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 All human societies have particular forms of beliefs and values. The most common example of the belief system of most societies is about how males and females should typically act. What should be their roles in society based upon their gender? For example, women are supposed to be soft, less assertive, and nurturing and men are supposed to be responsible, assertive, tough, and courageous. Earlier in the ’70s and ’80s, men and women were both victims of gender stereotypes.

The Inequality of Cultural Literacy in Society Today
Words • 1298
Pages • 6
Cultural literacy is essential to function throughout one's life. It allows for workers to be fluent in a cultural atmosphere and connect with individuals throughout the world. Cultural literacy is taught throughout one's education in the classes that students take and the experiences that the students have throughout life. Since all schools are not equal throughout this country not every student equally literate over these matters. E.D. Hirsch wrote about this in his essay “Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs…...
Gender Inequality In Education
The Similarities Between Guys and Canine
Words • 1569
Pages • 7
Dave Barry is the author of numerous publications, and was a columnist for the Miami Herald, from which he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for a commentary he wrote. Amongst his pieces, a theme of humor surfaced primarily. Contrary to the title of this given selection “Guys vs. men”, this essay does not reflect the comparison of two types of males. The author stated, that such comparisons already exist extensively, and therefore does not need further study. However, articles…...
Gender Roles
A Discussion on the Issue of Equality in Education
Words • 2740
Pages • 11
Introduction In the 2015 State of the Union address, the President of the United States Barack Obama said that by the end of the decade two in three jobs will require a higher education. The government has lifted the burden off the back of the borrower who invests their money going to getting a higher education. He gave aspirations about how he wants to offer free tuition to students attending two-year community college. (Obama's State of the Union). Whether or…...
Gender Inequality In Education
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A History of Journal Articles
Words • 1604
Pages • 7
Journal articles are articles written by a professional. They are released periodically or all at once, but would take several years of dedication before being published (Sociology). The authors analyze information on recent research and would often demonstrate their unique opinions about a certain subject. Journal articles may be one of the most widely shared and read by experts and students. It can be transferred from one scholar to another and will still be deemed important no matter what type…...
Gender Inequality In Education
The Community in Rochester Tries to Eliminate Racial Inequality Through Education
Words • 2145
Pages • 9
While there are many different causes of racism, it is no coincidences that racial tensions in Rochester New York have increased during the decline of the city school district. While watching city schools become less successful, I cannot help but notice the effect it has on the students and the neighborhoods they live in. Due to a dramatic drop in graduation rates among city students and a decreasing amount of support for the school district, the stage is being set…...
Gender Inequality In EducationInequality
An Analysis of the Work of Contemporary Transgender People
Words • 2397
Pages • 10
Until the modern and contemporary eras, art has predominantly catered to only the highest echelons of society. A select few could afford to commission artists we regard as "the greats” today, such as Rembrandt or Raphael. It was the rich and religious’ way to capture flattering portraiture, landscapes, and divine imagery. But this changed with technological innovations and transformative artistic movements, like those of the avant-garde or abstractionist. Cameras made the demand for artistic capturing increasingly obsolete, and the concept…...
Stereotypical Portrayals of Gender Roles in Advertising
Words • 2393
Pages • 10
Every day, companies spend billions of dollars to market their products through commercials, magazine advertisements, billboards, and virtually any space they can occupy. Used as a persuasive tool, more and more advertisers are subtly injecting sexist stereotypes into their marketing campaigns, in a desperate attempt to sell a product. In a media propelled society; what effect does a derogatory message about gender have on the viewer? It's easy to imagine an idealistic image of a man or woman negatively influencing…...
Gender RolesGender Stereotypes
Fathers should take paternity leave
Words • 786
Pages • 4
