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Acceleration Lab Conclusion
Words • 567
Pages • 3
When comparing the average speed results from part two of the lab and the definition of acceleration, you find similarities between the two. First, average speed is distance divided by time, and we use it to describe the motion of an object moving at changing speeds. We can see this from our lab results from the average speed of the marble traveling down the ramp, because it picks up speed. When the marble is released at the top of the…...
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Speed Thrills vs Safe Driving
Words • 326
Pages • 2
It is very sad to note that so many people die or receive multiple injuries in fatal road accidents, forcing several people of productive age group either dead or disabled permanently. The number is growing year after year in multiple proportions and it is highly alarming and also disheartening. Let us look into the various reasons which make these fatal accidents. The major reason is human errors. Most of the drivers, especially of small cars are careless and negligent in…...
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