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Essay on Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhis Influence on the Civil Rights Movement of the United States

The influence of Mahatma Gandhi on civil rights movement which occurred thousand miles away from India or England, where he got his education or in South Africa where Gandhi experimented with new principles had been very deep. It is evident that Mahatma Gandhi was invisible force of civil rights movement in United States4. King Jr was not only the leader who adopted ideologi...

Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi

Gandhi shows the transformation of a standard man into a legendary leader. It shows how conditions will inspire someone to fight against injustice and difference. Gandhi’s style of leadership proves that to attain a required and decent end, suggests that must be equally sensible. Gandhi had a vision that was accepted by his followers. His personal practices led to India to be free from Britisher...

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr

Mahatma Gandhi was borne October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, India and was married at the age of 13, where he went on to have 4 kids (Nanda B.R.). His father Karamchand Gandhi was a chief minister who did not have much education, but his knowledge and experience made him a good administrator. His mother Putlibai Gandhi was the fourth wife of his father (the previous three had died) who was completely ...

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Mahatma Gandhi and the national movement

He started the non co-operation movement and along with the issues of Rowlatt act and Jalianwala bagh tragedy, he also combined the issue of Khilafat. iii. Gandhiji’s constructive programmes: From 1924 to 1929 Gandhiji devoted hjmself to the constructive programmes of spinning and encouraging Khadi, Hindu-Muslim unity, prohibition and village upliftment. iv. Hindu-Muslim unity: In 1920 he combin...

Mohandas Gandhi: A Moral/Economic Progress

Gandhi’s speech is strongly driven by his use of ethics and emotion, but his speech also appeals to the logical mind. Gandhi’s use of logos is evident during his quotation of “the great scientist”(Gandhi 337) Alfred Wallace. Wallace, a British naturalist states that his country has put power and wealth before nature and Christianity and describes “…how as the country has rapidly advanc...

Management style of Mahatma Gandhi

Satyagraha begins with reasoning with ones opponent or adversary in an attempt to arrive at a just solution. Neither a person has a monopoly on the truth nor is either side wholly correct. The purpose is to work out a rational compromise that is agreeable to both sides. A leader must have the ability to communicate and diffuse disagreeable situations. Conflicts naturally occur between individuals ...

Article 21 of the Constitution of India After Maneka Gandhi's Case

21. This was followed by a series of decisions, where the conceptions of ‘life’ and ‘personal liberty’ were interpreted liberally to include rights which had not been expressly enumerated in Part III.27 The width of Article 21 will keep expanding as long as our Supreme Court upholds its title of the activist court, and intervenes dutifully to preserve the fundamental rights of the people. ...

Mahatma Gandhi: Influence, integrity, and Tide of Social change

With Qualities like integrity, people-centric, influence and self-discipline Gandhi brought out a positive change in people across the globe. Even though, Gandhi was the leader of the Indian National Congress on its formation, he did not seek after influential posts. Instead, when young leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru rose up he chose him his successor; even after independence he did not take any po...

Mahatma Gandhi Biography Speech

On August 15th 1947, India attained independence after a great political and social struggle. Mahatma had achieved his goal but only enjoyed it for a short period of time. Mahatma Gandhi died on January 30th 1948, at the age of 78 in New Delhi after being assassinated by Nathuram Gadse. However, Mahatma’s legacy still continues for he inspired many movements for civil rights and freedom across t...

Short Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

Some campaigns, against the government, turned out to be very violent but were also very effective in Gandhi's point of view. One campaign was to make your own cloth. The British Government was making a lot of money from selling cloth, clothes, and Indigo which was used to stain the clothes. This was putting many Indian's that did this for a living out of business. The government also outlawed sel...

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi said that the tendency of Western civilization is to propagate immorality. I think he says that because the history of Western Colonization is that of spreading their culture and way of life wherever they travel, and he feel that their culture is immoral and corrupted. I think it is impossible for colonialism to be moral because more times than not the outsiders were intruding upon ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi: The Story of My Experiments with Truth

When Gandhi explains the symbol of a Court of Justice he states that it “is a pair of scales held evenly by an impartial and blind but sagacious woman. Fate has purposely made her blind, in order that she may not judge a person from his exterior but from his intrinsic worth”(127). This is comparable to Gandhi’s view on life and politics. He does not judge the people around him, he takes the ...

Gandhi Commemorative Speech

Gandhi earnestly believed that a person involved in social services should lead a simple life which he thought could lead to divinity. He gave up western style clothing upon returning to India from South Africa. He dressed to be accepted by the poorest person in India, advocating the use of homespun cloth. Gandhi and his followers adopted the practice of weaving their own clothes from thread they ...

