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Social media network are becoming progressively essential in college as the format of course delivery modifications to consist of hybrid and online designs, and as the social media provides trainees a way to stay in touch, developing in person like discussions and other interactions far from the physical class. From this perspective, social networks are especially important for adult learners who often have complex, hectic schedules that may not enable them to take part in face-to-face events at their institutions of option, or might restrict them from getting involved throughout “routine” classroom hours.

Online social media participation can take place anytime, anywhere, and fills the requirement of adult or range (or both) students to feel connected to their schoolmates, their instructors, and their institutions. My experience teaching both in person and online courses with and without using socials media has actually revealed me how valuable they can be to overall student engagement. In both cases, prior to turning to utilizing a social media network (in my case, Yammer) as a web course area, I tried utilizing other formats for trainee engagement such as blog sites, wikis, and forums.

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I discovered that the “chatty” nature of social media networks made a huge difference in the kind of student participation I saw and the length, depth, and consistency of student-to-student and group-to-group (many-to-many) interactions that happened in my courses.

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Social networks most closely resemble what happens in face-to-face discussions, and therefore resulted in the students feeling more committed, engaged, and known to each other and the course, as well as (potentially) to the institution.

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Other factors contributing to the increased engagement with the use of social networks are: (1) The low learning curve: Most people are familiar with Facebook, and can therefore easily adopt any similar social network without feeling burdened by having to learn anything new; (2) Familiar faces: The use of a photograph alongside the students and professors or administrators postings goes a long way to heighten a sense of familiarity. Often I found students knew each other and me from the social network so well that when we finally met in person, it felt very familiar; (

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Happy moment in my life

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