A Moment in Your Life in Which You Experienced an Epiphany

Some instances happen in life suddenly change the perception towards life and reality. I also experienced such an incident in my life that entirely changed my view and thinking towards US Natives. Then, I realized the difference between native and foreign and the importance of the native land. Fear, mentality, pressure and psychological impact can be seen easily on the face of foreigners like me. This incident happened when I was studying in graduation just after I finished my schooling in China.

This speech describe that moment of my life that changed my vision, thinking and behaviour towards foreigners.

Life is based on morals, behaviours, society’s interaction, human values, and cultural environment. The essence of life sometime is understood when some incident happens that change the way of living, attitude or behaviour. Sometime Moving from one place to another is not seemed to be as good as it is at home or native land. The main factors that made impact on me while studying in USA can be discussed as below: Cultural and Religious Difference that changed my perception The difference between cultures in China and USA created huge impact on my life and changed my perception for religious activities and reality.

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In China the social structure is quite formal and hierarchical and you need to abide the rules but in USAI found that the social structure is quite loose and informal and so it is uncommon to mix with societies and to know each other easily. The religious views are also open in USA but in China the views are consistent and follow the old tradition.

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These cultural and religious differences impacted my life and my views too much.

For example, in China (At my native land) I used to go in societies and there were many people in contact with whom I spent my time but in USA I found bit complex as it was ard to socialize unless you have connection to the societies. It was feeling me like I have reached on another planet and feels bad. It created conflict in the mind to follow the USA culture and religious. The morals in the societies were higher in Chinese societies but it was too less in USA societies. In America the success of any individual in society is lauded but in China it is downplayed. These all things made me nervous and felt me like I am here in the desert of cultural and religious land.

The most important thing was that in China, I found that everyone respect and is sensitive to other person but when I moved to USA, I did not get that much respect and not found people sensitive to each other, that really hurt my mind and my self-respect as in USA, the human value is none for others. Political Environment in USA The political environment in the country made impact on my life and my viewpoint towards political environment and relation between native and foreign countries changed a lot. Political and Legal rules and regulations also changed my mind for USA.

The Chinese and USA relation is quite complex and multi-faceted. The people in China and USA are not enemies or nor allies which are competition in one area and partner in other areas. The political situations in the USA are quite straight forward than in China because in China the politics is in favour of foreign people but reverse in USA. It led me to face the difficulty while reaching to USA as I was undergone various securities and investigation that made me nervous a lot. I felt like I am treating badly than native people.

This was like racism in USA and so I felt bad a lot and it came to my mind that I should not be here anymore. The security people in USA under the investigative laws treat foreigners badly and humiliate them too. Based on these observations it can be said that political environment is not appropriate for foreigners. Freedom of Living and expression It is a right to express the feelings and living freely but that perception changed literally once I reached to USA as none of them was listening and it was like only person on the planet. Being foreign place, it was quite difficult to express inside feelings and to live freely.

The people there made a fun of my name and this was not first time there. As reported in PeopleDaily. com, FBI in USA investigated the first Mayor, John Liu in New York City, for 2013. The FBI highly humiliated and said as ‘Loser’ to Mayor, this infers that how badly the people are being treated in USA even who has participation in the USA politics. The same kind of incident happened with Jeremy Lin, the famous NBA basketball star in USA. I was already aware of these incidents but not aware as it really happens and how does it feel to me.

When I faced the same thing, I felt that badly and thought it is too bad to go on any foreign land and to expect to receive great respect and welcome from foreigners. Conclusion Small things can impact the human life forever and also change the mind, thinking, behaviour and living environment. This case of racism highly changed my life entirely and my viewpoint towards USA and China. I was just thinking how other race people feel when going to foreign land and receive such kind of behaviour from the local people or from the government.

This was really bad experience of my life in USA and hope that it will not be repeated again in future. Other ethnic communities must also not treat like animals but should treat politely as they are humans too. I will say that, the experience was so horrible that I thought to leave USA but slowly –slowly I made myself to bear such problems around me and to complete my graduation. I feel like now I belong to USA not China but not for each and everyone this works and number of people do suicide. Overall, my life changed a lot and I really understand now that how reality is far than the saying.

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A Moment in Your Life in Which You Experienced an Epiphany

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