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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is important because it represents the fast growth in the learning ability during the first five years of life. During these years, the child starts his or her cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and often changing teachers has a negative impact on it. This study was intended to understand the turnover causes in private centers better and to identify ways to fix this concern in order to improve the quality of the daycare service.

Teachers with a greater sense of satisfaction and empowerment may be better able to serve students and may have increased commitment to the field.

Monetary rewards could be effective strategies to retain experienced and qualified teachers. Although increasing financial rewards and offering health benefits are essential strategies to increase childcare teachers’ job motivation, it is not the only significant factor influencing childcare teachers to continue working in the childcare service industry. The analysis also confirmed that most of the respondents experienced non-financial rewards as well.

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The findings revealed that it is significant for childcare teachers to have a pleasant work environment, such as having adequate teaching resources, managemental and parental support, assistance from colleagues, flexible work hours and appreciation. Childcare managers should offer excellent organizational support to assist childcare teachers in coping with work demands and in providing an environment where childcare providers feel respected and valued, which is crucial in their decisions about continuing to work in the childcare service industry.

Rizwan and Mukhtar (2014) noted that it is a common belief that employees will give their best if the employer provides employees with peaceful work, reasonable wages, and a conducive environment to grow.

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Information about retention strategies may help center directors by improving the performance of their employees and increase productivity. In return, lower retention rates will help society by decreasing the unemployment rates and by creating a stable labor market, which improves the lives of individuals.

By adopting effective strategies, childcare directors will achieve a reduction in employee turnover in childcare centers and will thus be offering children healthy and stable care. Besides, sustainable business practices will enable executives to reduce employee turnover (Zhang, 2016). Sustainable business practices create an environment that cultivates job satisfaction, which may reduce voluntary employee turnover.

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