Conservative Party

Europa’s Conservative creed refers to the the sphere of political theory that advocates, above all else, traditional values. Traditionalism extends to religion, culture, and national identity, and therefore, the party is very typically opposed to stringent change in social, political, and economic contexts. (Webb, P. D., & Louth, L. N. (2018, July 26). Conservative Party.) The Conservative party prefers politics that are fluid and evolve over time, it upholds a doctrine that favors continuity and that attempts to establish stability rather than succumbing to radicalism.

It is held that government should not be an extremely active member in the lives of those whom it governs because of the premise that societies are so complicated and nuanced that there is no (reliable) way for governments to predict what should be done at any given moment. Instead, the Conservative party believes that human beings, and therefore, societies, inherit skills and cultural characteristics over time, and these intrinsic properties defy any government’s ability to gauge what is best for society as a whole.

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Specifically, the party supports the preservation of private property, and champions a capitalist economic structure. Europa’s Conservative party upholds nationalist principles and strives to translate these principles into Europa’s institutions and laws. (Conservatism. (n.d.), Philosophy Basics)

Concerning immigration, the Conservative party is adamantly averse to open boarders and unrestrictive immigration laws. There are a few primary reasons as to why the party believes such measures would cause harm. From an economic standpoint, the Conservative party aims to be attentive to the needs of Europa prior to considering the needs of potential immigrants.

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Heavy volumes of migration take negative tolls on Europa’s public services and low-income jobs. (Immigration: Tories to keep ‘tens of thousands’ target. (2017, May 08).) Still, it is critical to note the nuances within regulation immigration and severely restricting it to the point where it is virtually non-existent. Europa recognizes the beneficial nature of immigration in certain realms and is cognizant of the innovation and advancements that many immigrants wish to bring to Europa. While immigration should be restricted, it should, under no circumstances, be abolished, as doing so would not be of value to any party involved. The Conservative party aims to reduce net migration “below 100,000 a year,” (Woodcock, A. (2017, May 31). Where the parties stand on immigration ahead of the general election.) a goal that is intended to protect the safety and prospects of Europa’s citizenry, while simultaneously taking into account the advantageous properties of immigration. (Woodcock, A. (2017, May 31). Where the parties stand on immigration ahead of the general election.)

Iran’s nuclear capabilities are without a doubt, disconcerting, and Europa’s Conservative party intends to hold the country accountable for any potential use of these weapons, as well as to take preventative measures to ensure that Iran cannot further its nuclear agenda. The United States has decided to employ military prowess in Iran as a result of concerns that the usage of nuclear weapons was imminent. While the Conservative party should not send Europan troops into Iran, it does not condemn the decision by the United States to do so. Any deal made with a volatile country such as Iran is subject to distrust on many ends, the Conservative party believes that JCPOA was a reckless decision. Still, because it is being internationally enforced, Europa should neither reprimand the United States, nor violate the terms of the deal. (Iran nuclear deal: UK won’t walk away, says Boris Johnson.) Instead, it should take a more neutral stance. On the surface, it will be neutral. Iran is hostile towards the West, however, as well as Israel, a major ally of both the United States and Europa, meaning that although Europa should take a neutral stance on the surface, it implicitly should support the United States, and if Iran wreaks havoc, Europa should intervene.

Workplace productivity is critical to overall market productivity, and the Conservative party is a proponent of this productivity. Working seven hours in one day (at least) has been the appropriate status quo and should not be tampered with, as it will negatively affect efficiency around the country. Any amount of hours worked a week under forty-four should not be subject to overtime pay, however, starting at forty-four hours a week, workers should be provided with 1.5 times their original wage. Workers should be acknowledged for additional effort that exceeds the number of hours they should reasonably work in one day, which is why the Conservative party is not opposed to overtime pay in general. Still, allowing for such easily obtained bonuses contributes to a culture of laziness and unwarranted complacency, and must be avoided. When employers hire employees, there are certain expectations, and among them, is the capacity to complete a full work day without expecting over-compensation.

Europa’s conservative party is committed to sustaining the roots that have allowed it to flourish into the prosperous country it is today. In order to do so, Europa must continue to function as a free market with private property and wealth, as well as guarantee security and opportunity to the citizenry.

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