Independence and Liberty in Betrayal in the City

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Betray in the city novel over view FRANCIS IMBUGA was born 1947 in Wenyange town in western Kenya. He is a popular Kenyan playwright, actor and manufacturer.

Betrayal in the City is a political play. The writer analyzes the issues of independence and liberty in post-colonial states in Africa. The play talks about military routines that were typical on the African continent after independence. Many of such regimes were later toppled by coup de tats. Francis Imbuga's significant issue is betrayal at 2 levels, both at a personal and federal government level.

Betrayal in the City shows a decay in morals, greed for power, material possessiveness and selfishness.

Doga and Nina lament as they mourn their dead son, Adika. The old couple wishes to perform a ritual for their dead child. This effort is hindered by express directions from the government brought by Mulili and Jere declaring that ritual needs to not go on in the interest of peace; but Doga and Nina are determined.

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Their only staying son, Jusper, is locked up. This shows us what is happening in Kafira - the corruption, oppression and oppression of individuals.

Critics of the government are not tolerated. Jere and Mosese are henceforth put into jail over incorrect charges. They both suffer the pain of the government's betrayal. Jere painfully says:

" When the insanity of an entire nation interrupts a solitary mind, it is insufficient to state the male is mad."

Federal government authorities utilize any chance to generate income through unreasonable means. Tumbo for example states Jusper the winner of the play composing competition and awards him the winner's cash prize.

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One third of the 6 hundred pounds to finance the play writing competitors is given to Jusper and his woman friend, Regina; and the remaining two thirds to put records straight highlighting that whatever is being performed in rigorous self-confidence. Despite all this Jusper pledges to revenge someday even if it indicates going it alone considering that he understands that a College student is not an extremely welcome person in Kafira and is taken a look at as a nuisance to society and an insect.

Government officials first think of what they are going to benefit before deliberating on matters of state. What first preoccupies their mind is how much are they going to gain and that the size of the potato each is going to get should be directly proportional to what their chairman will get.

Being a relative Boss gives Mulili a chance to despise his colleagues in service. Mulili falsely accuses Kabito knowing that Boss will believe what he says since he has been made to be his eyes and ears. He is also favoured by Boss in many ways. The semi-illiterate Mulili sometimes completely misunderstands what is said to him and yet threatens to act basing on the strength of that misunderstanding.

Boss’ trust of those who advise him especially Mulili make him give unbearable directives to silence those presumably against his government including the simple old couple who were innocent. Boss also tries to take advantage of Regina forcefully. Such scandals speak unfavourably of the Head of State. Nicodemo and Tumbo discuss the state of affairs and how people are being killed: “we have no choice. Like caged animals, we move, but only inside the cage. It has become infectious-the desire to eliminate others…” This implies that there are serious consequences of criticizing the government’s plans.

The play within the play, Betrayal in the City, brings about the desired change that everybody has been waiting for. The rehearsal for the play intended to entertain the visiting Head of state becomes a real confrontation arrived at effortlessly by Jusper, Mosese, and Jere; taking everyone by surprise.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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