India Essay Topics

History of Alwar

The state of Alwar is located in the northeast part of Rajasthan. It is considered the oldest kingdom in Rajasthan. The history of Alwar is steeped into mythology and folklore. In ancient India it was a part of the Matsya Kingdom, which the Kauravas embarked on the cattle-rustling mission, which resulted in the famous war… View Article

Work Life Balance

The article talks about the importance of work life balance, especially in relation to India. In the Indian context, work life balance has many social and cultural connotations. There are many factors that need to be taken into account to understand work balance with respect to India better: India is a deeply religious country, housing… View Article

India a Global Economic Super Power

New parts of the world that were not long ago considered undeveloped, backwater countries, are now taking center stage in the global economy. Much has been publicized about the ascendance of China’s economy, as it has become a major venue for the manufacturing of products sought after by worldwide consumers eager for cheaper goods. However,… View Article

Kathak Dance

Kathak is the classical dance of north indian style that was characterized by rhythmic footwork danced under the weight of more than 100 ankle bells, spectacular spins, and a representation of themes from Persian and Urdu poetry alongside those of Hindu mythology. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. It is derived from the… View Article

Indian Dances

India shows a variety of dances which can be seen in various parts of the country. These dances are performed differently and are an important aspect in Indian dance because they bring the past in the present by telling us about ancient Indian history. Besides entertainment these dances are knowledgble. The Indian dance are divided… View Article

Incredible India

From ancient times, India has been looked upon as a place full of Mystique. In olden days time travelers like Huen Tsang came a long way with a great difficulty just to have felt of the place. But now in modern times, with supersonic jets, the world has become a smaller and has been named… View Article

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Known as Netaji (leader), Mr. Bose was a fierce and popular leader in the political scene in pre-independence India . He was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1937 and 1939, and founded a nationalist force called the Indian National Army. He was acclaimed as a semigod, akin to the many mythological heroes… View Article

Salutation to Teacher for Their Contribution

As we all knows that this day is having its special meaning. It is the birthday of the second President of India, an academic philosopher Dr. Sarwapalli Radhakrishnan. We all Indians have been celebrating Teacher’s Day on 5th September, since 1962. Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, a philosopher and a teacher par excellence, he gave his contribution… View Article

Travel Tips for Northern India in Winter

The geographical position and unusual topography of India is responsible for the country’s diverse climate. If you have plans of visiting northern India, you can expect the climate to be hotter during the summer and cooler in winter. Before going there, you have to consider these travel recommendations for northern India in winter. The northern… View Article

Approches to the Study of Tribal Development in India

Among India’s ‘people at the periphery’ are its tribes. Development planning in India (which took place roughly between 1940 and 1960) has attempted to foster their social and economic empowerment by focusing on various areas such as food security, health, education, employment and income generation. Tribal Development in India can be classified into the isolationist… View Article

Bharathanatyam Dance

Bharatanatyam is a classical Indian dance form originating in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.[1][2][3][4][5] This dance form denotes various 19th and 20th century reconstructions of Sadir, the art of temple dancers. Sadir in turn, is derived from ancient dance forms that includes some acrobatic karanas. Bharatnatyam is usually accompanied by Carnatic music. It… View Article

The United Kingdom and India

The purpose of this paper is to understand the benefits of the trade relationship between the United Kingdom and India particularly in the small and medium enterprises sector of each country. Introduction The relationship between the United Kingdom and India can be traced from centuries ago. The British Empire once colonized India and the British… View Article

Nyaya Panchayats

Government proposes to establish Nyaya Panchayats in every Gram Panchayat or a cluster of Gram Panchayats, for providing a system of fair and speedy justice, both civil and criminal, to the citizens at their doorsteps, outside the formal judicial system. The Nyaya Panchayats are proposed to be constituted through the election of the Nyaya Panchas… View Article

Fakeer of Jungheera as a Love Story

The Fakeer of Jungheer is a long poem by Henry Louis Vivian Derozio. He was born on 18th April, 1809 in Kolkatta, West Bengal. He was a lecturer and poet. He is considered to be an academic and educator During his time Literary Movement of Bengal Renaissance was undergoing. He was an Indian poet and… View Article

Planning Process in India

Process of planning in India takes place in three steps-formulating the plan, its implementation and the evaluation. Over the years and due to the political pressures two new aspects have been added to the process, namely decentralization and popular participation. 1) Plan Formulation The process of plan formulation takes place in a series of steps…. View Article

