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Faith is an indispensable factor for the development of a society or a country. No matter if it’s Eastern countries or Western countries, no matter how various the background of different countries is, no matter how diverse people’s thoughts are, faith is the foundation of a society. The soul of a culture. Its influence on the world of information explosion is indispensable, any person needs to have faith. We can say that faith is trust, respect, and admiration towards a person, a view or religion. A man needs to have faith, no matter what it is. If a man loses his expectation and goal for the future, one’s life will be meaningless.

Christianity: Faith and Courage
Words • 1880
Pages • 8
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” If you grew up in a Christian home, you must have memorized this quote culled from a passage in the bible at a tender age. Many of us have recited this absent mindedly without understanding what it truly means. One minute they a shouting these words atop their lungs with so much confidence and alacrity. Next minute, they are doubting themselves, crying and lamenting the woes…...
Why Is Prayer So Vitally Important for Christians?
Words • 1332
Pages • 6
The act of praying and prayer in its entirety is a significantly important ritual to Christians. This is as prayer is used to build the fundamental connection that exists between God and the human person. Prayer involves not just the body, but the soul of a person, as it is not just a physical act of saying a prayer it is also the mental belief of their one God. The act of praying is able to happen anywhere from a…...
ChristianityFaithFaith In GodImportance Of Prayer In Life
Should Prayer Be Allowed in Public?
Words • 566
Pages • 3
In today’s society where there are many different religions, people who choose to proclaim their religion can be ridiculed (often young people). Although there are many different places of worship people have been attached to these places causing them to fear to return, therefore people should be allowed to express their religions and pray in public places without fear of being attacked or ridiculed. Everyone should have the right to pray but in today’s communities, some groups can find it…...
FaithImportance Of Prayer In LifeReligion
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Walking our Faith: What is the purpose of life?
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
Growing up we all try to find our purpose in life and nature to do this we must see what things we value over others and why that is. Is the reason that you value something because of faith or family or is it because it’s something personal that you decided is right based on your morals and ideas. Growing up we also tend to hear is to be a leader and don’t follow which is misconstrued because to lead…...
FaithPurpose Of Human LifeWalking
Faith Theme in Night by Elie Wiesel
Words • 830
Pages • 4
The night is a memoir written by Elie Wiesel who was a Holocaust survivor, Jewish writer, professor, political activist, and Nobel Laureate. The memoir is about Elie Wiesel and what he went through and his experiences during the Holocaust. He wrote the memoir to try and prevent events such as the Holocaust from happening again. He (Elie) grew up in a small town named Sighet (was known as Sighet in Hungary Transylvania and now known as Sighetu Marmației, which is…...
FaithGodJudaismNight By Elie WieselReligion
Old Faithful
Words • 942
Pages • 4
Another aspect of PV power is "intermittency," which means that if the sun isn't shining, the system can't make electricity. Because PV systems only produce electricity when the sun is shining, these remote systems need batteries to store the electricity. Solar thermal electric power solar thermal systems can also change sunlight into electricity, but not in the same way as PV cells. In most cases, solar thermal systems concentrate (focus) sunlight to produce heat. This heat boils water to make…...
FaithNatureRenewable EnergyRenewable ResourcesTechnologyWater
Faith as a basis for Knowledge
Words • 776
Pages • 4
  Doctors, nurses, and surgeons are some of the most respected positions not only in America, but across the world. To gain a degree that qualifies one to hold one of these positions, sometimes up to ten years of college, medical school, residencies, and internships is required. But it is all-necessary. These are the people who are taking care of you when you are sick, determining what is causing you to be ill, and if necessary, taking sharp objects and…...
