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Selfdriving cars are taking technological innovation to a whole new level as
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Self-driving cars are taking technological innovation to a whole new level as it paves the way to the future of driving. This emerged technology was created with the idea of efficiency and making people's lives easier as they no longer will have to drive themselves. A self-driving car is essentially a driverless car that is run by systems and detectors to take control of the vehicle. A person can get to where they are going without actually doing anything to…...
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A Second Chance at Life
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Three years ago, my cousin Wael, aged 17, died next to me in a car accident. It was a very beautiful evening, I just got off work and was excited to go home and drive my new Nissan 350Z my boyfriend just got me. As I arrived to my house, Wael was waiting for me. I hadn’t seen him over a week or so, and the excitement to see him was killing me. I wanted to go out for a…...
CarCar AccidentSelf Driving Cars
Jeep Grand Cherokee
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Jeep Grand Cherokee is an American car. This kind of cars is survivor's favorite things in VALS types. Survivors live narrowly focused lives. They are accustomed to use their familiar things, can't accept new things quickly. Therefore Jeep brand which has more than 70 years history and born for war can satisfy the sense of survivors' security. At the same time, survivors are cautious customers. Just in time, the design philosophy of Jeep-safety, comfortable, power, meet their requirements. Jeep brand…...
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