The Idea of Freedom in American History

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The star-spangled banner, the national anthem, and the pledge of allegiance, all of which are symbols of American pride. When asked what an American is there are many different ways that people can describe it. Because of this, it would be almost impossible to truly define what an American is. However, it would be much easier what America isn’t.

Contrary to popular belief, America isn’t as free as some choose to believe. Even though there are many places that do not hold their own freedom, America isn’t the only one defined as free.

In the clip from Newsroom in the year 2012, it is stated that plenty of other countries hold their own freedom. The pure proclamation of freedom does not mean that people are truly free. To a child, freedom may be the ability to stay up late or to eat whatever they desire. But, to an adult, freedom may be much more; living in a world without consequence.

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The lack of freedom comes from looking at others and seeing that it is something that they don’t have. Since freedom isn’t exactly a tangible concept, the fact that Americans claim to have it shows ignorance.

When the definition of an American is typed into any search engine the given answer will most likely be something along the lines of “a native or citizen of the United States.”. However, unlike that very formal definition a more accurate but still vague definition today of America is a “melting pot” where people from many different countries and cultures come to live a better life.

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Although certain groups in the United States still struggle with being viewed as outcasts by some citizens, they are still “Americans” as the term is now inclusive.

Not only does lifestyle differ just based on if you’re born in the U.S. or not but it also depends on what part of the united states is being looked at. The people viewed will all have very different lifestyles which can be determined by a number of factors such as: financial status, ethnicity, physical appearance, and the environment where they grow up in. Typically a middle-class household in which two parental figures are present, one works while the other stays at home and their children go to school and get good marks is often what’s envisioned when thinking of a typical American family. While this could be true in some cases the majority is far from this white picket fence standard. Many families struggle financially or come from another country, and despite America claiming to be the land of opportunity, unemployment rates are nothing to brush off without a second glance.

It’s clear to see that Americans can be many things but it’s their diversity that makes them stand out. There also isn’t just one correct way to define what an American is, especially considering that this country was built on immigrants. But maybe that’s what the definition was all along: “A country built on immigrants” maybe what they all have in common is the fact that they’re all so different.

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The Idea of Freedom in American History
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