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Human rights Essay Examples

Essay on Human rights

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Women and the Struggle for Equality

...In conclusion, women are required to receive equal treatment as given to men. They have struggled for equality for a long time, but their rights are still neglected and treated unequally in different public sectors. The existing local and international organizations should be backed up with the required support to ensure equal rights and treatment for both men and women. Through the women organizations, some achievements have been made such as voting rights, holding of public offices, and owners...

To torture or not to torture prisoners

...  I disagree with a member who advocates that Kantian duty-based ethics should be used in defining the morality of torture for the prisoners. According to this theory, the right reason defines the morality of any action. Accordingly, right reason may vary among individuals. While some may find it rightful to subject a prisoner on torture, others may feel otherwise. In addition, some people may torture prisoners based on their feelings and not based on the requirements of the la...

Racism Research the Case Study of Tuskegee Syphilis Study

...Sociological perspective tries to explain the impacts of the study in our society today; in the case functional perspective is the need for people to be healthy so that the society will function well. The communities in general should provide health centers to be able to treat people in the society. Sociological perspectives presented in Tuskegee syphilis study sociological conflict as the one raising from the study is based on the ethics since the research was against the ethics of research and...

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Disability Discrimination Employment Law

... The employment law and measure remains important features of employment regulation. Employers are much less likely to determine policies or employment practices without reference to legal standards. Nevertheless, there is still achievement which has been attained in curbing various levels of discrimination among the workers. Disability discrimination however, requires efforts from various stakeholders in order to minimize the discrimination in workplaces. The adoption of the legislati...

Can international law change the world

...According to Sir Christopher, the international law can change the security and political stability of the different nations of the globe if only there could be efficient and effective measures put in place that would ensure the different national systems comply. Moreover, Sir Christopher says that if the different national systems could comply with international laws like those concerning weapons and international peace, international health like those stipulated in the world health organizatio...

Women's Rights are Human Rights

...Clinton’s speech would best fit under the didactic poetic category, as she looks to teach about the issue of women’s rights. The Firs Lady’s use of pathos supports the characteristics of the didactic category, as it teaches through use of narrative, emotion, and reason. These characteristics can be seen when she states “It is a violation of human rights […]” Clinton not only taught her the audience and beyond to stand up for women’s rights, it worked to strive towards equal rights ...

Promote equality and Inclusion in health and social

...An example of Inclusive practice is encouraging choices, independence, empowering them as individuals and removing any barriers to access. Promote equality and rights, for example opportunity’s should be provided and the access according to the individuals needs. As a health and social care worker it is important that you can recognise discrimination and challenge it. Recognise stereotypes in attitudes or written materials and understand and be able to adapt own beliefs and attitudes. You shou...

Rights and Choices of Individuals with Dementia

...Each individual have a basic need to express themselves, to show others who they are, what they believe in, and how they are different. This is what makes individuals unique. Individuality is what makes life and people interesting Each individual have the right to make his or her own choices and decisions and must be assumed to have the capacity to do so unless it is proved otherwise. Individuals must be supported as much as possible to make a decision before anyone concludes that they cannot ma...

Health and Safety Responsibilities

...Managing stress: understanding own coping strategies; relaxation techniques eg massage, yoga, aromatherapy, listening to music; physical activity and exercise eg going for a run, joining a gym; social strategies eg meeting up with friends and family, volunteering or helping with community work; logical strategies eg making lists, prioritising; creative strategies eg music, painting or other artistic pursuits; faith strategies eg religion or other beliefs; the importance of emotional wellbeing an...

?Essay on the Freedom of the Press

...Legislation, of course, should guarantee the press against interference by the government; this goes without saying- But something more is necessary. The press under no circumstances should be forced to disclose the source of information or will be subservient to the government. But enjoins enjoys a corresponding duty on the part of the Press—that it should maintain strictly honest journalism and should not give any garbled report or prejudicial account. Independent-minded editors should have ...

Handle Information in Health and Social Care Settings

...When concerns are raised over the recording, storing and sharing of information it is the health care assistances duty to ensure that the issue is made aware to the senior member of staff such as the supervisor, line manager and all to colleagues. It is also the health care assistances duty to ensure that such information is recorded accurately. The service users permission or consent must be obtained in case the information has to do with their privacy. If the information poses a threat or any ...

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

...Inclusion is ensuring that all children and young people no matter their background/situation are able to participate fully in all aspects of school life and providing the same opportunities and access in order for a high quality of education. It is important that you help children with additional needs as they often require extra support from a teaching assistant or school support worker. Inclusion for pupils isn’t only about providing additional support, it can also relate to adjustments be...

Hacktivism: The Anonymous Hackers.

