The Unexpected Experience

One day I was walking down the street in my home country heading to my grandfathers house, it was a beautiful day where the sun shone, the gentle breeze passed by me as if as if it was saying hello, and the birds were singing a lovely song, but suddenly I felt something evil approaching me and getting nearer and nearer till I started shivering because of nothing. Another moment passed and my mobile started ringing, and I got news about the death of my grandfather.

While talking on the phone I was still walking on the same street and suddenly I found myself in front of his house. I then hurried up the stairs and went to see why that happened I asked and my grandma said he died on his bed from 10 minutes ago. I was shocked that I walked the way here happy because I will see my grandfather, who I didn’t see for about 2 years, and find him dead 10 min before I reach.

I sadly sat on the sofa thinking of what is the impact of this incident on my father, who was outside the country, shall I tell him or he will be shocked. Many thoughts started to appear in my mind, so I decided to ask my uncle who was living in the same house and he said we will tell him that my grandfather is in the hospital and then after 2 days we tell him that he died. I agreed on that because it will decrease the amount of shock on my father because he will start thinking that his father may die.

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My father felt too sad after he heard the news and decided to ride the plane here after 2 days. I had to lie to him because I was afraid something happens to him. I stayed depressed for 2 weeks and wouldn’t believe it. When my father came he understood why I lied to him and tried to think big of life and accept what happened. I understood how a good day can turn up a bad day in a minute.

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The Unexpected Experience
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