Scam’s in India

Everything seems to be dank and dark today. Every political party is being exposed in corruption issues, some small, some large, some beyond comprehension. Inflation is rampant, IIP is down, GDP growth is shrinking, reforms seem to be in cold storage, the sovereign ratings of the country head south, the rupee is struggling, FDI inflows… View Article

I Love India

In a land where diversity originates, where success can be found in loss, and where the heart is bigger than the house, one needs no more explanation to hesitate in saying the name. Yes, it is INDIA. A very pleasant morning/afternoon to all the teachers and my dear friends. I Khadija from 1st standard is… View Article

Independence Day: India

Good Morning! Respected chief guest our principal, teachers and my dear friends we have assembled here to celebrate the 65th anniversary of our Independence Day. As a citizen of India, I am so proud to talk to you about, my mother land. On the night of August 14, 1947, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make… View Article

India Super Power

More than sixty years ago, in the summer of 1948, the Indian nation, then newly-born, was struggling for its very survival. India is a unique and unlikely democratic state because it is not constructed according to the classical European principles of “ one language, one religion one common economy” .India contains an enormous diversity in… View Article

In Spite Of the Gods the Rise of Modern India Book Review

In “Spite of the Gods the Rise of Modern India” was written by author Edward Luce. Edward Luce is a British reporter who reported for the Financial Times from 2001 to 2006 for South Asian countries. He is married to an Indian woman, Priya Basu. Edward Luce went to school in London so he has… View Article

Inclusive Growth of India: a Study of the Informal Sector in India

India’s post 1990’s economic growth has made it one of the world’s fastest growing economies in the world. Its GDP growth rates of about 9% in the last few years are historically unparalleled except by the neighbo ring China. With the rapid growth rates, however, come new challenges and new questions. One such challenging question… View Article

Educating Indian Peasants

India is one country that is endowed with a rich culture that not only influences individuals but also social groupings and structures. Religion is one cultural aspect that is very influential and this paper seeks to shed light on its role in education as well as the forms of educational systems in India. The two… View Article

Review of Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has begun from 2nd February and will run till 10th February 2013. The Festival enters into 14th year in 2013; its popularity is growing from over the years. It is a great festival held in the city of Mumbai every year with great vibrancy, excitement, drama and colors of cultures are… View Article

Siachen Conflict: a Battle Against Nature

The Siachen Glacier is one of the most inhospitable and glaciated regions in the world. Sliding down a valley in the Karakoram Range, the glacier is 76 kilometers long and varies in width between 2 to 8 kilometers. It receives an annual snowfall of more than 35 feet. Blizzards can last 20 days. Winds reach… View Article

20 Years Ago India

Twenty years ago this weekend, three top Indian officials burned the midnight oil tearing up old import controls and preparing a package of economic reforms that would slowly lead to the booming India that is widely admired today, with growth of 8-9%, 300-350m people enjoying the benefits of a consumer economy, and businessmen operating internationally…. View Article

Why Eastern India Is Behind Western India

Good morning to one and all present over here. Today I, Monil Gokani, of class 7 SR, am going to present my speech on the topic “Why Eastern India is falling behind Western India?” on behalf of Shakti House. There are several reasons due to which eastern India is falling behind western. I will compare… View Article


1. Which internal and external factors have helped Reliance group to grow into its current position? Reliance group is an example of a well-managed company that has been able to take advantage of interior competitive advantage possibilities as well as exterior ones. On one hand, Reliance started out with Dhirubai Ambani by borrowing money from… View Article

Maurya Dynasty

Chandragupta Maurya (born 340 BCE, ruled 320 BCE – 298 BCE) was the founder of the Maurya Empire. He succeeded in conquering most of the Indian subcontinent and is considered the first unifier of India as well as its first genuine emperor. Prior to Chandragupta’s consolidation of power, small regional kingdoms dominated the northwestern subcontinent,… View Article

Homi Jehangir

Homi Jehangir Bhabha, FRS (30 October 1909 – 24 January 1966) was an Indian nuclear physicist who played a major role in the development of the Indian atomic energy program and is considered to be the father of India’s nuclear program. Bhabha was born into a prominent family, through which he was related to Dinshaw… View Article

A Missionary Who Transformed a Nation

When Englishman William Carey (1761–1834) arrived in India in 1793, it marked a major milestone in the history of Christian missions and in the history of India. Carey established the Serampore Mission—the first modern Protestant mission in the non-English-speaking world—near Calcutta on January 10, 1800.1 From this base, he labored for nearly a quarter century… View Article