Globalization and Cultural Identity Essay

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Globalization and Cultural Identity

Globalization can be viewed in a smaller context as “living in a small community. ” In this community, you have neighbours of different races, and origins, speaking different languages, and accustomed to different cultures. Even though we live together in a single neighbourhood, the word that always get attached with globalization is different – being different.

There are a lot of efforts to unify people of different races, opening the communication between this people further, so that they are able to interact with other people from different parts of the world At the end of the day, we realize that we are different; that we as members of a global community surely have differences with our neighbours. However, this difference or uniqueness that we have shouldn’t pull us down. Having a different skin color or a different set of beliefs doesn’t put any of us higher or lower than other people.

It is our cultural identity, but it doesn’t determine any rank or social position. It is considered as a gift that we should treasure. Being different is synonymous to being unique, one way or the other. Through that we are, we are able to establish who we are, so that we can tell ourselves apart from other people or other races. It is something we should be proud of, something that empowers the culture that we came from.

It gives us something to boast with other cultures, which we know is unique in our culture alone. With this at hand, we move again to unify everyone in this world through globalization. We are able to come up with discoveries which are relevant in various aspects of the human being. This is all because of our awareness that we are different, that we have our cultural identity. Through this, efforts on unifying the people wouldn’t be that hand to accomplish anymore.

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