What a miracle is for example nature
Words • 2506
Pages • 11
Introduction Many people have different opinions as to what a miracle is for example nature. People would say that nature is a miracle because although you can explain how plants grow, and what hey are made up of no one can make a plant without actually having a seed from a plant. Plants are a part of humans' life cycle, they help us to breathe, and we use them, as a source for medicine and many other things personally I…...
The Self-help Craze: Motivational Speakers And Solutions They Sell
Words • 3679
Pages • 15
"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me," says Guy Smiley as he looks at himself in the mirror. This is how each Guy Smiley skit opened on Saturday Night Live, with actor Mike Myers playing Smiley. The character is a comic interpretation of a motivational guru, who tried to use mantras like the one above to over come insecurities. Although Smiley is fictional, the self-help genre Myers was making fun of has been growing…...
FaithHopePersuasionSelf Motivation
Priest Idol
Words • 918
Pages • 4
Introduction The above table shows that the majority of the religious programmes are shown on channel 4 in the early hours of the morning, and these tend to be extremely short religious broadcasts, and not proper full length programmes. The majority of the longer religious programmes tend to be during the daytime and not during prime time. Report by the BBC In a report by the BBC governors it is stated "Since this report was first presented to the Board…...
Postmodernism and the Matrix
Words • 963
Pages • 4
Introduction Postmodern writing evolved around WWII in response to Modernism that dominated the 19th c. The two writing styles share many characteristics, but the defeated modernist wallows in his realizations whereas the postmodernist offers a light or hope in conclusion. There is still a sense of foreboding for the postmodernist concerning science and technology. However, they are able to forge past their distrust, accept it as a logical progression, and begin to embrace some elements of advancement. Postmodernists have also…...
FaithModernismPhilosophyScienceThe MatrixTruth
The Positive Role of Religion in Life of Pi
Words • 1340
Pages • 6
Religion is important to many people and it can play a large role in a person’s life. It can affect and shape one’s personality and morals, provide support and help through difficult times, and allow one to find peace and comfort. It is a major theme in Life of Pi by Yann Martel, as it is the basis of the Piscine Patel’s character. Religion plays a great positive role throughout Pi Patel’s life: it shapes his personality as a young…...
AtheismFaithLife of PiReligionZoology
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Words • 1007
Pages • 5
An insight into the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses. When the name of Jehovah's witness arises, most of the public of differing religions, a picture of an overly nice person or group of people all dressed in suits and nice clothes, arrive at your door and offer a sampling of pamphlets, (large or small). To most of the general public, the religion is a far cry from Christianity, but this is untrue, as a visit to one of the services…...
Islam: Empire of Faith
Words • 1348
Pages • 6
In the movie Islam of Faith Part 1, the narrator starts off with the translation of azan to highlight the strong words and the strength of faith. The movie talks about how Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievements. It was muslims scholars who reclaimed the ancient wisdom of Greeks while Europe were in the dark ages. They who served the seed of the renaissance 600 years before Divincci. From the way we heal the sick to the…...
What is Involved in Pilgrimage?
Words • 822
Pages • 4
A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy land for religious reasons. The idea of pilgrimage is found in most religions of the world and reflects man's natural desire to seek God. There are many different ideas of what a pilgrimage is for example a journey in faith, this is where a person who has faith can go and strengthen their faith. Another idea is a journey of faith; this is a similar to a journey in faith but of…...
The Impact of the Black Death on the Christian Faith
Words • 3966
Pages • 16