Specific purpose: To make the audience rethink their gender roles Thesis: Fathers should take paternity leave. Introduction: Attention grabber: Every day that goes by, people are coming up with new ideas and ways to make us humans evolve. We are doing things today people less than 100 years ago couldn’t even dream about. Relevance to audience/credibility: But we are also still working on the equality between people. If it is between sexes, race or ages, we still have some way…...
Gender RolesGender StereotypesPersuasive Speech
Gender Identity Disorder Essay
Words • 1528
Pages • 7
One of the most controversial topics in today's society is Gender Dysmorphia. This group of people can be considered lesbian, gay, transgender, bi etc. Majority of these people feel as if they were born as the wrong sex. This controversial topic can go as far as becoming a disorder in young adolescents. The study of Gender Identity Disorder also known as Gender Dysmorphia, is when a child or adolescent defines themselves as the opposite sex. This may include acting like…...
GenderGender Identity
Gender Identity in ““All in the Family” Show
Words • 1068
Pages • 5
Primarily, gender identity is the term people use to describe themselves as a male or a female, and it is the way society identifies individuals based on knowledge of biology and the human body. Along with those come to these understandings, society has certain expectations regarding behaviors, roles, and norms during everyone’s everyday lives (Juergensmeyer & Anheier, 2012). An area in which people can have mixed emotions because of the nature of the topic is gender identity and prejudice. During…...
GenderGender Identity
Should “Gender Identity” Be Added to Federal Anti-discrimination Laws
Words • 1105
Pages • 5
Few people are in favor of adding gender identity to Anti-Discrimination Law (ADL)as I do. By adding gender identity to ADL, it helps at least LGBT people to live calmly, helps our entire community to develop and protect people from prejudice, which helps everybody to treat equally. As the phrase “gender identity” defined as “ An individual’s self- perception or inner sense of being a man, a male, a woman, a female, both, neither, butch, femme, two-spirit, bigender, or another…...
GenderGender Identity
Importance of Gender Identity in Society
Words • 1030
Pages • 5
Gender identity is basically the feeling that a man has of themselves as male or female. It is additionally the way in which a man's culture distinguishes the individual in view of elucidation and experience of organic abilities about the human body. As per these understandings, there are sure societal desires for conduct, parts, and standards inside ones ordinary circumstances (Juergensmeyer and Anheier, 2012). Gender identity and partiality are zones in which individuals can have missed sentiments and feelings because…...
GenderGender Identity
Gender Identity in Fashion
Words • 1176
Pages • 5
The fashion industry makes billions of dollars every year and it is still continuing to be in demand. Men and women switch out their outfits every day and go back to buy more. Why do they choose the clothing they choose? Crane (2000, pp. 16) says, “Fashionable clothes are used to make statements about social class and social identity, but their principal messages are about the ways in which women and men perceive their gender roles or are expected to…...
FashionGenderGender Identity
Gender Identity: Why it Should not Be Supported 
Words • 1280
Pages • 6
In today’s day in age, there are numerous sexualities and gender identities that quickly approached the world today and is still coming. Gender identity is “a person’s internal sense of being male, female, some combination of male and female, or neither male nor female.” (, p.1). Furthermore, there is a growing debate across the world regardless of whether people should be able to change their gender identity. Respectively while some will argue, people should not be able to have the…...
GenderGender Identity
Gender Identity Role in Society Today 
Words • 540
Pages • 3
Today, do gender coincides with both gender roles and identity of gender? Whether it’s about accepting those who associate themselves as homosexual or other sexual identity. To looking at the impact of how women are treated at home or outside of the house. Also take in the fact that men seem to get favoritism in the nation when it comes to certain things. Like for an example jobs that require hard work and sweating. Sandberg once said, “In turn, these…...
GenderGender Identity
Science of Transgender Identity 
Words • 2876
Pages • 12
Sixty-seven years ago, Christine Jorgenson, one of the first documented transgender individuals in the world at the time, began gender reassignment surgery. One might have predicted this extraordinary event to facilitate a process of societal acceptance and validation for future transgenders living in the United States over the next half century. Instead, the ensuing decades have been marked by political tension, social isolation, and marginalization that still affect the 1.4 million transgender identities that exist in the United States today.…...
