Immigration Essay Topics

On Immigration Issue: Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama

Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton had both express their plans about the reformation of the immigration system in the country. Currently, America’s population is increasing fast. However, there are several who are not listed as legal migrants of the country. According to the website of Ohama, the number of undocumented immigrants had increased for more… View Article

U.S. Immigration Policy: Is it too lenient?

Immigration has been going on since time immemorial. (Bodnar 2-7). Major reasons that trigger it are the push factors as well as pull factors. Push factors include political and social instability, unemployment as well as natural calamities like famine, drought and hurricanes. The pull factors are the opposite of push factors and include political stability… View Article

Modern Migration

The story of humanity is of people constantly in movement. Anthropology, history and sociology are disciplines that study how people migrate, come into contact with others, and build and manage communities all over the world, from ancient to contemporary societies. Although human migration is ubiquitous across time, the designation of people as certain types of… View Article

Fear of Diversity in America As It Pertains to Illegal Immigration

In the history of the United States of America, there have always been ideas, actions, and thoughts perceived to be a threat to the American people and the American way of life. Joseph McCarthy was one of the greatest instigators in American history for his work in revealing perceived, if not imaginary, threats. For example,… View Article

Immigration Experience

 Immigration is an activity that has been going on all over the world. People leave their countries of origin for different reasons. Some are looking for greener pastures in terms of economic ventures. Others are looking for peaceful grounds where their countries or provinces have moments of war. Globalization has contributed to higher levels of… View Article

Coming and Going: Round Trip to America by Mark Wyman

In the article “Coming and Going: Round Trip to America,” by Mark Wyman, his goal and his main arguments for the article were to explain how immigration, emigration, and migration has destroyed old peasant villages. He is also trying to argue that the modern world has struggles hard to maintain the comforting thought of a… View Article

1900’s Immigration Cruelty

For immigrants, life was as bad in America as it was in their homeland. Immigrants faced equally rough conditions no matter where they were. Life was terribly unfair to them. When life got as bad as it did for immigrants, as anyone would, they wanted to distance themselves from the problems. America seemed like the… View Article

Effect of Immigration Policy on Domestic Workers

The United States is known for being a large and varied country with many different races. In recent years, the number of foreign-born individuals in the U.S. has been increasing noticeably. In fact according to Steven Camarota, in 2010, 40 million people were (legal and illegal) immigrants in the United States (Camarota, 2012). Immigration is… View Article

Immigration Issues in the United States of America

The United States of America (U.S.A) is a country that was founded on immigration. If a surplus of European immigrants would not have made the transatlantic voyage to America, the U.S.A. would more than likely be nonexistent. For centuries foreigners have been flocking to American soil, in search of a fresh start in a safe… View Article

Immigration Policy in Japan in the 21st Century

Introduction The rapid increase in the number of immigrants to Japan during the Heisei era has raised anxieties among Japanese about the future of their country, national identity, and how to manage the influx. There is a muted public discourse about this politically sensitive subject against the backdrop that it has been examined as a… View Article

Laws of Migration

Mr. E.G. Ravenstein established a theory of human migration in the 1880s that still forms the basis for modern migration theory. He called it the “Laws of Migration”, which the books have divided them into three general categories: characteristics of migrants, patterns of migration, and volume of migration. I believe people move for a variety… View Article

America, Stand Up for Justice and Decency

In her article, America, Stand Up… Hernandez talks about how six Mexican farmworkers were beaten and shot to death in southern Georgia. Those six men worked where a normal American could not get paid enough to waste their time doing, and they were killed for their hard earned money. She continued on with the story,… View Article

Border Blues: The Dilemma of Illegal Immigration

I. Research Question: Immigration is a rapid growing issue for the United States. For a long time people from other countries have been coming here to look for bigger and better things for themselves, as well as for their families. This article digs to the core of the issue, illegal immigration. Chideya wanted to know… View Article

The Chinese Immigrants in Cuba are Excellent Workers

The Chinese immigrants in Cuba are excellent workers. And, they are known the world over for the hard work that they give to whoever is their employer. The focus here is the immigration of Chinese immigrants to the far away land that is called Cuba. Currently, it is led by the sick old man named… View Article

