fabrics
  • Bridal Lehengas
  • Stitching
  • Customized blouses
  • Hand & Machine Embroidery Work


The clientele lists of Riya Dhall is well over one thousand people. The future plans are to open up a new store in Mumbai. They also plan to diversify their work in collaboration with some of the companies and fashion bloggers of Indore, to the stream of interiors as well as accessories.


The organisation structure of Riya Dhall is very discrete and structured.

Their flagship store has a store manager who is placed their for sales of the designs and overall runnings of their store and also there is one helper who is always there at the store for all the cleaning purpose and basic handling of the store.

At the back office there are a few tailors with 2 head pattern and cutting masters, one person in the finishing and pressing room, one lady appointed for tassel making, hemming etc, one assistant designer and head designer Riya Dhall. This is all about the team and organisational structure of Riya Dhall.



The flagship store of Riya Dhall is situated in Indore at Janjeerwala square they just have one store. I was placed there for 45 days, which was a great experience altogether. I was placed with the store manager in which we looked after the sales, customisation of the designs for the customers, we used to sketch some outfits and would then show it to the customers by customizing it for them, I also learned how to take proper body measurements of clients who also use to come and place orders.

  • My experience at the store was really memorable, I learned a lot from the retail point of view.
  • I learned how to deal with the customers at the store and understanding their need and wants accordingly, so to show them and give them exactly what they need.
  • I learned how to deal with the clients and doing customizations for their outfits accordingly.
  • I also learned how to take proper body measurements of the customers.
  • I also learned how to place garments on the rack according to their colour ways.
  • I also learned how to do a proper window display of the store.
  • Meeting new clients daily at the store gave a sense of confidence and hospitality.
  • It also helped me improving my communication skills with the clients, also gave me a wider view of the design customisation.
  • I was able to think and design more widely for them, by keeping in mind the proper customer satisfaction.



The test fit blouse which I got made was looking a bit simple to the customer so I got the embellishment done on the collar by showing her a sample of the embellishments.

Embellishments on the collar was done with the reference to the above picture by changing some of the colors.


The next embellishment was to be done with the reference to the given picture with the lemon yellow and green coloured thread.


Whenever I had any new order in hand, I used to call for the sample and arrange the fabric for the same by asking the average fabric required from the pattern master and I used to give the fabric to him with the measurements of the client so that he can start making the pattern of the outfit accordingly. After the patterns were made the fabric was handed to the cutting master to cut the fabric according to the patterns which were made and then finally it used to go for the stitching process.


  • Communication skills
  • How to make contacts
  • Being punctual
  • Sense of responsibility

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