...The anonymous isn’t about the good guy or the bad guy; it’s the character of the individual. One minute they are heroic and good in saving civilization. A few minutes later they are hacking, and doing unethical thing by hacking personal information and put them for the public, and steeling credit cards. “Anonymous was never anyone’s personal army, and never stayed on any one topic for very long (Quinn 2011).” The anonymous can be anything from anywhere, a child, a mother, a doctor, and...

Health and Safety Gap Analysis

...We are now a multi site business growing rapidly. My skills need to grow with it. MHSWR 99 requires that every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist and advise on health and safety. I nave taken advice which suggested that I should be qualified to NEBOSH level. Syllabus is based around the development and implementation of a OSHMS in a company. Potentially reduced costs in terms of outsourced services, Fire survey, noise survey etc. It will mean that I have accountabilit...

Evaluate the role of the supreme court

...However, it was not, but the states took this move to the right by the Supreme Court, as an opportunity to regulate abortions far more closely. The states also gambled on the fact that the Court would not intervene on issues involving the availability of abortions in states. In 1992, the 1973 decision was once again upheld but the Court ruled that a state would be acting unconstitutionally if it placed "undue burden" on a woman’s right to an abortion. The rights and Civil liberties of US citi...

Personal freedom

...For example, we can see in Russia – where drinking is a problem – roads are becoming unsafe and the freedom of innocent passer-bys are compromised just so as to give the Russians ‘freedom to drink’. If more was done to curb drinking, this can result in not only the lives of these passer-bys to have more freedom but also the families of these drinkers. Not only would theses families have more disposable income – freedom to spend - but also potentially more freedom of safety from these d...

The Development of Feminism in the 1800's

...The first wave of feminism in the nineteenth century is such an astronomically important part of history because women finally started to realize that they deserved to be treated equally to men. Women soon realized that they deserved much more that the right to vote, but they also deserved the right to own property, the right to have control over their own bodies, the right to earn an equal amount of pay men, and much more. Not only did people and events, such as Susan Brownell Anthony, the Sene...

The Role of United Nations in Peace Movement

...Barash David P.,2000;Approaches to peace ;Oxford University Press: New York Barash David P., Webel Charles P.;Introduction to peace and conflict studies ;Sage publications, California Darby, John(s) ed. 2003; Cotemporary Peace Making; Palgrave Macmillan Press; New York. The Unied Nations Today; 2008; Published by United Nations Department of Public Information ; New York. Rahid Harun ur; introduction to peace and conflict studies; University press, Dhaka Unied Nations Peace Operation : Year In R...

The Go-Between

...Ali Smith wants this short story to be an eye opener for the population who don’t know anything about the violations of the laws. Ali Smith wants to set focus on the problem and have a debate started about the fulfillment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, instead of turning the blind eye to the inhumane treatment. In the short story Europe is pictured as heaven. A place where it is nearly impossible to go even though we have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everybody has ...

The Great Debate: School Uniforms

...School uniforms are a bad idea because they are expensive, violate the first amendment right, decrease comfortable, and do not decrease violence. Education itself is more important than how someone dresses while in school. Everyone is there for the same reason: to learn. No one wants to look the same as someone else because it takes away their individuality. No one wants to be uncomfortable sitting in dress pants or a skirt all day long just to write in a notebook and listen. No one wants their ...

Forced Marriage

...Media Article 3 - Forced marriage ruins the lives of too many girls, so we're working to end it This article doesn’t focus on a particular occurrence of forced marriage, rather it talks about the statistics and problems faced by each affected individual. Girls who are forced into marriage are often trapped in poverty with no means to lift themselves out. These girls are robbed of an education, vulnerable to death in childbirth and at a greater risk of domestic violence. The article states, “...

Use of Drones

...To start, in order to avoid civilian casualties, drones should be operated by a condensed team of highly skilled pilots. To further enhance this notion, the perimeter around the target should be calculated in order to improve the strategies of the strike. Furthermore, the procedure in which a strike is approved should become more transparent with not only government officials, but with the host country as well. By doing this, we will not be violating nation sovereignty. Transparency with drone p...

Declaration of Principles and State Policies


Media Law Case Studies

...2 & 3. Although not all false news, even if maliciously published, falls within the stated restrictions in Article 10(2)(a), it is possible that the malicious publication of false news could incite acts which jeopardize the internal security of the country, undermine Malaysia’s friendly relations with other countries, lead to disturbance of public order, and incite the commission of offences. Hence, it can be said that Section 8A of PPPA falls within the orbit of permitted restrictions in...

Implement Person Centred Approaches In Health And Social Care

...It’s been shown that thoughts effect a person’s physiology and immune system. A person with a low self-esteem would probably have more negative thoughts about themselves and also behave in a way that might cause others to reinforce this low opinion of themselves which will increase those negative feelings. Identity-a person with a strong sense of self who knows who there are, are less likely to find themselves in situations that they don’t want to tolerate, when they feel these...

