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Gyandoot Software Applications in Rural India
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Gyandoot is an intranet in Dhar District that connects rural cyber cafes catering to everyday needs of the masses. Some of the services provided, using the software applications developed by NIC, through the kiosks set up in the villages of the rural district include Commodity/Mandi Marketing Information System, Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Caste Certificate, Driving License, information regarding Rural Markets etc.10. Backend e-Governance SolutionsThe success of how efficiently the ICT services are delivered to the common man depends largely on…...
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Rural Settlements in Malda
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Abstract The rural settlement within the Malda district highlights human attempts for the livelihood and building the habitat on the diverse geographical landscapes. The characteristics of its natural endowments, social conditionality and historical antecedents and most importantly the human efforts gave the rural countryside a certain kind of social and morphological characteristics. The morphological characteristics of the villages have been collected from the different natural regions of the districts in order to understand the divergent forces and feature of it.…...
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Changing face of Indian villages
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India is a land of villages. It is said that real India lives in villages. About seventy per cent of its population lives in villages. India is undergoing revolutionary changes. Its villages are not untouched by those changes. The changes are reflected in every walk of life. These changes have been brought by various agents. These include science, technology, and spread of education, advent of media in rural areas, industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. Hence the lifestyle, attitude and thinking have…...
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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
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FMCG are items that have a fast shelf turnover, at fairly low-cost and do not need a lot of idea, time and financial investment to purchase. The margin of revenue on every private FMCG product is less. Nevertheless the big variety of products sold is what makes the distinction. For this reason earnings in FMCG items always equates to variety of items sold. Quick Moving Consumer Item is a classification that describes a broad variety of often acquired consumer items…...
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