Foreign Worker

The story could be about a heartless employer pouring boiling water on an Indonesian maid or labour contractors exploiting a Bangladeshi worker. Or it could be a Minister stating that he received an appeal from the MNCs for the Government to relax its policy on the importation of foreign labour. There just seems to be… View Article

Immigration and Population Growth

Immigration is when someone or people move to a country from another country. It can be due to various purposes like a student going for study, getting married to a national of another country or to take up an employment. Immigration has been known to cause population growth. Population growth is the quantifiable change of… View Article

Illegal Immigration

There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today. This number has risen by 3 million in only 10 years. Illegal immigration has been a problem in the United States dating back to the early 1980s. In the 1980s and still until today, the United States has seen a massive increase of illegal… View Article

Usa And Mexico Immigration Issues

Why people from other nations wants to immigrate to U. S. Perhaps, there are great potentials to earn good money through employment, can lead good standard of living, having the pride to be the citizen of the World’s richest country and many more advantages like free medical coverage and financial aid to poor, and to… View Article

Immigration Paper

From the 1840s to the 1880s and again from the 1890s to the 1920s, immigrants poured into the United States for many different reasons. Immigrants were faced with challenges such as saving and spending money, blending with others and the Potato Famine in Ireland. Immigrants were treated differently on their appearances, the way they speak… View Article

Immigration from Mexico to the Us

Introduction When you think about the US you think about immigration, both the legal and the illegal immigration. The United States of America is a country buildup around immigration. Ever since the possibility of fleeing chaotic and poverty hit Europe had become a reality, many chose to take the jump and take the long journey… View Article

Influx of Immigration

In the 1970s America opened its doors to refugees as well as those who simply came to take a shot at the American Dream. At that time, the impact of a new wave of immigration was not yet very clear. But decades later experts agree that the influx of immigrants was a double-edged sword; it… View Article

Immigration Pro’s and Con’s

It is historically acknowledged that the authentic Native-Americans are the Indians and there is documented theory that their origination possibly evolved from Asia. From the first settlers, throughout the establishment of the 13 colonies and the growth of the United States, state-by-state, America has truly become the “Melting Pot”, a nation of immigrants. The United… View Article

The Effects of the Immigration Justice System

Illegal Immigration in America is at an all time high, but what the government is failing to see is the after affects this has on family and children of illegal immigrants. After September 2011 government has started enforcing immigration laws in staggering numbers, when in fact some of these illegal immigrants have been in this… View Article

Immigration history

It was in the early 19th century when immigration of Chinese started in US and the history witnesses both hardship and success for them. In the early years Chinese could get employment as laborers for construction of railroads and in mining industry. But these immigrants had to face the racial discrimination by the local people… View Article

The Impact of Globalization on Immigration

Globalization could be the outcome of human interaction that came into existence because of the introduction or the prevalence of advanced transportation, means of communication, and recently information technology that facilitates political, economic, as well social coming together. Among the best definitions of globalization, looking at how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) perceives it might… View Article

Latinos Illegal Immigration

“The contribution of immigrants can be seen in every aspect of our national life. We see it in religion, in politics, in business, in arts, in education, even in athletics and in entertainment. There is no part of our nation that has not been touch by our immigrant’s background” As we all know, John F…. View Article

Human Trafficing: Are We Doing Enough?

Human trafficking has been around for the same amount of time as inequality among people; so basically, all of human history. People are bought and sold, and treated and traded like objects. This has always been part of our society, however dominate. Slavery, prostitution, illegal aliens – all of these things have roots in human… View Article

Immigrant Children and U.S Education

Aware of the free education provided by the United States government to any school age children, immigrants both legal and illegal continue to be attracted to the United States, migrating in an attempt to provide better opportunities for their families and themselves. As the number of illegal immigrants living in the United states continues to… View Article

Global Immigration

Great Britain lies northwest of Continental Europe and is the largest Island of British Isles. It is surrounded by almost 1000 smaller islands and islets. It has an area of 209,331 km? and a population of about 58,845,700 (as of 2006) (National Statistics. n. p. ). After United Kingdom was formed a lot of people… View Article

Causes of Stress Among Immigrant Students

Most immigrant students have stress in college. The stress comes from their different cultural background, financial problems and family. First, immigrant students have stress because of their different culture background. For most immigrant students, their first language is not English. They have weakness in English, so it is difficult for them studying and communicating with… View Article