Personal Identity Amidst Cultural Complexity: A Life Mosaic

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I identify with a White Northern European background mixed with some Native American and Irish, I think. I determine as White given that my household doesn't relate to any other culture than this. Personally I am sad that I do not understand really what culture I descend from since my household is so confused and ignorant. I feel I have actually lost a lot in that.

My household is very Christian, Southern Baptist to be more exact. No other spiritual worths were considered or taught to us because, if "you didn't obey the good book then you were going to Hell" is the sort of believing my household has.

I consider myself to be of the Catholic faith, which actually pisses my household off. I have taken a number of spiritual classes since I have actually begun college and I have drawn the conclusion that no matter what spiritual sect you are in as long as you are an excellent individual and treat others the way you wish to be treated, then you will be all right.

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I am female. Women are supposed to be girly and look after the household. However if you do not get out and assist the guys too, then you are considered lazy. There is an undercurrent of sexism within the family.

Marital relationship is male-female only and kids are not to be raised out of wedlock although that last one has actually loosened with the altering times. Adoption is okay. Childrearing used to be a mix of corporal punishment and grounding, but because the great-grandparents have actually passed the parents have become looser.

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Where it utilized to be figure things out by yourself, even if you are in over your head, now everybody pulls together and takes the lost ones in to assist.

I am 37. I try to remain within my age, however I discover that have a blended group of good friends, age smart. I appreciate my elders and parents, but they do drive me insane with their stagnant worths and beliefs. I hold my tongue a lot and there is a lot of eye rolling, however I enjoy them and I understand they will constantly be there for me. And sometimes I can get them to come around to my mindset.

I was raised in south eastern Kentucky until I was 12 then I moved to the big state of Ohio. I was raised by my grandparents there. It helped me get away from the small town minded people and ways of south eastern Kentucky, which I think help me become more aware of the different people and cultures out there, but then I found myself back here when I turned 19 to help my mother take care of my two brothers and two sisters. I am the oldest of five children and I have always taken care of my brothers and sisters. Even when I went to live with my grandparents, I bought school clothes, supplies, and Christmas gifts for them because my mom couldn't afford it. So, I have felt like I have been an adult my whole life.

Music wise I like rock, but I will listen to anything except the rap of today. I say the rap of today because the rap I listened to in the eighties and early nineties was not the same. Clothing wise, I wear what I like and what is comfortable. I don't usually keep up with the times because most of that stuff isn't made for full figured ladies like me. No dresses or girly stuff for me. I do not wear makeup, which my husband doesn't mind, which I think is why I look younger than I am.

My family claims to be Republican, but they don't understand they are truly Democrats. I always say you can't be poor and a Republican. They have issue with the changing laws allowing gays to marry and adopt and all. They are also pro-life and there is no changing their minds about that, even if there was an extenuating circumstance like the girl being raped, still to them it is wrong. I am a full Democratic myself, but I vote for who I think will do the best job, and I believe that people should be free to choose how they want to life and should have access to basic rights. I also believe that wealth needs to be spread more evenly among all persons of a nation. I think that the United States needs to adopt more of the systems of other countries so that everyone is taken care of.

I don't think I belong to any particular group. It basically is my husband, my son, and I against the world. I teach my son to be kind to everyone and never stop learning or growing, to be the best him he can be.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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