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Betrayal in the City
Original title Betrayal in the City
Author Francis D. Imbuga
Genre Drama
Language English
Characters Mwai, Kamau, Waiyaki, Nyambura, Karanja, Mugo, Gikonyo, Kimeria, Njoroge, Irungu ...
Published December 29th 1976
ISBN 9781501165417
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The book Betrayal in the City is a novel that takes place in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe. The book follows the story of a young man named Tendai, who is a member of the opposition party in Zimbabwe. Tendai is arrested by the government and is tortured for information about the opposition party. The book follows Tendai’s story as he is tortured and eventually released from prison. The book is a story of political intrigue and betrayal.

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