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Important Process of Learning - Reading

As mentioned in the English Language Curriculum and Assessment Guide, ‘Reading is a means to help learners to seek information, develop thinking skills, enrich knowledge, enhance language proficiency and broaden perspectives’. Reading is seen as an important process of enhancing learner’s learning capacity and personal growth. Besides that, providing learners with a variety of texts that interest them can enhance their enjoyment in learning and acts as an effective motivation to encourage learners to share their personal responses with peers and so, help in developing learner’s capability to use English to respond and give expression to real and imaginative experience in their daily life.

The advantages of using stories in teaching are obvious.

Yet, despite the various advantages in using a long novel in helping the students to cultivate a good and consistent habit of reading, long novels may not be suitable for some reluctant readers who usually can’t sustain their patience and interest in reading.

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Therefore, short stories can be motivational to readers who lack interest in reading. Since the students that I am currently teaching are weaker in English and they are also less motivational in reading English, I can recognize the motivational quality of using short stories, which can give them a sense of achievement when they have finished reading a short piece of writing.

I have chosen for the beginning of our activities a horror story because I believe that students are easily intrigued by the genre of horror, and thus, they are willing to analyze the stories and use them as a model for their own writing.

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Apart from that, short stories are appropriate for classroom use since though they are horrifying, they also have important messages about good and evil and human motivation. That is also the reason why it is an important source of language arts materials, which have much to offer in stimulating readers genuine responses and interaction among themselves. Of course, teachers need to select and develop suitable and related language activities through which the learners language sensitivity and cultural awareness, as well as creative and critical thinking.

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