Pakistan and modern concept of rule of law

...For improvement in the rule of law, the ‘enforcement wings’ of authorities such as the Federal Board of Revenue, civic administrations, PEMRA, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Drug Regulatory Authority etc. need better administration. The media in Pakistan, especially the electronic media, has the potential to educate the masses regarding their role in the establishment of the rule of law. Instead, at times, some outlets end up glorifying non-state actors. Improved rule of l...

Legislation, Policies and Procedures Relating


Philippine Constitution - Article Iii

...1) Natural rights – right possessed by every citizen without being granted by the State for they are given to man by God Ex. Right to life, right to liability, right to property, right to love 2) Constitutional right – rights which are conferred and protected by the Constitution; cannot be taken away 3) Statutory rights – rights which are provided by laws promulgated by the law-making body and may be abolished by the same body Ex. Right to receive a minimum wage, right to adopt a child...

Mary Wollstonecraft and the Early Women’s Rights Movement

...Flexner, Eleanor. Mary Wollstonecraft: A Bibliography. New York: Coward, McCann, & Geoghegan, Inc. 1972. Shows how Wollstonecraft’s early life had a big impact on the development of her ideas. Kemerling, Garth. Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797). 1996. (November 13, 2000). This website goes over some of Wollstonecraft’s observations at the school where she taught and it talks about all the books she wrote. Kreis, Steven. The History Guide: Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History. (...

Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

...Describe how people in the setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely. To encourage staff to be aware of potential risks or hazards they are encouraged to think about ‘The Learning Environment’. The layout of classrooms should be safe nothing lying around that children could harm themselves on. There should be plenty of clutter free space to walk. No sharp edges that could injure a child, and no loose flexes that could cause a child to trip. Furniture should be...

Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment

...To recapitulate, through globalization and communications revolution, it is inevitable for companies to face ethical and cultural conflicts. Ikea reflects the realistic marketing choices confronting many globalized companies around the world, with the companies not hesitating to localize their marketing communications though it is against the company’s code of conduct. While Ikea’s motive remains unknown, it has apologised nonetheless. This lesson learnt serves as a corporate red light to Ik...

Divergent by Veronica Roth Response To Text Essay

...Whether it is separation of social classes, religious groups or even the separation of people through lifestyle, I believe that everyone should be viewed as equal and not be discriminated against. This novel has also shown me (through the character development of Four and how the character Tris influenced this development ) that people or other things that we find we can relate to or care about, can play a large role and influence some of the personal choices we make as well as influence how we ...

Transcultural Nursing Cumulative Journal

...The long term goal of the student is to participate in one of her parish sponsored annual mission trips. This inspiration from this goal comes from the required readings in this course regarding nursing mission trips. While reflecting over the past five weeks, the student appreciates the vast amount of knowledge she has obtained, which will be greatly utilized throughout her nursing career. The student is reminded of the Bible passage, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:...

Discrimination faced by LGBT

...Moore, J. (2005) The battle over same-sex marriages. Retrieved from http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/law/gay_marriage/unions.html Parenting Laws: Joint Adoption. (n.d.). Human Rights Campaign. Retrieved April 27, 2014, from http://www.hrc.org/files/assets/resources/parenting_joint-adoption_082013.pdf Smith, T. (2011, September). Public Attitudes Toward Homosexuality. NORC. Retrieved April 24, 2014, from http://www.norc.org/PDFs/2011GSSReports/GSS_PublicAttitudesTowardHomosexuality_Sept2011.pdf U.S...

Woman’s Place is in the home

...There are several factors behind it like socioeconomic mobilization but this is severely damaging the family system leading to spoiled children and increasing divorce rate, as woman are not efficiently balancing their home along with the job. Researchers at Cambridge University compared the data of surveys done in last three decades and concluded that the gender equality fight was on peak in between 1980s to 1990s.(Jerome Taylor). Since then it went on declining and now both men are women are gi...

V for Vendetta

...V is aware of the truth of this corrupt government and devotes himself to bring awareness and reason to the rest of society. With the help of his companion, Evy, he successfully completes various terrorist attacks on the government and successfully brings attention to the people in this society of the corruption. The enlightenment creates a rebellion against the oppressive government. Locke stated that, rights override the function of the government.3 The basic rights that the government has tak...

True Freedom is Non-Existent

...The event that followed after was Mr. Keating losing his job. These Stephens two events demonstrate that total freedom is a false belief because consequences will occur and be made a scapegoat chaining them to the consequences of their freewill. To conclude, “The Outsider” and “Dead Poets Society” had different plots but through the actions and events of the texts, the distinction of similarities begins to arise. Through these two novels, Freedom being an important theme strongly depict...

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