GenderGender IdentityTransgender
Gender Identity and Sexuality
Words • 1967
Pages • 8
In recent times, contrasting gender identities and sexual orientations are rapidly becoming greatly supported in the common community. Regardless of this development, numerous individuals understand that possessing distinct gender identity (GI) and sexual orientation (SO) is a decision that is stigmatized. So that it is possible to debunk this conviction or way of thinking, studies and biological science of the mind is essential. Studying the mind on the grounds of sexual orientation is a relatively novel subject of debate since…...
GenderGender Identity
Gender Identity and Intersex Debate
Words • 1155
Pages • 5
In our generation today, there can be some common confusion on gender and sexual orientation. It was once believed that gender was determined by the genitals you were born with, however, in this day of age there is much more behind it. Although we are all born with either male or female gentiles there is also a social factor that plays into how we classify ourselves. In the book “Our Sexuality” by Robert L. Crooks and Karla Baur they define…...
GenderGender Identity
Alice Paul and the Women’s Suffrage Movement
Words • 1082
Pages • 5
Alice Stokes Paul was born January 11th, 1885 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Alice was a suffragist and an activist who made a huge impact in women’s history. Alice attended Swarthmore College, and got her Ph.D. from the university of Pennsylvania. Alice then joined the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The Women’s Suffrage Movement basically started after the Seneca Falls Convention, which was a meeting, created for Lucretia Mott who was an orator, and that was where they realized that…...
Equal Rights AmendmentGender EqualitySusan B AnthonyWoman SuffrageWomen
Women’s Movement 1848-1970’s
Words • 642
Pages • 3
Women have been “pushing” for equal rights, for a countless amount of time. Even before the United States “broke-free” of Great Britain, women have been trying to “gain” the equivalent rights granted to men. This essay focuses upon the women’s advancement for equal rights in the United States starting from the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, thru the 1970s.The Seneca Falls Convention (July 19-20, 1848) is known as the first Women’s Rights Convention to have ever taken place. This convention was…...
Gender EqualityGovernmentLawSusan B AnthonyWomen's Rights
How Disney Influence on Children’s Culture?
Words • 1079
Pages • 5
In “Animating Youth: The Disneyfication of Children’s Culture,” Henry Giroux discusses whether Disney’s animated films are a good influence on kids. He argues that they teach ideas in their films that are contradictory to societal priorities. Giroux states that in Disney, females “are ultimately subordinate to males and define their sense of power and desire almost exclusively in terms of dominant male narratives” (71). Although Disney movies are beautiful to watch, they are portraying harmful stereotypes. Disney has shown these…...
ChildrenCultureGender StereotypesSocietyWalt Disney
Reflections on Transgender
Words • 1531
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Before going to the transgender workshop, I have already had a mindset of gender stereotype and I have never thought of accepting the sexual minorities like trans and homosexual people. I was raised in a traditional and conservative family that my parents showed me that a man should be the head of the family because he is the breadwinner so all family members have to rely on him. On the other hand, a woman should always listen to her husband…...
GenderGender IdentityTransgender
Overcoming Obstacles Theme In Only Daughter and Class Act
Words • 637
Pages • 3
Life is a journey that is full of obstacles. However, in many films or even on Television life is oftentimes depicted without real-world struggles. Most people would detest having to go through struggles because it is not enjoyable. However, those struggles build one's character and fortify a society to strive towards a better future. In today's society, the different struggles have united those oppressed individuals to strive to change the status quo. For example, a recent turning point in society…...
FeminismGender EqualityObstaclesOvercoming ObstaclesSandra CisnerossSocial Issues
Frankenstein & Gender Roles
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
For centuries women have been forced to be subservient to man and his demands. Their lives, jobs, personalities, traits and emotions are portrayed in stories, novels, and poems to be less admirable than those of a man. While in reality this is untrue, the period in which Mary Shelley lived treated women in that manner. The feminist movement questioned the chauvinism of man, and the rights belonging to women, a movement that later ensured female emancipation. Mary Shelley shows the…...
