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The Importance of the Written Word
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Since the beginning of time books have been considered the infinite holders of knowledge, only the rich and powerful could afford. At birth young minds are fresh and ready to be molded by creativity and knowledge; books are one of the many ways to fill this infinite space. By showing and reading books to children beginning at young age scientists’ have seen superior brain development, increased curiosity to learn to read and write. Inspiring children to create characters, see scenes…...
BooksEducationKnowledge Is Key To SuccessTeenage Driving
Legal Driving Age Sixteen The age nearly everybody looks forward to For teenagers
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Legal Driving Age Sixteen. The age nearly everybody looks forward to. For teenagers it means getting your license and practically never being home; for parents it's a relief to not drive their kids everywhere and an extra person to run errands. There is a lot of anticipation rooting from just one age, however some critics believe the age should be raised. This is because sixteen year olds are not nearly responsible enough, and there are many accidents involving teens. However…...
Driving AgeTeenage Driving
Teen Driving Safety
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“In 2010, approximately 2,700 teens in the United States between the ages of 16-19 were involved in fatal car accidents and almost 282,000 of these teens suffered injuries in car accidents. ” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n. d. ). Given this information, this proves that car accidents have become the leading cause of death in teens in the United States. “The risk of being involved in a car crash is highest during the first 12 to 24 months…...
Teenage DrivingVehicles
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Teen Driving: Safe At 16
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When a new driver gets behind the wheel, how do you know they are old enough? Do you consider their maturity level and ability to comprehend an emergency situation or do you just assume at the age of 16 they are ready to start driving? This has been a concern for many years now and is still being questioned to this day. Teen driving has many fatal results but they differ in age groups. Some people are worried 16 is…...
Teenage Driving
Getting Your Driver’s License
Words • 549
Pages • 3
Most teenagers start to dream about the day they can drive as soon as they turn thirteen. Sixteen seems so much closer once you’re actually a teenager! Obtaining the magic freedom card is an attainable dream for most, and an exciting and fearful time in the lives of parents everywhere. The stress and financial obligation of the lessons, the extra car, and the insurance are extremely high, not to mention the emotions the entire family goes through as one by…...
AdolescenceDrivingRite Of PassagesTeenage DrivingTeenager
How Young Is Too Young To Drive?
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Pages • 3
How young is too young to drive? It is a major topic in America today. Many feel that sixteen, the basic licensing age, is too young to operate a car. Should a law be passed which changes the legal driving age from sixteen to nineteen? Granted, finding out to drive is a teenage right of passage however teens are statistically the worst motorists in the public domain. For that reason, I support altering the legal driving age for the above…...
DrivingDriving AgeSafe DrivingTeenage DrivingTodays Youth
Dangerous Habits Associated with Teen Driving
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Pages • 4
Many teens today are stigmatized with driving while exhibiting less than desirable habits. These habits are commonly known as bad habits. Experience has shown that many of these bad habits are due to irresponsibility and ignoring simple driver’s safety rules. Outlined here will be several examples of bad habits exhibited while driving such as cell phone usage, transporting loud passengers, playing music at very high levels, eating while driving, and under the influence of drug or alcohol. The most prominent…...
Bad HabitsHabitTeenage Driving
Teen Drunk Driving Essay
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Teens everywhere think about drinking, but they usually don’t think about the consequences. In fact, one out of 10 children ages 12 and 13 uses alcohol at least once a month. In a single year, 522 children under age 14 were arrested for driving while intoxicated, (113 of them were under 10 years old). 70 percent of all teenagers drink alcohol. 60 percent of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. To most people, these numbers are just statistics.…...
Teenage Driving
Young and Invincible Adolescent Participation in Reckless Behaviour
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Pages • 29
Most teenagers in their adolescent stage often push the boundaries of tolerable behaviour. Some engage in extremely reckless behaviour such as drug abuse and dangerous driving. Although it is paramount for parents to support and show love to their teens, they should advise their children on the dangers and effects of reckless behaviour. Shader (2004) writes that adolescence bears a heightened reckless potential in comparison to other periods of development and the tenacity of the potential varies with culture and…...
BehaviorGood Behaviour In SchoolPsychologySocial scienceSocietySociology
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How Young Is Too Young To Drive?
...Williams, A F, Ferguson, S A, and Shope, J T. “Rationale for Graduated Licensing and the Risks It Should Address. ” Injury Prevention. 8(Suppl II) (2002): ii9-ii16. Downloaded on 12 October 2006 from <http://www...

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