Freedom Riders

Important events in the Civil Rights Movement that occurred between 1942 and 1961, like an article that was written in the Washington Post (may 16 1961 ), and the James Zwerg incident and another things that happened were things like sits in (or lunch ins) boycotts against public transportation and , several peaceful protests. The freedom riders were peaceful protestors, Most of the events that occurred where in the south where there was still a lot of discrimination, inequality and segregation.

So when the freedom riders were created people thought they were instigators because the freedom riders were trying to change the way the people in the south were living.

A lot of events occurred during the time frame 1942 to 1961, and most of them showed how they were peaceful protestors The Freedom riders were not instigators of peace , they were just people fighting for what believe was right the freedom Riders were taking a stand, and were sought out as instigators of violence because they were changing the way people used to live.

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An editorial article in washington post on May 16 talks about how Alabama calls itself the “heart of dixie” which is a saying for places that so kindness and hospitality, the writer for this article is saying how can Alabama have the title of “heart of Dixie” when it is not fulfilling the name it has been given. The writer goes on to say that “The freedom riders engaged in no disorderly conduct and did nothing to provoke violence-save to exercise a constitutional right. ”, the writer is saying that the Freedom Riders have not done anything wrong and have not provoked violence intensensionally.

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More evidence showing that the Freedom Riders were not instigators of violence is a statement made to the Department of Justice by Robert F. Kennedy on May 24, 1961 saying that other than the “Freedom Riders there were people seeking their own goals like curiosity seekers and publicity seekers. those people would act like Freedom Riders but have their own goal in mind and that is what caused the Freedom Riders to be seen as instigators of violence, when in fact they were peaceful protestors.

The ‘ Freedom Riders” were peaceful protesters and in the transcript of an interview of a Freedom Rider Arrested in Jackson,Mississippi you will see how there were peaceful and how they were treated wrong. This Freedom Rider talks about how when blacks were coming from down from the north to south they were greatly harassed. When this Freedom Rider was being registered into the Hinds County Penitentiary one of the guards hold him said “ One thing you got to remember is while you’re here, this is Mississippi and if one of my guards says anything to you, you answer ‘yes, sir, no,sir. do you understand,” the Freedom Rider could have said something back to the to guard and stood up for himself but he did not he kept quiet and peaceful showing he was not an instigator or provoker of violence. More evidence can be found in a the Beloit Magazine written in spring of 1989 . in this magazine there is an article about one of the Freedom Ride’s for James Zwerg. The article takes about how he was assaulted, beaten near death.

Zwerg was attack by multiple men and was given no prompt medical attention, He was unconscious in Montgomery Hospital for two and a half days, James Zwerg goes on to say that he would have probably been dead if someone did not interfere and protect him. This shows that the Freedom Riders were peaceful protesters because he could have fought back and had a fight chance , but he chose not to showing that they were peace Some may say that the Freedom Riders were not peaceful protesters , may say that rather the Freedom Riders were Instigators Of violence instead.

The Freedom Riders knew what they were getting into , when they tried to change the ways of the people living in the south, and they should have expected to receive discrimination and harassment. In the New york Times ( a Newspaper) there was an article entitled eyes on the prize written on June, 4th 1961, there was an article that basically says that the Freedom Riders have made began to provoke violence, and should stop because they have made their point but, that is invalid because in the whole picture the Freedom Riders ere Peaceful protesters, the Freedom Riders did not finish making their point , yes they knew that the journey of finding peace would be hard they had to make a change. Thats why the Freedom Riders were peaceful protesters. The Freedom Riders were on a journey of finding peaceful in America , and there were a lot of incidents, but for them the incidents were worth it. The Freedom Riders were peaceful protesters because there were so many opportunities that they could have retaliated but they chose not to , rather the Freedom Riders choose to keep the peace to the best of their abilities, and that is why they were peaceful protestors.

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