FrankensteinGender Roles
Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Gender discrimination in the workplace is not a new phenomenon; this has been an unfortunate occurrence to both men and women for decades. Recently, there has been a growing concern regarding how this discrimination causes victims to lose the motivation and morale to effectively do their job, leading to a loss of confidence and low self-esteem in the workplace. This paper explores the major factors that greatly influence and result in gender discrimination in the workplace. A questionnaire was administered…...
GenderGender Discrimination
The Main Definition of Gender
Words • 1060
Pages • 5
When European colonists arrived on American soil, it is obvious that they brought with them the same patriarchal society that was in Europe. The role of women in Colonial America composed of a consistent general pattern. Women were mothers and wives anything other than that was inferior in a patriarchal system reinforced through religion, law, and social norms. Gender has many definitions, but the main definition of gender in this century involves the meaning that there is particular sexual difference…...
GenderGender Roles In Society
Gender Roles in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Words • 1347
Pages • 6
This is about the struggle between traditional beliefs and more modern beliefs. It’s a clash of two cultures, with varying thoughts of masculinity, related to the way women are treated and thought of in society. In the traditional African culture there are set rules for women. Women are thought of as lower on the totem pole of importance, even though their existence is vital to the survival of the village. For example, women are not allowed to grow yams because…...
GenderGender RolesOkonkwo Things Fall Apart
Importance to Overcome Gender Inequality
Words • 1461
Pages • 6
Gender inequality affects people’s lives daily, it limits women from being able to fully speak out about something that may be affecting them in fear of feeling belittled. In some cases, gender inequality even leads to lack of resources and a lack of education. Gender inequality can also affect the community around them, taking the medical field for example, someone may not want a woman helping them because they believe that woman are not capable- which is not at all…...
GenderGender Inequality
Gender Inequality: The Politics of Misinformation and Victimization
Words • 1509
Pages • 7
At any point on a college campus you can come across protest or rally where you have the feminist and the indoctrinated screaming things like “Fuck the Patriarchy” or chants about women’s rights and bemoaning the fact that somehow they are victims of a perceived slight against because it is what the Ivory Tower elites tell them to do. This is seen on and around campuses, the country and in left leaning mainstream media. Why is it that these educated…...
FeminismGenderGender InequalityWomen's Rights
Gender Differences: Does Gender Affect Education?
Words • 894
Pages • 4
Students in schools are supposed to be treated the same, but teachers affirm that girls and boys should be treated differently. “Girls are more hardworking in school and motivated than boys” that’s the most common comment society makes around, which is totally wrong. Students have an equal opportunity to become wise students, it all depends on their work ethic. Even though the man’s brain is 10% bigger than the female, boys can also study better. Yes, some work is there…...
EducationGenderGender IdentityGender Stereotypes
Gender Differences: Correlation between Gender and Memory
Words • 1830
Pages • 8
Abstract Previous research on memory differences and gender have shown mixed results, most showing no significance in differences. This study examines if there really is any sort of differences, specifically with single digit recall. 1027 participants took a test online. The participants were tested on their recall abilities and memory. The results found that there is a significant difference between men and women in their ability to recall single digits. The p value rested at .024. The mean digit recall…...
GenderGender IdentityGender StereotypesMemory
History of Equality in America
Words • 1692
Pages • 7
In 1865, the 13th amendment was passed, opening doors for not only African Americans but, also for women and Asians. These three groups now had a step forward to gaining independence for themselves socially, politically, and economically. During the reconstruction era, Freedmen, women and Asians gained different levels of independence. With the racial and gender boundaries altered but not removed, women and Asians gained citizenship but, were stopped from gaining other equal rights. Freedmen gained access to education, the right…...