The time just before the Black Death had already been a time of struggle and calamity, especially for the Christian Church. The French had begun to attack and conquer the coastal settlements along the English Channel, signaling the beginning of the Hundred Year War. It would be one of the many contributions to the devastation that medieval Europe would endure within the next century, including the Black Death and the Little Ice Age. The Hundred Year War was caused by…...
Black DeathChristianChristianityDeathFaithFrance
First Voyage of Christopher Columbus
Words • 1530
Pages • 7
On the 7th of January 1792 Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain under instruction from the King and Queen to find a westerly sea crossing direct to Asia. Of this journey there were several items of literature written to which made account of the journey that still remain today. After reading two different pieces which offer different accounts from different men, a diary written by Las Casas a crewmen on the voyage, which was composed after the expedition, and a…...
ChristianityChristopher ColumbusFaithGold
Enochian Scripture
Words • 1098
Pages • 5
A study of Enochian scripture and the Necronomicon and if it should be considered a religion or a cult. "Enochian Scripture Should Enochian Scripture and the Necronomicon be considered as a true religion, or just another offshoot of Satanism, cult? The Necronomicon is closest documented translation of the original Enochian scripture, the Necronomicon Manuscript. The Necronomicon was first translated in Damascus in 730 A.D. by Abdul Alhazred. The Necronomicon, is not, as popularly believed, a grimoire, or sorcerer's spell-book; it…...
Emily Dickinson’s Reflection of God
Words • 937
Pages • 4
A discussion of Emily Dickinson's view of God in the poem "I Shall Know Why-When Time Is Over". Emily Dickinson had a view of God and His power that was very strange for a person of her time. Dickinson questioned God, His power, and the people in the society around her. She did not believe in going to church because she felt as though she couldn't find any answers there. She asked God questions through writing poems, and believed that…...
AngerEmily DickinsonFaithGodReligion
Elements of Astrology
Words • 721
Pages • 3
Each of the four elements occurs in three states or qualities, respectively named the cardinal, fixed and mutable or common states. We can consider the physical properties of water as an analogy: Here too, chemical elements can occur in various states. Water, for example, is liquid in its usual, real state. Seen astrologically this would be the cardinal state. When frozen it takes on a solid form, astrologically this would correspond with the fixed state. When heated, it becomes vaporous…...
Differences Between Travelling In Malaysia Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 3464
Pages • 14
Malaysia has tropical clime. The conditions of Malaysia is the hot and humid, capable to the monsoon rains. Malaysia has the warm yearss and reasonably experience cool when the dark ( Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA '' , n.d ) . On norm, the temperature clasp at 86of of which is 30oc with the ice chest temperature in the upland which the norm daytime temperature twelvemonth about at Kuala Lumpur which is 82of of 27oc. ( `` Weather in…...
Jesus Christ Figure in Toni Morrison’s Novel Beloved
Words • 1576
Pages • 7
Faith is often described as a feeling one cannot describe nor explain. Faith is intuition and a belief that something or someone exist without any evidentiary proof. This form of indescribable faith is present in the novel, Beloved, by Toni Morrison. The novel takes place in the post civil war south of United States surrounding the lives of Suggs family who were all former slaves. The plot of the story heightens when Beloved, the deceased child, of Sethe is somehow…...
Beloved By Toni MorrisonChristianityFaithGodJesus ChristNovels
How ar the themes presented in Cool Hand luke?
Words • 1043
Pages • 5
In the film 'Cool Hand Luke' there are numerous themes that are presented in many ways. These themes are; Characters and Roles, Faith and Religion, Motif of Gambling, Setting and Atmosphere, Authority and Power. There are many ways in which the viewer can interpret these. These points will be explored throughout my essay. The main character in the film is none other than Luke Jackson, who is portrayed by Paul Newman. Luke was imprisoned for defacing public property by removing…...
Faith Bandler Biography
Words • 297
Pages • 2