Relationship between Satyagraha and Swaraj for Gandhi

Swaraj is when everyone is his own ruler and the government facilitates this individual and community development. Works Cited Jyotsna Kamat. 14 April 2005. Mahatma Gandhi: Story of Satyagraha. © 1996-2009 Kamat’s Potpourri. http://www. kamat. com/mmgandhi/satyagraha. htm. 18 July 2009 Satyagraha. Wikipedia Foundation Inc. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Satyagraha. 18 July 2009 What is Satyagra...

Global Issues in the Movie “Gandhi”

This is because the Americans today are only continuing what the British have started. Just like the British-inspired imperialism, the use of globalization by the U. S. as a hegemonic power in the world does not really raise the interests of each nation; rather, it merely promotes the interests of those already in power. As Gandhi told his countrymen: there is a need for resistance because Indians...

Gandhi's Philosophy of Non-Violence

In conclusion, non violence is essential to people because it matches their innate will for peace, harmony, freedom and order. Any action of violence degenerates their progress. Violence has many faces, including political, economic, educational, ethical and psychological aspects. Gandhi focuses on such features, as he considers them the big piece out of the pie named violence. Non violence is bas...

Mahatma Gandhi Apostle of Peace

As aptly announced in a voice choked with grief and emotion by Jawaharlal Nehru, before the Constituent Assembly soon after the tragedy: "The Light is out''. The eminent authoress, Pearl S. Buck, described the assassination as "second Crucifixion''. Einstein remarked: "Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a person as Gandhi ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth''. The statu...

Gandhi and Untouchability

I believe in the fundamental truth of all great religious of the world in theory, since there is one God, there can be only one religion. Gandhji did not believe in the Hindu Dharmashastras which prescribe caste customs as scared. In this context, he remarked “it is a tragedy that religion for us means today nothing more than restrictions on food and drink, noting more than adherence to a sense ...

Role of Gandhi in India's Freedom Struggle

All his life he battled against the cult of violence and war; against cruelty of man to man; against industrialism and domination of man by machine; inequality and discrimination. His fight to give equal rights to each and every person of the society irrespective of which strata they belong made him immortal among us. He tried to attained moksha by service to mankind. Gandhiji portrays a multi-fac...

Biographical Sketch: Kasturba Gandhi

She also had her own view nd spoke out against working conditions in South Africa for Indians which is Just one example of her many times speaking out. She supported hygiene, discipline, reading, and writing to women and children. Kasturba suffered from chronic Bronchitis and the stress on top of that she had tremendous amount of stress during the Quit India Movements arrest also aggravated her il...

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi


Gandhi and Hitler

Throughout history there have been many different leaders that had different influences on their country. Mohandas Gandhi and Adolf Hitler were two leaders that made a huge impact on their country. Gandhi solved problems in the most peaceful way possible. By doing this, he made a good influence on his country. However, Hitler used violence and killing to get his way. This makes a terrible influenc...

Gandhi Obituary

At ten minutes past five o’ clock, Mohandas Gandhi made his way to evening prayers. At 5:12 Nathuram Godse approached Gandhi and shot him three times in the chest at point-blank-range. His arms still crossed in a peaceful sign of greeting, Gandhi blessed his assassin, shouting, “he ram! He ram! ” and then collapsed to the floor, dead. Gandhi pushed himself to become a better person every day...

Gandhi as National Hero

Early in World War II, he demanded immediate independence as India's price for aiding Britain in the war. He was imprisoned for the third time, from 1942 to 1944. Gandhi's victory came in 1947 when India won independence. The subcontinent split into two countries (India and Pakistan) and brought Hindu-Muslim riots. Again Gandhi turned to nonviolence, fasting until Delhi rioters pledged peace to hi...

Paths of Budda and Gandhi

The first came from a sheltered life as prince, while the other came from a life as a very well educated and successful attorney. However, they both later experienced the world that were external to the bubble in which they were accustomed of living; allowing them to connect with life in a new way. They were both indeed the extreme antagonist to other world-shaping people such as Adolf Hitler and ...

FAQ about Gandhi

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, And Mandela: What Made Non-Violence Work

...Finally, Document 3 is an excerpt from Nelson Mandela’s book, Long Walk to Freedom, and he is contemplating which tactic to use in order to achieve independence. The tone of this document is just boring because Mandela is simply thinking to himself ...

Why Gandhi Was a Good Leader

...He made mistakes throughout his life but he never made the same mistake twice. He failed but he learned from it, persisted and achieved success. Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader because he was fearless, selfless and persistent. Many leaders follow a ...

Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian activist who became a leader for the

...I disagree with religious leader sharing their opinions on political views. This is because of their massive influence and ability to manipulate people. There is a differentiating factor between teaching and telling. If a religious leader teaches som ...

Who Isn't Familiar With Mahatma Gandhi?

...Gandhi came back to India in 1915. He joined Indian National Congress. To understand India, he started to travel across India. In 1917, Champaran Satyagraha was the first civil disobedience movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi sought political ...

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