Esperanza Rising Essay

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Esperanza Rising

From being born with a silver spoon your mouth and having your world revolve around you to having nothing, can be a life changing experience. In the historical fiction story Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munoz Ryan this exact thing happens to a 12 year old girl named Esperanza. Esperanza’s world is turned upside down when her father is murdered and she and her mom are forced to move to Las Angels. We watch as Esperanza changes from a self important unrespectful child into a mature greatful unpredjidus young adult.

When Esperanza’s father, Sixto, dies everything ends up going down hill. When her father was murdered his brothers Tio Luis and Tio Miguel were part of the will, so that meant that they got part of the land. But when Tio Luis asked for Ramona’s hand in marriage they were forced to move to Las Angels. While Esperanza still thinks she’s a princess, she winds up being a pretous stuck up and predjidus to others.

When she left she left with one thing and that was the doll she had gotten from her father for her 13th birthday. When Esperanza and her family arrived in Las Angels they started to look for work. When they found work it was for farming and they got a job and started working. When Esperanza tried working she couldn’t because she didn’t know how to do anything on her own. At the end we see Esperanza change because she has been able to feel the earths heartbeat and gave the doll to Isabela.

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