Good afternoon to you who have come tonight. I would like to start by introducing myself, some of you might know me already by the name Faith Bandler. You may know me for my active role in publishing the 'YES' case for the Aboriginal question for the referendum. I would also like to start by talking a little about my background. I was a child of eight in the family born in a small community of Tumbulgum, Northern New South…...
AustraliaBiographyFaithHuman rightsJusticeSocial Issues
Why was the Middle Ages called the Age of Faith?
Words • 915
Pages • 4
The label 'Age of Faith' best describes The Middle Ages because the church was always present during the good and difficult times. The Middle Ages are known as the 'Age of Faith' because it was the rise of Christianity. The church had one of, if not the biggest impact on Europe during the Middle Ages. The church controlled almost all aspects of life in medieval society. Even during dark times, the religion aspect of the country was solid and assured.…...
ChristianityFaithLoyaltyMiddle AgesPhilosophyReligion
Faith, Belief and Trust
Words • 707
Pages • 3
From what I feel religion comes from Faith, Belief, and Trust in some revealed truth, as opposed to a truth which is discovered. Any endeavor of faith and belief should be research and knowledge of. Faith is considered as demonstrable truths, the latter more strictly as an act of the will of the religious believer alone. People thinks that having faith Can change everything but they wrong. Having faith it just being positive and maybe or maybe not it can…...
BeliefFaithFaith And TrustPhilosophical TheoriesTruth
Walking By Faith
Words • 188
Pages • 1
Scripture For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7) Daily Devotional By our senses we live in the exact second of time. The next minute of our lives is uncertain. Therefore everyone lives by an element of faith. It takes faith to believe in what you cannot see. To believe in evolution or creation, to believe in heaven or annihilation takes faith. None of us were there in the beginning and none of us has seen the…...
Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God
Words • 1113
Pages • 5
Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul's Path to God, focuses on nine unique spiritual temperamentsalong with knowledge on the virtues, pitfalls, and attributesbeneficial to growth in an individual's spiritual life and an empowered journey with God. The book carries us on the journey of the sacred pathway beginning with the garden of Gethsemaneleading on this path to a discovery of the nine spiritual temperamentsending up back in the garden with God, on a deepened relational level, through self-exploration. In Part 1,…...
Faith in “A Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt
Words • 212
Pages • 1
A Man for All Seasons, religious faith is an important factor to both the plot and the presentation of characters and their beliefs. Moreover, playwright Robert Bolt's almost comical, ironic approach adds to contrasting characters and bringing out the themes of morality and hypocrisy while highlighting that which the play revolves around: namely, More's being torn between his faith and his allegiance. Toward the beginning of the play, the audience is introduced to Wolsey, a man of God, whom Bolt…...
Christianity Is Significant Religions
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
Christianity, one of the world’s significant religions, rotates around adoration and the significance of cherishing others. In The Holy book notices to Christians, "Thou shalt not vindicate, nor store up resentment toward the offspring of thy individuals, yet thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" (Leviticus 19:18) Love is of most extreme significance in Christianity just as in David Encourage Wallace’s Acceptable Individuals. Wallace trusts in the significance of affection and the trouble of showing love. In his story, he…...
Never try to be a self-made man but seek God’s guidance
Words • 743
Pages • 3
Never try to be a self-made man but always seek God 's guidance. God in Isaiah 55:8 with finality says "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." Before the foundation of the earth, God in His way created you with a purpose and for a purpose. Remember we are part of God's original creation, Created not to have an average, unfulfilling life; you were created to be a champion. You were born a winner.…...
Faith and Purpose of Life
Words • 1557
Pages • 7
