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The Meaning of Freedom

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (579 words)
Categories: Freedom, Liberty, Liberty And Equality, What Freedom Means To You
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Freedom, is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. When referring to freedom, I often associate the word with independence, privilege, liberty, individualism. Freedom is the ability to choose but also respecting others and the law. Freedom has a different meaning to everyone because we all perceive it differently due to age, culture, and experiences making it hard to find a clear concise definition. First, independence is granted with freedom when related to maturity in age.

Parents must teach a child the consequences of right and wrong, in order to build a good character and a strong personality. Privileges are granted through freedom.

Freedom without limits can lead to bad actions that can affect others’ wellbeing. For example, at the age of sixteen, you have the option to get your driver’s license. If the child doesn’t attend a school or fails to follow the traffic laws, then that privilege can be taken away.

In addition, at sixteen years you are legally permitted to get a job if you choose so. In order to keep a job, you must follow the company’s guidelines, or you’ll be terminated. In the United States, at eighteen years of age one is considered an adult. Thus, granted the right to vote and the freedom to claim your independence to individualism. Also, you may enlist in the military at age eighteen. If someone violates the law, they are punished by taking away those privileges in order to learn. Freedom can not be felt unless one taste the lack of freedom.

Continuing, the government or higher power sets boundaries in which we are to follow, but our own liberties must be guided by our hearts. The United States is known as “The Land of the Free,” due to the freedom of self-expression, speech, and religion. Freedom is limited in other countries. For example, in other authoritarian countries such as China, North Korea, and Russia, the number of children you can have is limited. In addition, the leader or dictator decides what job you may pursue. Often, the freedom of expression is lost, due to other countries’ strict control over their people in political ways. In Guinea one party rules the media, judiciary, police, and military, in 1992 the government signed an act to combat social media and the use of the internet, called the Press Censorship act.

Previously, in the United States, the definition of freedom has changed based on race, gender, and ethnicity throughout time. Around 1619, the first African American slaves were brought to the United States, they were workers without rights. Slavery officially ended in the United States on December 6, 1865, after the thirteenth amendment was established. Although, it wasn’t until July 2, 1964, when the segregation of ethnicity ended due to The Civil Rights act. Just as the fight against slavery and segregation, women have had to fight for their independence and equality dating back to the late 17th century. It wasn’t until many years later in the 1920’s women were truly equal to men.

In conclusion, freedom has a different meaning for everyone. The definition of freedom has changed throughout time. We all perceive freedom differently due to age, culture, and experiences making it hard to find a concise definition. Freedom can not be felt unless one taste the lack of freedom. We are born free unless some circumstances such as health, money, bad choices, etc. change that.

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