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How My Dad Influenced My Career Path

“Be the person in your life who will craft a sway on everyone and will assist the society with uttermost care and helpfulness”—an exact rebound of the words my father once whimpered to me when I was a child. My father, a man of fortitude and resilience, never saw his inability to walk right—down to an incurable disease named limbed-girdle muscular dystrophy—as a responsibility in him. For me, my father’s chronic disease was a life-changing event that ever happened to me.

The pain he went through, always brings the same pain in me, making me fell broken and sad by his heart touching words that he uttered every time I saw him. Consequently, I choose to comfort people, with kindness, as what my father dreamt that I would.

The awakening of interest in helping people initiated somewhere between my visits to hospitals and observing people of different ages encounter problems, I’ve had seen numerous cases since the expectations they put on the doctors, even after knowing that the frailty they’re standing through is rare and difficult to treat, when crumbles dolefully, crushes them off.

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In addition, the dearth of obtainability of either medication or money for the cure of the disease afflicted degrades the situation. The problem is not just limited to the specific member suffering through the disease; the troubles and consequences are undergone by the whole family. And it grows extra intense and severe when the person braving such a prolonged disease is the groundwork on whom the whole family is reliant on – the instance of mine.

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However, there did appear an optimistic beam of light into my father’s life, when someone apprised him of the cure which uses stem cells to regenerate the tissue wanted. To all of us in the family, the only goal was to convince my father’s mind into going to the treatment, without considering the cost. Thankfully, we did. The three successive attempts were made by inoculating the stem cells in him, to ameliorate the prevailing situation. Three attempts, yet unsatisfactory outcomes. It yielded me much disappointed and feeble at that time. The dissatisfaction still lingers in my heart, since I was and am incapable of doing any good to m father.

To defy the consideration, I commenced taking interest in Biology and Chemistry at my high school. Each lesson with the consistent determination and realization that with this knowledge, I may help my father improve. The fascination taken in these subjects had made me score higher in Class XI. Beyond, I progressed on giving mind to my English classes in the school, because English will reveal more potentials of me reaching overseas to obtain an education in Biology.

Planning to move overseas for education was not the only plan I had in my mind. I started exploring on the internet regarding the treatments of the disease. It came to light that the research, in correcting the gene sequences to avoid or curse the disease, is on the horizon at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. This further added to my need to learn English. The searching on the internet had raised many questions like – “can the therapy research results, if positive, cure muscular dystrophy on a permanent basis?”, “Would I be able to help my father in curing the disease?”, “Would I be able to cope up with the disappointment I faced?” – began sprinting in my mind; all of which can be answered if I choose a career in the medical field.

It is for this reason that I wish to have my career in the medical field at your university. For me, to enter in the medical field is to carter an amalgamation of medicine, psychology, and socialization, which makes it quite fascinating. Although it may be difficult, ultimately will be an answer to the ignorance by the ability to the field.

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