Two Groups Of Central American Immigrants

Over the past few decades the talk of illegal immigrants has been a major topic in today’s politics. An illegal immigrant is someone who is born within their country, but then migrates to another country to live without the proper certification of citizenship. There are many negative effects caused by illegal immigrants such as: the cost of deportation, anchor babies, and a gain in violence and crime, however, there are some positive effects that could also occur such as, a gain in tax revenue, more diversity within cultural enrichment , and an advancement in education.

Illegal immigrants should have the choice to become legal citizens of the United States through proper background checks and procedures, although there could be some withdraws and changes that would need to be made overtime.

Today in America there is a lot of controversy and tension building up between American citizens and illegal immigrants. “Two groups of Central American immigrants made separate marches on the U.

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S. Consulate in Tijuana Tuesday, demanding that they be processed through the asylum system more quickly and in greater numbers, that deportations be halted and that President Trump either let them into the country or pay them $50,000 each to go home” (“Gustavo Solis”). The cost involving deportation has increased tremendously over the past few years. “In 2017 there were over 200,000 deportation cases reported by the end of December; (“Nyla Rush”). “Over the past 3 years more than $746.3 billion dollars was spent towards the deportation of illegal immigrants; putting the United States in more debt than it already is” (“Deportation V.

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S Cost”). Although illegal immigrants cause the United States to rise in debt, they could also help provide local economic boosts throughout the nation, by becoming United States citizens. This would cause a rise in tax revenue increasing funds for military, education, and money towards canceling out debt.”Combining both citizens and immigrants together and allowing both parties to share resources could help the United States in the future” (“Reuters”). Children who are born in the United States and have foreign born parents without the certification of citizenship are known as anchor babies.

Anchor babies have increased rapidly over the past few years due to their parents wanting them to have a better life full of freedom. “In 2017 over 297,000 anchor baby births were recorded” (“Illegal Birth Rates 2017”). That’s more births than any state in the United States other than California and Texas. This cause the population to become overcrowded in return decreases the living spaces along with gaining more food consumption overall. “The birth of anchor babies cause the DHS departments and foster home communities to become more compact and full” (“Homeland Security”). With the DHS departments and foster homes reaching their maximum capacity, this causes some anchor baby children to confine in gangs searching for a place to call home.

75% of terrorist attacks listed in 2017 were taken place in 9 countries other than the United States, killing more than 34,623 people combined worldwide. “More than 63,000 United States citizens have been killed by the hands of illegal immigrants since September 11th 2001” (“Philip Bump”). The United States passed the immigration act making it a federal offence to support illegal immigrants and encourage them to live in the United States. The Immigration Act violates the 1st amendment of the constitution taking away every citizens freedom of speech and press. Although there is a chance of an increase in crime there are still ways to work around this. All immigrants that go through the process to gain certification of citizenship, should have thurow background checks done before they are allowed to enter and live in the United States becoming a permanent resident.

However having a diverse population in the United States could have some positive effects as long as everyone is getting treated equally. “A variety of race can help slow down racial comments and actions due to the diversity in cultural experiences” (“Helen B. Marrow”). Culture helps shape people into the men and women that they become through their passion and beliefs. Sharing and comprehending one’s beliefs, ideas, and cultural experiences could possibly lead to creating more peace throughout the nation itself. Another aspect to think about is that by bringing upon a more diverse population to the United States would help bring together a variety of collective minds to create more ideas and issues that occur everyday. By working together as a unit combined as one, it can make the world a better place.

The talk of immigration has become a very controversial topic in today’s politics and society. Although there are many reasons why foreign born immigrants could cause damage and lay waste to the United States, there are also a lot of positive effects that can possibly occur. The cost of deportation could drop tramendacly over time, the birth of anchor babies will have a high chance of decreasing due to immigrants becoming citizens. Yes problems such as a rise in violence could occur, but by working together to change these issues may have a more of a positive effect instead of negative. Equal rights should be allowed for everyone, citizens or not.

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