Illegal Immigration and it’s Benefits 

Arguements made against undocumented persons has led to false conclusions that illegal immigration negatively effects the economy of the United States. But are the arguments made against the issue even valid? Perhaps the only points you have heard have spoken negatively about such persons and never positively, so I fully understand why the question of whether illegal immigration is bad for the United States is easily a “yes.” After all, people have made some interesting points regarding this crisis including our very own president Mr.

Trump, who remarks in an interview the toll migrants take in our country. In this interview, Trump acknowledges the strain immigrants have on American jobs, the burden they place on American taxpayers, and the threat to public safety non natives pose to Americans. I believe that undocumented persons living in the U.S unknowingly help our country thrive.

With the welcoming of millions of legal immigrants as well as the millions of illegal immigrants, people have recognized the strain undocumented persons have on the United States economy.

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Compared to the average American, aliens are more willing to earn lower wages for the same amount of work, increasing their chances of becoming employed. This takes job opportunities from a documented citizen in the U.S. Similarly, these immigrants get away from paying taxes as their information is not recorded. But they still receive the same benefits as American citizens that cost taxpayers, thus using taxpayers money while not making any contributions. One last reason as to the negative effects of undocumented persons is the concern of public safety.

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When foreigners cross the border and skip the process, the U.S does not know anything about this person who can potentially pose a threat to the country. We are more susceptible to terrorist attacks when we do not know the people who are entering our country. Clearly, illegal immigration needs to be controlled more to prevent any further negative effects on our country.

Throughout his campaign and into his presidency, President Trump has promised to enforce new immigration guidelines because it is his belief that immigrants are stealing job opportunities from American workers. As he stated in July 2015, “They’re taking our jobs. They’re taking our manufacturing jobs. They’re taking our money. They’re killing us.” However, the jobs that undocumented workers are often employed at are the same jobs that American citizens are not willing to do. This includes the physically demanding jobs such as farm work that most natives do not apply for or any other positions that call for labor work. In fact, research has been made that any negative impact illegal workers have made on wages were more significant on previous immigrant wages than those of Americans. Therefore, the employment of illegal immigrants does not lessen the opportunities Americans are offered daily, contrary to the reports of such atrocities.

The other fundamental argument that includes undocumented immigration is the usage of government services. Most undocumented workers receive their earned wages in cash, and therefore, are not obligated to federal tax deductions. If they do pay federal taxes it's because they gather fraudulent information, and their wages are usually so low that their contributions are insignificant. Consequently, many human beings argue that these immigrants are costing our government a good sized amount of money by using or receiving benefits which includes education, health care, food assistance programs, and welfare. These arguements fail to acknowledge, however, that if an undocumented immigrant has a toddler born in the United States then that toddler is an American citizen, and therefore, has the rights to these authorities offerings. Undocumented workers also keep jobs in a few ways. By offering employment at low cost, for instance, undocumented people keep companies from investing closely in new, expanding technologies that would make their firms significantly much less labor-extensive and extra automated. With all this being said, do undocumented workers have greater of a advantageous or negative effect on the U.S. economy?

Opponents of immigration often claim that immigrants, particularly those who are unauthorized, are much more likely than US natives to commit crimes and they pose a hazard to public protection. However there is little evidence to reinforce those claims. In fact, studies overwhelmingly indicates that immigrants are much less likely than similar US natives to execute violent crimes, and that regions with more immigrants have similar or lower fees of violent and property crimes than areas with fewer immigrants. There are enormously few research particularly of criminal behavior among unauthorized immigrants, however the limited research shows that these immigrants additionally have a lower propensity to devote crime than their native-born peers, although in all likelihood a better propensity than prison immigrants. Evidence about legalization packages is consistent with those findings, indicating that a legalization software reduces crime costs. Meanwhile, accelerated border enforcement, which reduces unauthorized immigrant inflows, has mixed outcomes on crime rates. A legalization application or other similar initiatives no longer currently below serious attention have greater capability to improve public safety and protection than numerous other regulations that have recently been proposed or implemented.

The harsh measures implemented against illegal immigrants and supported by American citizens are highly uncalled for as the controversial issue is not as bad as is believed. Jobs that are not wanted by Americans are being filled by undocumented workers in need of a job, which they then contribute to the economy by spending their earnings on necessities and more, and they also pose no threat to the public safety. Despite contrary presumptions, illegal immigration does not strain the United States, but rather adds to U.S. success.

Updated: Apr 08, 2021
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