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Recent Fire In My Neighbourhood

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (416 words)
Categories: Fire In My Neighbourhood, Life Experiences, Life In A Village
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It was just after 7 p. m. when I heard someone scream suddenly. My family and I was just finish our dinner. We quickly ran outside and we saw the people starring at a burning house. At this time, we know someone had caused the fire accident. Without thinking too much, my father pick up the cell phone and inform the situation to the fire station. In the meantime, I tried to help them extinguish the fire by using a bucket of water.

We did not know what is the main reason that cause the fire to ignite. The fire didn’t controlled well, instead it burn with more vigorously.

Later, the fire trucks and ambulance car came. The villagers tried to explain the whole things to the fireman. All of a sudden, a man yell for help from the window. The fireman then told us to stay away from the house. Then, they organize a group of brave fireman and rush into the burning house.

We were impressed by their courage because there was so much smoke and high temperature inside the house. After waiting for 5 minutes, the fireman still did not came out from the house. We were worry about them but we can’t help anything.

Soon, they came out and carrying the man that called for help. They ran to the ambulance side to gave the victim a treatment. Boom! A gas tank exploded from the kitchen, we all were shocked. The fireman quickly started to get back to their work. After they confirm there was no other victims inside the house, they started to extinguish the fire. It took them about 1 hours to bring the fire under control. As the time past, the fire soon be extinguished. We were lucky because the fire did not spread out to our house. Next, the policeman came and took some statement from the victim.

They said that the fire was caused because the man leave the food cooked for a long time. In the same time, he went for a nap. The victim was then sent to the nearby hospital for a complete treatment. We all were cheer up for the fireman especially for their courage. Even though all the furniture were destroyed, but there was no one seriously injured. Most of these kind of accident occur because of our careless. We must try to avoid it from happen. This would be my first experience to watch my neighbor caught in a fire incident.

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