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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Historical Places and Monuments In India
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India is a huge country as much as one third of the size of the United States. Most of the part of which is rural and you can catch glimpses of incredible sights. Starting from the gigantic Himalayas of the north, to the unending beaches of the south, you can experience varied number of climatic changes in this country, INDIA. Adding to it, India is a home to the superior and exceptional architectural heritage, serene ghats, spectacular landscapes and largest…...
Historical PlaceHistorical Place In IndiaIndian Heritage
Places to Visit During October in India
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India has very great diversity. It has so many places to visit. Best sculpture, art, monuments, nature, wildlife and much more. Some places in India which are most suitable to visit in October are given here. Hampi Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site in Karnataka, India. Hampi is seriously one of the top places to visit in India and home to some incredible landmarks. Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, in the area of 40…...
Historical Monuments Of IndiaHistorical Place In IndiaIndiaIndian HeritageTravel And Tourism In India
The Core of the Heart of India: The Most Famous Historical Monuments of India
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India has a very significant place in the list of countries with a rich culture and history. The Indian Civilization also known as Indus Valley Civilization is believed to date back to 3000 BCE. Over time, with a change in the culture and heritage, various sites and monuments were erected by the rulers who ruled our local lands. Today those monuments and sites are cherished by many archaeologists, art lovers and historians. Being one of the most developed ancient civilizations,…...
Historical Monuments Of IndiaHistorical Place In IndiaIndiaIndian Heritage
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Impressive Characteristics of Keetah
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In the novel, ‘I Heard the Owl Call My Name’, written by Margaret Craven, an impressive character was Keetah... due to her ability to accept changes around her, ability to see what was best for others and Keetah's sister marrying a white man showed Keetah’s ability to accept change within her family. The village believed that once she married a white man she would no longer be Indian, but Keetah accepted her sister’s choice to leave her Indian heritage behind,…...
CharacterIndian Heritage
A Critical Examination of Cultural Influences in the Film Bend It Like Beckham
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Pages • 6
The film ‘Bend it like Beckham’ resonates with me strongly, as the conflict between Western and Indian culture is all too familiar. The main character ‘Jess Bhamra’ personifies this conflict in the most perfect and relatable way. Being a first generation Australian-born girl with Indian heritage, I can personally attest to having to simultaneously maintain two very different cultures that so often clash. ‘Bend it like Beckham’, is a film telling the story of an Indian girl whose only real…...
Bend It Like BeckhamExaminationFilmIndian HeritageInfluence
Gogol’s Namesake
Words • 1868
Pages • 8
Immigrants relocating to the United States are confronted with the pushing question of whether or not to absorb into American culture. Many of those included in diasporic situations feel that adapting to the social standards of their new environments is an act of betraying their roots in which their heritage and all preexisting traditions will be lost. Jhumpa Lahiri's novel The Namesake highlights this battle through the eyes of the Ganguli household. The novel eventually reveals us that one can…...
Indian Heritage
Indian Heritage The Bhagavad Gita
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Pages • 11
is perhaps the most famous, and definitely the most widely-read, ethical text of ancient India. As an episode in India's great epic, the Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita now ranks as one of the three principal texts that define and capture the essence of Hinduism; the other two being the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras. Though this work contains much theology, its kernel is ethical and its teaching is set in the context of an ethical problem. The teaching of The…...
Bhagavad GitaIndiaIndian HeritageMahabharata
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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Historical Places and Monuments In India
...Taj Mahal- A monument dedicated to love is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is established on the bank of river Yamuna in Agra. Taj is a sign of the great Mughal heritage of India and perpetuity of love. Taj Mahal is a monument of love. I...

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