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Physical and Cognitive Changes in Late Adulthood Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 3 (502 words)

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It is a proven fact that as we age our body goes through many physical changes. Some physical changes our body goes through in our late adulthood are, our vital organs gets weaker less efficient at their job. Our immune system becomes more susceptible to the common flu and diseases. Our five senses get weaker causing us to require help when trying to do simple things we could have done with ease in our early adult years. The muscle becomes weaker causing us to be less capable to accomplish daily tasks because we are no longer physically fit.

Skin gets dry and less flexible and both men and women lose their hair. We can go on and on about the physical changes that occur during the late adulthood period but this is some of the main things we all would encounter when we hit mid 60’s. Cognitive changes that occur during the late adulthood are memory loss which refers to the brain being unable to store information like it used to in the early and midlife stages.

Our brain is also unable to process information like it used to causing a delay in a s reaction to things.

The Cognitive changes are not as vast as physical changes but they both contribute to the changes we go through in our late adulthood. Did you expect the age in which you currently are, would be different than it is? To be honest I did not know what to expect. I do know life is what you make it, yes we do go through many physical changes in life but I believe that if you eat healthy and take vitamins you can delay the changes that will occur in late adulthood.

Continuing to exercise at an old age is not a crime and even though you won’t be able to go into the gym and lift 45lb dumb bells or run 2 miles is 25 minutes, you can still exercise to your ability which will leave the body physically fit. Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now in terms of your family life, career, and education? Ten years from now I would love to see my kids graduate high school and start preparing for college, my wife and I would be in our midlife adulthood and that is when we would have truly accomplish most of our goals as a family.

In my career, once I continue to be physically fit and proficient in my job being able to serve the Army, I should be getting ready to retire, and if for some reason I am unable to continue in the Army I should have already attain my BA degree which should provide me a job in the home land security field. As far as education goes I would have graduated and gain my Masters, I should be working towards my PhD but I can’t say if I would, but it is something for me to consider in the future.

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