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Gerontology Essays

Gerontology Essay Topics List: 20 Ideas for 2018

Aging of the population is one of the global problems of the modern world. Age is a very difficult period in human life and demographic aging demands from society more and more financial expenses and other material resources for servicing this age group of the population. Therefore, gerontology takes place here.

The aging process begins the moment we are born. As we age, our bodies and minds grow, develop, and mature. During childhood, the course of our development is influenced by many factors including personal characteristics, family and social background and so on. Similarly, our development through adulthood continues to be influenced by health, attitude, behaviors, interactions, and environment around us. Aging is a complex process influenced by many personal and social factors.

Gerontology is a science, which studies aging processes from general biological positions, and also explores the essence of old age and its impact on people and society. The basic notions of gerontology - age, aging, longevity, immortality - reflect the human perceptions of life processes, objective laws of life, as well as a strong desire to live for a long time.

While you may not study gerontology as your major or even secondary course, it can become a good topic for argumentative essay examples within your biology, anthropology or sociology class due to their tight connection with the science of aging. The following list includes some useful persuasive essay topics that can be derived from this theme:

  1. Age periodization of human life.
  2. Quality of life in old age. How to increase it?
  3. Modern theories of aging, processes of regulation and adaptation in the process of aging.
  4. Peculiarities of the aging process of the human body and its reasons.
  5. What is successful aging in the 21st century?
  6. Cross-cultural communication aspects of the elderly.
  7. Older People dishonor and ways to stop it.
  8. The difference in male and female sexuality in the process of aging.
  9. Middle-aged women with high income: motivations and inspirations.
  10. The possibility of eliminating aging on the genetic level.
  11. How is Europe preparing for the rapid growth of elderly?
  12. How to overcome depression in an older person?
  13. The aspects of the psychology of aging people.
  14. Integrated health care for an aging population – pros and cons.
  15. Aging and technology. Do older persons very well in adapting to a changing world?
  16. Age discrimination. Does it happen nowadays?
  17. The secret to living longer may be your social life. Do you agree?
  18. How to live a longer life: tips on fighting to age and increase your longevity.
  19. Does laughter prolong our life – yes or no?
  20. Sleep is important at any age. How is your sleep?

Take these good essay topics and brainstorm the title for your essay that will really appeal to your interests and preferences. Writing on gerontology might become a challenging, but exciting experience as you may discover truths valuable not only for your writing but for communicating and living with the elderly in general.

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