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The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction

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Reading is good and totally important for people and for society. It provides us with everything necessary to be able to improve, grow, and, in many cases, find ourselves. In one way or another, reading also gives us very important tools that we can use later in the real world. And when I refer to the “real world”, I mean that place we come back to after having read a good book, a good story, or a good poem.

We currently live in a world where the time we have is divided, and at the same time threatened, by the thousands of things we must do.

Let’s call it to work, to study, to take care of children, to go to the movies, to go out with friends and to many other situations, where the time to read is very scarce. The people who read will understand very well that we face this every day. Personally, I have found the opportunity to read about 15 or 20 pages while I’m on the bus while I’m going to school.

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But not everyone has that kind of luck. In addition to not having time, we must also consider that Americans do not read. And there is evidence in this regard. A couple of months ago, together with a friend, we tried to carry out a project that consisted of asking several people of different ages how many books they had read in their lives, or if they remembered the last three books that they read during the last three months and only 3% answered well, 97% did not even remember when it was the last book they read.

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The other proof that Americans do not really read is much more concrete and truer. There is a study conducted in 2012 by the Regional Center for the Promotion of Books in America. And the rest of the countries, where he reports that we are in fourth place in “Countries without readers”, with 65% of Americans admitting that they have never read a book.

In conclusion, we can look for guilty parties, but the truth is that this is our reality, and more than looking for guilty parties, it’s time to start looking for solutions. Reading is important, and I believe that the progress of a society is not based entirely on its constructions, nor on the implementation of technology in its streets. The progress of the country must go hand in hand with cultural progress. Well, a modern city would not do us any good if its inhabitants have no idea where they are standing. Education is the key. And the teaching of reading is the bridge that will lead to many other solutions that may exist soon.

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