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Film Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 5 (1029 words)
Categories: Film, Islam, Philosophy, Religion
Downloads: 7
Views: 15

From the moment the movie unthinkable started to play, it already caught my attention since it is not something that I used to watch. There are some parts as well that I couldn’t take since it was really violent but nonetheless, it was a good movie because of an unthinkable plot twist.

While I am watching it, I observe each character in that movie whether he is good or bad but as I connect it to all the ethical theories that we have discussed, it made me feel confused.

At first, I thought that Brody is the good one because she wants to do a fair interrogation with the suspect at the same time, to find the bombs to save manifold people but at some point, it shows how weak she is because it was easy for her to accept the information that Yusuf was telling to her but I cannot blame her, since it is her duty to do a fair interrogation as an FBI agent and based from Deontological Ethics of Immanuel Kant, fulfilling duty is good like what H did also.

As the movie goes on, I found H as the bad person because of the way he interrogates Yusuf which was indeed brutal and I can’t take a glimpse of it because it feels like I am the one being tortured but as it continues, I think that H has a point and can be considered as a good person as well if I will use utilitarianism since he used Yusuf for the benefit of all. It seems like, life of few people versus the whole humanity and H just want the bigger picture of it, which will save greater number of people but if I will consider Deontological Ethics of Immanuel Kant, H would not be considered as a good person because he used Yusuf and his family as means to an end which is not supposed to be and to consider as well the Christian ethics, H killed the wife of Yusuf which is against the law of God , same thing with Yusuf that he killed himself to escape. In terms of consequentialism, it is still good because it will save many people. It is a question between am I going to sacrifice few people for the benefit of all or sacrifice many people for the sake of few people?

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the fact that even we use fair interrogation to a person who choose not to speak, still, he will not speak especially that he is prepared to any possible things that will be made to him. At that movie, we can see that Yusuf already planned everything, from planting the bomb, being captured and during the interrogation. Are we going to waste our time if many lives are in his hands that anytime will be killed? If that is the only measure that can be taken to make him speak, and to save greater number of people, why not?

Before I made this final paper, I consider Yusuf as the bad person because how can he endure it knowing he will killed manifold people but to think deeply into it, he has some things that he is fighting for, he has a good intention. Maybe for Christians, it is bad but at the perception of Muslim people, Yusuf is good.

After observing all of them, it made me realized one thing. All of them are good because of their intentions but their action is bad. Brody, H and Yusuf, all of them have their own goals to achieve like Brody and H, they want to disarmed the bombs and save people and Yusuf, to help other Islamic people but the way on how they will going to achieve those goals are bad. For H, he violated human rights and divine law but to think that he was just provoked because many people will die if they will not know where the bombs are, we cannot blame him especially that Yusuf doesn’t want to give the location of those bombs so he has no other choice but to use that way.

On the other hand, it seems like Brody is good because she has the same intention with H and seeing her not torturing Yusuf but to think deeply, it is like she has also a contribution to the suffering of Yusuf although she doesn’t hurt him but she was there letting H torturing him or maybe she wanted to stop it but she still become a part of it. While Yusuf, yes, he has a good intention but to plant bombs that will kill many people and many families will suffer is not a good one. There are many ways on how he can send his complaints but he chose what is against to human law and divine law.

Looking at the consequences of their actions, none of them didn’t achieve what they want to achieve. Many people still died and Yusuf’s demands were not followed.

There are times in our lives that no matter what we do, if it is not meant to be, it will not happen. It seems like; we are getting water using a bowl with holes. Even though we continue until our body becomes weak, it will not still work. It is fine to do our part but, we have to set limitation in ourselves. We have to be mindful in our actions, considering other people.

It will be hard to identify whether a person is good or bad if each of us has different perception, beliefs, culture and custom. For instance, due to religion, maybe some of us judge other religion because it is not the same as ours, we thought that it is bad because this is what we believe but if we are going to be in their side, we will see that their actions are connected also to their beliefs that they think it is right to do. That’s why we really need universal truth, but that is the big question that until now, it cannot be found. This truth will bind all of us and make us one.

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