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Grade Comment

Please comment below on your previous college grades as an index of your abilities. My weighted average grade for each semester has an overall uptrend during last three years. Moreover, I am academic competent in my studied field, with a weighted average score of 89 for the specialized courses related to economics and finance. Additionally, the scores for all three econometrics courses are higher than 93, which shows evidence for my good quantitative skills and software operation skills. However, I performed relatively bad in several mathematics courses, partly because I were not accustomed to the new teaching and test methods when I just entered college. The weighted average scores for last six semesters are 85.5, 82.5, 88.7, 89.3, 90.0, 86.4 (integrated the third term to the first term of the following academic year).

My first year scores are relatively low because I had to adapt to the totally different environment in that time, the first time to move away from my parents and to be accustomed to distinct teaching and test systems. Therefore, three mathematic courses, including Advanced Mathematics 1&2 and Linear Algebra, only earned scores about 70 to 84 in the first two semesters. However, I don’t think the low score represents my poor proficiency in mathematics. In the econometric classes, a course requires integrated understanding in advanced mathematics, linear algebra and statistics knowledge, I earned scores higher than 93. For all 20 specialized courses related to economics and finance, the weighted average score is 89, and only two of them are lower than 87. In conclusion, after one year of adaption, my grades of each semester have an upward trend, and I have showed good academic, quantitative skills in my learning experience.

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