What I envision is that in the future, I remain in great health, whether that be physical or well-being. Being that my parents are struggling with theirs, it has shown me that with preparation and being aware of what is good and bad for you, and that you stay ahead of everything, you can live a long and prosperous life. I want my relationships to be stronger than most and bonds to be sealed tight. My family to get closer…...
My Sceptic Views
Words • 651
Pages • 3
I would like to start by agreeing with Kornharber (2017) when he said that it makes sense that due to the falling of church attendance and talk of widespread spiritual crisis, fiction may be coming in to give some of the imaginative comfort that religion has long provided and yet the new visions of things hoped for and not seen, as fits the era, presume to be grounded in knowledge rather than in faith. I find it very interesting to…...
Sadako And A Thousand Paper Crane
Words • 693
Pages • 3
Desmond Tutu once said, "Hope is the ability to see the light despite all of the darkness." This may be interpreted as hope is the belief that things will turn out for the best. Hope is a virtue that can be found in the book Sadako and a thousand paper cranes. Hope should not be confused with the word faith. Hope can be defined in many ways. As defined in the dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation and desire…...
BooksFaithGone With The WindHopeHope And FaithLiterature
Biblical Story of Saul
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Story of Saul from how he witnesses the death of Stephen and how fierce he is upon Christian; he met the Lord as god asked him as why would Saul hurt Him. God put upon him with no sight and no water to drink. And God told Ananias to see Saul to put away his pain as Saul had a vision and epiphany. As God say to Ananias that Saul choose for, he will spread to good news of the…...
Faith and Philosophical Enquiry
Words • 1219
Pages • 5
Evidentialist Argument Clifford, in the "Ethics of Belief" the first story tells of man who was shipwrecked due to the lack of not properly tending to his ship. He assumed that his ship could make the journey. One line from the story reads "he thought that perhaps he ought to have her thoroughly overhauled and refitted" (Ethics of Belief). Even though as mentioned in the story that he could have afforded the repairs he still chose not to have it…...
Drunken Driving
Words • 1640
Pages • 7
What is it? While returning my merchandise I realized that the clerk credited 1,000$ in my account instead of just giving me back the 500$ I spend on the item I wanted to get reimbursed for. Is it so? I let her complete the transaction and decide to step back on the side of the register where I go seat on a bench. At that point, I make sure that I hadn't mistaken the amount refunded to me by taking…...
ChristianityCivil DisobedienceDrinking And DrivingFaithPhilosophySalvation
Saint Augustine
Words • 1091
Pages • 5
Journeys has been the driving force in literary works since the beginning of time. All throughout the literary world, journeys have filled the many books that people read around the world. There are many different journeys that fill the books. Some of them are physical, some spiritual, and some are just emotional. But no matter the journey there must be a certain goal in mind for the character to reach in order to say they have fulfilled their journey's end.…...
Being a Champion For Jesus Christ
Words • 2796
Pages • 12
Prayer: Lord thank you for this moment to share your word. Let those present be receptive and responsive to what you have to say. Forgive us of our sins and our transgressions ..Do not count them against us use us in spite of us. Lord you receive all the glory..We honor you and magnify your name. In Jesus name we pray and ask it all Amen !!! BEING A CHAMPION FOR CHRIST Hebrews 12: 1 Therefore we also, since we…...
ChristianityFaithForgivenessGodJesus ChristReligion
Story is Defined as a Broad or Underlying Message of a Literary Work
Words • 997
Pages • 4
The theme of a story is defined as a broad or underlying message of a literary work, think of it as the big ideas or lesson from a story. Theme is what makes a story have meaning, it ties the whole story up and allows it to have a purpose. This can sometimes be very hard to identify, but through looking at the story through different lenses, analyzing the setting closely, identifying specific character traits, realizing the plot, and paying…...
BeliefErnest HemingwayFaithWarWork
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Faith and Development of a Society