EqualityGender EqualityHistory
Issue of Equality for All in America
Words • 2601
Pages • 11
America has many problems with the issue of equality for all. In America the people often discriminate when someone doesn’t look like the rest. This occurs with gender, african americans, and children. People also discriminate when they don’t practice the same things they do like religion or when the act differently like the mentally ill. Gender started with women being discriminated, especially in the workplace and at home. Religion started with muslims when the terrorist attacks occurred, especially after 9/11.…...
Equal rightsEqualityGender Equality
Understanding Gender Inequality in Domestic Chores
Words • 1924
Pages • 8
When it comes to the topic of gender inequality one important point comes to mind that shows the glaring issues when it comes to equality. That important part is the inequality caused by gender roles, and for this project specifically in relation to the chores done around the home, domestic chores. Through the knowledge I gained from my psychology and sociology classes, some issues are raised in this seemingly minor part of gender role. For instance, when there is inequality…...
GenderGender Inequality
Gender Differences in Occupation Choice
Words • 1275
Pages • 6
Introduction Power, occupation, rights and education have always been unequal between men and women. Individuals choosing an occupation consider various things such as qualifications, education, satisfaction, emotions, convenience, and income. Males and females weigh these categories differently (Murray, Linden, & Kendall, 2017). In 2011, Statistics Canada estimated the employment rate for the population above the age of 15 was 60.9% (Statistics Canada, 2018). According Statistics Canada (2007) 59% of women eligible for to work were employed compared to the 68%…...
Gender RolesGender Roles In Society
Challenged Gender Roles in Shakespeare´s Macbeth
Words • 1783
Pages • 8
William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth is a prime example of a play that challenges the idea of traditional gender roles in society. While women were treated as inferior, lesser beings compared to men, Shakespeare still manages to portray them as fearless and highly influential characters. The orthodox perspective of women was that they looked after the children, they were weak and unworthy, and they did housework every day. On the other hand, males were the warriors and breadwinners of the family.…...
Gender StereotypesMacbethMacbeth In Literature
Women Fighting for Educational Rights in Pakistan
Words • 526
Pages • 3
Long ago in Swat Valley, Pakistan a group named the Taliban decided to take education away from women. Girls could no longer attend school in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Well a young girl in Pakistan wanted to change that because she knew education was important. That girl was Malala Yousafzai. Malala Yousafzai is an influential women fighting for educational rights in the 2,000. Malala was born on July 12,1997, Mingora, Swat Valley, Pakistan. Malala gave speeches and interviews for women’s educational…...
Gender Inequality In EducationGirl Education ImportanceWomen Education
Traditional Gender Roles in a Society
Words • 834
Pages • 4
Most of us hear about traditional gender roles, but what are traditional gender roles? What does gender roles truly mean? 'The role or behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms.” ( There are traditional gender roles in almost all cultures worldwide and have existed throughout history. The traditional gender roles might influence us positively and negatively as we live and have grown within our society. The traditional gender roles may vary…...
Free EssaysGender RolesGender Roles In Society
Gender Roles in Society Today
Words • 1743
Pages • 7
From the time we are born, we are placed into two distinct categories: Boy or Girl. Not by choice, but by genetics and what some would consider fate and there is no in between, no blurred lines. With the society that we live in today, there is a solidified stereotype placed on both men and women. This stereotype is known as Gender Roles. Gender roles often known as a “sex role” is a social role encompassing a range of societal…...
Gender RolesGender Roles In Society
Feminism and Gender Roles in Old Literature  
Words • 2672
Pages • 11
It is no secret that women have always been looked down upon in society throughout the years, it has been going on for many decades now and is not a shock to anyone. There are even stories written in old literature portraying just how strong the use of feminism and gender roles are, two very important critical lenses, by showing the women's roles, personalities and fate in the tales being told. Many people actually think that feminism doesn't exist,and women…...
FeminismFeminism In LiteratureGender Roles
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Gender Stereotypes

