Gender Essay Topics

Body and gender representation

The general public is also the intended audience for this movie. Here, woman is represented as a jobless, single mother, a situation that many women in society find themselves in. Out of desperation, Brokovich presses her lawyer to give her a job in his firm and was given a clerical position. However, she was not… View Article

Homosexuality in football

Chapter One: Introduction: Addressing Homophobia in Football  Introduction should just give a brief idea of what work is going to be about so not much detail  Outline your argument – footballers affect society so a lack of homosexual players is also bound to affect the way it is portrayed  Talk about the problems surrounding football… View Article

Journal of Sofonisba Anguissola

I have painted many self-portraits in my life, but the one that sticks out the most to me is the one in which I painted myself holding a book. I was born in a time, when women typically were not encouraged to obtain an education. My family, however, went against the grain, and actively supported… View Article

Three Generations By Nick Joaquin

Three Generations talks about a Celo Monzon, whose unhappy childhood still haunts him even if he is already a father. At the beginning of the story, his wife tells him about their son’s plan to enter priesthood. He is also told about the call his sister has made because she no longer knows what to… View Article

Unbending Gender

Domesticity is a “gender system” that delineates organization of market work and family work and the “gender norms that justify, sustain, and reproduce that organization”. This is how Joan Williams defined domesticity in her book entitled Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What to Do about It. Domesticity arose in the nineteenth century… View Article

Education of respondents

The above table shows that there are thirteen respondents belong to the High School Highest Educational Attainment level. This group represents sixty five percent of the entire respondent population. This group level is ranked 1 in the above table based on their percentage. Also, there are five respondents belonging to the College level. This group… View Article

Limitations of the study

The study focuses on the lives of the African American Slaves that are symbolized by the slaves in the 1987 literary masterpiece Beloved by African American author Toni Morrison. In terms of qualitative research, the first scope and delimitation is the use of secondary materials for the qualitative essay. The Second scope is the use… View Article

Gender differences in the effects of divorce

Besides behaviour differences among children of divorced and intact families, there are also gender differences to consider. Hyatt suggests that boys and girls react differently to parental divorce. Boys tend to create more behavioural problems in school than girls do. Boys’ self-esteem tends to decline as a result of divorce and they seek constant attention… View Article

Gender in student access and teacher attention in classroom

The school is one of the many social institutions which seek to promote human welfare. Students and teachers alike are both a part of the larger scheme of the academic institution aimed at expanding the knowledge of mankind from a wide range of themes. Despite of the existing and previous efforts in fully achieving and… View Article

Sex and gender

In this paper, we will discuss the ways sex and gender is related to each other as well as their differences. We will also see why gender is considered a dimension of social stratification. And lastly, we will explain how gender intersects with other dimensions of inequality such as class, race and ethnicity. Sex and… View Article

Is Any Body Out There?

‘The machine is not an it to be animated, worshipped, and dominated. The machine is us, our processes, an aspect of our embodiment. ’ (Haraway, 1991: 180) My paper starts with the recognition that Information, Communications and Telecommunication technologies (ICTs) are certain to play a central role in defining who we are, how we think… View Article

The Opposite Sex

In the modern era, males may become unfair in giving out comments to females for their actions, while women may also become bias in their judgment to men. It’s funny sometimes how our judgment fails us. Our ability to see into things depreciates into lesser chunks of stupidity. We end up being stubborn, just so… View Article

The Role of Men in the Society

Introduction      Men were particularly known as the supreme gender in the human society. As the population belonging to the supreme gender, men are expected to have special responsibilities as well as advantages with regards the activities that they are able to do. Men were expected to have responsibilities of providing for those that belong… View Article

Challenges that working women face today

Introduction In today’s culture where individualism is emphasized and especially that women are encouraged to assume equal roles as men would normally take, two or three decades ago, it is very difficult to see eye to eye with how women are during biblical times. “Girl power” or women empowerment is the rule of the day… View Article

Media Portrayal of Women in Sports

The mass media and all its components have always played an essential role in shaping the way society views and thinks about certain issues and events. The type influence, which television shows, radio shows and other mediums of mass media have on their audiences, go widely unchecked by the professionals involved in that field and… View Article