Faith is an indispensable factor for the development of a society or a country. Let’s take China for an example. In Chinese mythology, N-Wa, the goodness of ancient world, uses rattan whip to creative the most sophisticated creature in the world——human. However, she found that human which made by mud are fragile and soft; they can’t even stand wind or rain. Thus, N-Wa put a back bone in their back, which enable Chinese to stand still no matter how severe the storm is and how hard the difficulties they face. The backbone, thus, is the faith of Chinese people. To be continued, Fuxi, a legendary Chinese ruler credited with introduction of farming, fishing and animal husbandry, together with Xi, the god who she married with, they started the civilization of human being.

Why does Chinese culture last for more than five thousand years and survive to today? The answer of this question is that it is because of diverse but mentally-consistent faith. What faith means to Chinese people is various and complicated, because Chinese people do not have a consent faith. Some might say that Chinese people believe in Confucianism, Taoism or Buddhism; however, the faith of the Chinese is constantly changing depends on different stages of cultural revolution. Faith is not necessarily religion belief. After all, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism as a part of faith of China, contribute a lot towards the educational purpose of Chinese contemporary society. They teach Chinese people to be kind, grateful and peaceful, (“Ren”, “Yi”, and “Dao”) which are the most important quality that a Chinese should possess.

Faith in Western Culture

In the far west, people also have their god. According to Bible, God creates Adam and uses Adam’s rib to create Eva. They are the originals of human being, and they have free will, reason, and internal life. In the garden of Eden, God tells Adam that they are not allow to eat the forbidden fruit. However, the demon transforms into snake and lures Adam to taste the forbidden fruit. That, is the original sin of human. Because of the sin, human lost the freedom of not committing sins, and they also lost the ability of being immortal. If god doesn’t save, them, human will be in the hell and live with the demons. However, because of the God’s forgiveness, some people who commit to sins are saved by the God and luckily, they are able to fly to the heaven by God’s benevolence. Thus, most of westerners believes in Christianity. They believe that God gives them right of being a human nature, and the main point of human rights is equality and freedom.

No matter if it’s eastern countries or western countries, no matter how various the background of different countries is, no matter how diverse people’s thoughts are, faith is the foundation of a society. The soul of a culture. It’s influence towards the world of information explosion is indispensable, just like a man needs to have faith.

Faith vs Belief

Continuing with western faith, I believe that it’s better to introduce several prestigious philosophers. Augustine is a philosopher who is addicted to the Bible. Born in a non-Christian family, Augustine converted to Christianity in his young age. In his path of finding belief, Augustine defines it as “free will” or “volitional consent”, which sounds like faith. Anyway, Augustine seems to mix belief and faith together. Nowadays, we believe that there are three main characteristics of belief. The first one is that belief is dispositional. Instead of being conscious thoughts, dispositions are patterns of behavior. Thus, through observing and examining one’s dispositions, we might get to know what they are thinking about. The second characteristic is that faith is involuntary. Some people may say things that they don’t believe, but through examining their dispositions in the long term, you will find that they were telling lies. If you want to know what one believes in, be careful about what they do instead of what they say, because oral “belief” might be false. The last characteristic of belief is truth-tracking.

I believe that faith is trust, respect, and admiration towards a person, a view or a religion. A man needs to have faith, no matter what it is. If a man loses his expectation and goal for the future, one’s life will be meaningless. As far as I am concerned, the virtue of faith is a process of chasing happiness, which is various and depends on different people. During the process of persisting in one’s faith, only if one improves oneself and keeps chasing a better version of oneself, one could truly succeed. It’s like Socrates’ construction of an ideal city. If a just city was to be built, everyone in that city has to be just. This function could apply on faith, too. If all men in a city had the same faith, the city must be strong and powerful; if all cities in a country had the same faith, the country must also be strong and powerful. And the whole country will progress and become stronger in the way of chasing the common faith. The power of faith is unlimited. What I mean is that the virtue happiness of human race can be realized by putting effort on persisting faith by the whole society.`

FAQ about Faith

Why Is Prayer So Vitally Important for Christians?
...There are many reasons why prayer is so significant to Christians and the denominations. As prayer brings a community with differences together to celebrate and praise their commonalities. They believe that God will help them in life and guide them i...
Walking our Faith: What is the purpose of life?
...Without faith and family, you will not become an effective leader because without personal faith and family you will not have a true purpose when you lead whomever you are leading due to the two being the backbone of any effective leader. Because if ...
What a miracle is for example nature
...Another message you can get from this Miracle is about faith. Jesus could have just carried on walking and the woman still would have been healed, but he wanted to let the woman know that he recognized her from all of these people, and also he wanted...
What is Involved in Pilgrimage?
...Some Christians would agree because there are now many shops in Lourdes and the Holy Land. For example in Lourdes you can buy Holy water, this gives people a sense of healing and purity. Many bring the water home for others who cannot go on a pilgrim...
How ar the themes presented in Cool Hand luke?
...In conclusion, I state that this film is important because it questions the very way that society exists in my world. It questions the validity of the punishment systems and laws of the present. Its' powerfulness is complimented by the immaculate way...
Why was the Middle Ages called the Age of Faith?
...Japanese Samurai: Samurai were military nobility, translated to 'those who serve'. Samurai were skilled warriors equipped with armor and warhorses. These skilled warriors were experts in swordsmanship, martial-arts, and archery. The Samurai code of h...

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