Men, who cried, were perceived as weak and less competent than women who cried. When women behaved in ways that didn’t fit their gender stereotype, they had to face backlash because they were not acting as they are supposed to act.

In the present day, the fixed gender roles are not relevant to the extent they were before. The roles are much more blurred and this seems to be the new norm. Compared to the times when women were not afforded equal rights, the progress of gender equality has come a long way. Women are contributing to society in a similar manner as men. We see so many women in leadership positions today. The gender roles are a function of the expectations of the society and as the society evolves so do the roles defined for the genders. There are so many tasks that are now done both by men and women that the traditionally defined gender roles are no longer relevant.

Violations of Norms

These shifting expectations in the present day have definitely benefited our society, specifically when it comes to parenting. These days, parents prefer to be gender-free when they teach their children about moral values and beliefs. In earlier days, there used to be more emphasis on how girls should be submissive, soft-spoken, and dependent, while boys were taught to be tough and “their own man”. Violations of these norms used to create moral outrage.

Some people still feel uncomfortable with gender roles that are unclear and they are in favor of roles overly constricted by gender. These kinds of people don’t realize that overly constricted gender roles can cause repression of feelings for both genders and undesirable outcomes. For example, norms of masculinity that include dominance, and anti-femininity, and can have negative outcomes like physical and emotional abuse for women.

As more women are entering the labor force, they feel more economically empowered as now they can support their families and do not have the dependency on the male members. The traditional role that males were supposed to be the breadwinners is now not relevant to the extent it was. This has made some males uncomfortable as they preferred the status quo situation where the female gender was dependent on them. The feeling of loss of dependency is not readily accepted by males as it makes them less important.

As a result of more women working, we have both the husband and wife doing jobs. The traditional gender role of the women taking care of children is now not the norm but the duty of taking care of the kids and household chores is now shared between the man and the wife. This involves the man sharing his time doing his job and household work. He has to balance his time so that he is able to fulfil his responsibilities, which may be a challenge, and as a result may lead to situations where more conflicts arise in the household. The change does make the men uncomfortable as traditionally these roles were meant to be done by women. And accepting the fact that this responsibility is to be shared is not easily accepted by some men. They had seen the traditional roles being followed in their families and any change is not readily accepted.

Chivalry, Feminism and the Black Community

As women become more empowered, roles that were at one point of time very clear have now become blurred. The male members were supposed to act in a chivalrous manner. Certain gestures like opening a door for the women folk or offering a coat were an accepted norm. In the present day however, the expectation of chivalry from males is very unclear or unfixed as the reaction of women is not that of appreciating the gesture all times… There are women who do not want to be treated as weak and any notion of a male offering assistance or help may be construed as demeaning to the women. It is a very uncomfortable situation for men to be in. Theodore Johnson in his essay “Chivalry, Feminism and the Black Community” discusses gender roles and talks about the history of chivalry and how it has undergone changes and its impact on the African American population. Johnson feels that the form of chivalry can now be equated with courtesy. The word “Courtesy” does not have the gender baggage attached to it. As anyone can be courteous and do an act for helping the other gender and would not be offensive for the women.

The roles are also blurred when it comes to tomboys. In a society that still often expects men to be tough and rugged, and women to be gentle and pretty, the tomboys are much more assertive and stand up for themselves more than other girls. They tend to be more outspoken and more confident. As this does not fit into a typical female stereotype, it makes some females uncomfortable as they have more leadership qualities and have more self-esteem. Sarah Showfety in her essay tells us about Maryellen White who was born as a girl but had interests that were more boyish. There’s reason to believe tomboys are more assertive and stand up for themselves more than other girls.

Deconstructing Rigid Gender Roles

They want to differentiate themselves — to not be a “typical girl” or get otherwise pigeonholed into one category — and they tend to be outspoken. White admits that she’s known as “Blunt Maryellen”. This makes some girls uncomfortable as she calls out a spade a spade. This is not the normal stereotype for a female who is supposed to be submissive and soft-spoken.

Rigid gender roles are not fixed anymore. Social norms, economic empowerment and education have contributed to the women folk taking on roles which traditionally they were not participating in like becoming an attorney or a doctor. Any repression of feelings and desires because of gender stereotypes will not let women operate in a productive way. It is like a pressure cooker, if we let the pressure cooker without a relief valve, operate for too long, the air pressure will build up so much and the cooker will blow up causing damage. If gender roles are fixed and are overly constricted it will cause stress and they will release the stress and pent-up energy in negative ways. I, therefore, feel that the blurred gender roles have more relevance in the present day society.

FAQ about Gender

Gender Identity: Why it Should not Be Supported 
...Throughout the world today, there are a variety of gender identities and sexualities that are still approaching and will always approach as time goes on. While there is still a growing debate about gender identity, there are many people who support i...
How Disney Influence on Children’s Culture?
...Although the messages Disney is putting out into the world is wrong, it is a trusted enough company to many around the globe that others don’t notice. The public is too ignorant to see the effects it is having on the children watching these films. ...

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